in your opinion, why is thrash metal ...

in your opinion, why is thrash metal the best?

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Brisbane, Australia

#1 Mar 6, 2006
just making assignment on thrash metal for film and tv, and would like some of your opinions please.


#2 Jun 23, 2006
Thrash Metal in my opinion is the pinical type of metal music. This is becouse it is shit fast, shit technical, shit heavy, and still retains a melody throughout.

....whilst im here i might aswell give an example for evidence purposes >
Mayhem_Madness_M etal


#3 Sep 16, 2006
although its a lil past the 1st entry date, here's my opinion.
thrash can hav meaningless screaming that nobody understands, sometimes even riffs so heavy people make it out as noise. but that's only 4 the tone def:P
thrash is best cuz of the fast pace, heavy riffs and solos that u can use as an outlet for anger, and it can still maintain a melody.

here's a great thrash metal band, although their new album is on the lighter/less heavy side of thrash:

Oceanside, CA

#4 Sep 29, 2006
Trivium is not a very good example of a Thrash band...
Mayhem_Madness_M etal


#5 Sep 30, 2006
trivium is PURE thrash

Wamboin, Australia

#6 Oct 19, 2006
Trivium are one of THE best thrash bands ever. Crusade rocks. For film and TV thrash is really good as is is full of angry energy which can be used to influence the mood of a particular scene in a movie or on TV. It would however, distance many viewers as many would find it, repulsive (I can't understand this) so would be turned away by it......

Columbus, OH

#8 Jan 11, 2007
Trivium is kinda gay. It was funny when someone threw piss at them.

Also Thrash is very good metal. Most metalcore is crap.

“Overkill Ironbound IS HOT!!!!!”

Since: Dec 06

Location hidden

#9 Jan 14, 2007
I hate most of the new thrash metal.


#10 Jan 17, 2007
If u like thrash metal listen to the creaters of the genre they are the loudest band ever the meanest, the dirtiest, rawest,and most influencial thrash band. theres only one band that can fit this catogary and that is!!!!!!!!MOTORHEAD!!!!!! they also have the greatest rocker in there band

Dunfermline, UK

#11 Jan 18, 2007
Hey, all you poser wimps who like Trivium, you need to go and do some research!

You have no idea what thrash is at all, no clue... How dare you call those sorry posers thrash? You have no idea how offended the true underground metal scene is that those total rip off merchants are calling themselves thrash. Its an insult to all the classic thrash bands out there. Destruction, Vio-Lence, Gammacide, Artillery... You are urinating on their names. Seriously. Trivium are Metalcore.

Go listen to Morbid Saint and Dark Angel and THEN tell me Trivium are thrash.

Batley, UK

#12 Jan 19, 2007
Yes, at least there is someone who knows what they are on about! Trivium arent thrash in the slightest, and Motorhead, although maybe some sort of indirect influence, arent either, theyre not even a metal band really!

If you want to know what thrash is check ou what Atom has mentioned, theres a butt load of good stuff out there.

Milledgeville, GA

#13 Feb 7, 2007
Gets some Municipal Waste, Tankard, Slayer, Destruction, Hirax. Shit like that.

Milledgeville, GA

#14 Feb 7, 2007
and I'm sorry Motorhead is not Thrash.

Geneva, IL

#15 Feb 8, 2007
Slayer.Because the ringing on the drums,and the fastnessm,and the quality and the cleaness and the solos and the organized fast sudden changes,it all goes to gether so well.Angel of death by slayer.Great example.

Norwalk, CA

#16 Feb 14, 2007
thrash is the best coz it started extreme metal.
if it werent for thrash there wouldnt be black/death metal

Salisbury, MD

#17 Feb 15, 2007
first off venom were the first signs of a thrash band which is the combining of traditional metal and hardcore. motorhead were right there not long after in terms of punk crossover. D.R.I. are a true example of real thrash, but fans often let the exact definitions slide. most thrash bands are really speed metal bands. anything with melody, acoustic guitars or melidic overtones is not true thrash.
but for the most part thrash / speed metal is a pure form of heavy music. rarely ever makes the limelight.
prime examples of thrash / speed metal bands: slayer, exodus, kreator, old megadeth, dark angel, testament ... trivium no matter what the arguement is NOT a thrash band - hell communic and nevermore are more thrash than trivium and they are outside the circle as well. if you consider trivium thrash then you must also think shadowsfall and lamb of god are thrash. bands from today that are true thrash: suicidal angels, neurasthenia, oppression ... listen to these bands and then listen to trivium - BIG DIFFERENCE
Metal Gimp

Swansea, UK

#18 Feb 22, 2007
It makes me laugh when people think bands like 'Trivium' and 'The Haunted' are Thrash. Ok, they were influenced by it, just like Metallica were influenced by the Misfits etc. Just because they cite these bands as influences, doesn't mean they are playing the same music as them. In my opinion, and i'm sorry to say this, I think Thrash Metal is basically dead these days.

It hit it's peak in the eighties, and I think that's where it belongs now. To be fair, practically all of the best Thrash albums were recorded in the 80s, and almost everything after that is just re-treading old ground. We live in a different society, time, everything. To truly re-create that sound, you'd have to be there when it was just starting. Don't get me wrong, I love Thrash, and not this new wave of 'Thrash' either... bands like: Sodom, Kreator, Slayer, Dark Angel, Sadus, Voivod etc. But I think Thrash Metal is best left alone, and that we should be thankfull for what great bands like Metallica, Megadeth and all of the above, put out in that awesome decade.

Salisbury, MD

#19 Feb 26, 2007
^ wow - there are plenty of real - old school thrash bands around these days and not just the ones that are from the 80's re-united but true to the bone thrash bands with the old school sound attitude and passion but with there own identity.

bands like:
suicidal angels
chaosphere (poland)
potential threat S.F.

time moves forward and music changes but sometimes you have a point where things re-establish themselves - I live for the moment

United States

#20 Mar 2, 2007
SODOM- im glad someone just referenced them
got to youtube and go Sodomy and Lust go for the live one and youll love it
also thrash is pretty generic term, dont be a hardass and say that trivium isnt cause if youd stop being a jew they basically are the same
Keep it thrash

Baird, TX

#21 Mar 27, 2007
Thrash metal rulz just cuz it's what the bands want to express and they dont give a shit if you like it or not. Back in the mid 80's, there was thrash, period. Toward the late 80's, early 90's, it started splitting up, there was thrash, power, speed, and death. Nowadays there's so many different types, that fans ague amonst thereselfs. I think thats the difference in music these days. In the 80's, there was no click when it came to thrash. Now a days the "different" thrashers are against each other. WTF's up with that???

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