Trying to find a techno song!

Batavia, NY

#1212 Aug 7, 2011
braaniac wrote:
Im looking for a song I heard the other day, its sung by a woman and all i remember from the lyrics is somehting like her sings"oh ohohohoh oh (something) keeps spinning and..." or instead of the oh, somehting like da dadada da da
Can anyone help out?? or is it impossible to know from that?
Be my lover by le bouche

Berlin, Germany

#1213 Aug 8, 2011
Sorum: the song you are looking for is called "Freestyler" by the "Bomfunk MC's".

Satyricon: the song you are looking for is called "Eins Zwei Polizei" by "Mo-Do".

RuShA: the song you are looking for is called "Hocus Pocus" by the "Vicious Delicious".


Grimsby, UK

#1214 Aug 14, 2011

Heard an amazing track last night with a woman repeating the vocal "KEEP THE MUSIC PLAYING THROUGH THE NIGHT". Sounded like house/tech to me, slow tempo. Any ideas?

Would be amazing to hear again!


Memphis, TN

#1215 Aug 18, 2011
I'm trying to find a techno song that I heard back in 2002 and all I remember is that it had a guy singing bounce, bounce. I can't remember it and I've searched and haven't found it. I remember I liked it and I'd like to hear it again.

United States

#1216 Aug 20, 2011
Theres this song n a guy n girl sing it almost seems like they r battling. Havent heard it n many years


#1217 Aug 21, 2011
I'm trying to find a song (not sure if its techno), i remember video, where bunch of freestylers came in futuristic room, one of them had remote control and he made other freestylers to start and stop dancing one by one. thanks
P.S its not Boomfunk MC's Freestyler :)

Fredericton, Canada

#1218 Aug 21, 2011
martinv wrote:
Looking for a very early 90's trance/techno tune that has a helicopter sample in it and theres a narrative about cocaine and columbian drug barons, a trippy hook and a voice that repeats the word cocaine through the tune
try this??


Morganton, NC

#1219 Aug 22, 2011
Braaniac, try Real McCoy, "Be My Lover." it has lots of ladadadadada's haha.

Beijing, China

#1220 Aug 22, 2011
it's a techno-y song with a black male vocal singing something along the lines of "til i got enough, so baby won't you stop it, stop it. so baby let's just stop it, stop it" every time i've heard it i've been drunk so i can't remember.

Grand Falls, Canada

#1221 Aug 22, 2011
i am trying to find a song from the late 1990s in the very begining it says welcome in a robot like voice and then continues to speek in that same voice for the rest of the song.. PLEASE HELP!!!!
Eric Jones

Greensboro, NC

#1223 Aug 25, 2011
The song I'm trying to find has a womans voice. Theres a bad ass almost porno beat sounding rythm that pulses.. The lyrics she sings sounds like.
Deeper and deeper... deeper and deeper.
deep down in the moonland I go..
Your not hooome... Deeper and deeper.
Can you feel the deep/heat/beat?
Your my love! Your my love!
Any help is greatly appreciated!!

I have heard the song a few times on The Dancing Bear videos so it may be a euro techno track. I have been looking for this track forever.

United States

#1224 Aug 25, 2011
There is a techno song from 2000-2001 & the artists last name is Paris. Anyone know the name?

Muscat, Oman

#1225 Aug 27, 2011
i'm trying to find techno song that sounds like justin timberlake song that called love stoned and its 2011 techno song so plz help me finding it
anon e mus

Lakeside, CA

#1226 Aug 27, 2011
Audioelement wrote:
Anyone know the name a trance song that started with a womp...womp...womp...womp...wo mp...womp...womp...sound and then dropped into a serious beat?
try azzido da bass - dooms night

Fayetteville, AR

#1227 Aug 28, 2011
JR Texas wrote:
<quoted text>
Its called lio - Runaway
Good song
no its called Run away by real mccoy

Newark, DE

#1228 Aug 29, 2011
Hi all,
Ok so i heard this SICK tune in the club a little while ago it sounds like a high-pitched xylophone at first going "doodee doodee" or duhduh duhduh, successively. Then this African American male starts rapping and at the end of each phrase he says he says "that's whassup". Does anyone have any idea what this is?!? Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated :)

Buffalo, NY

#1231 Aug 31, 2011
It's called la la land for this black dude forgot the singer name sorry

United States

#1232 Sep 1, 2011
Nate wrote:
from the movie blue crush 2.....if its a dream, i dont wanna wake up. ill find you right next to me, you right next to me. open up my eyes and find you. awesome techno song please help!?
Did u find the name of this song? I am looking for it too...haven't had any luck

United States

#1233 Sep 2, 2011
Anybody know of a song where a girl starts singing her last words are like "so dirty" then its just like techno or dubstep beat like "tu tu tu tu, tu tu tu"?

United States

#1234 Sep 4, 2011
Nate wrote:
from the movie blue crush 2.....if its a dream, i dont wanna wake up. ill find you right next to me, you right next to me. open up my eyes and find you. awesome techno song please help!?
I am looking for this too. The only lyrics are in the movie menu page. This is all I got.

"If its a dream, I don't want to wake up.
If its a dream, I don't want to wake up,
unless I open up my eyes to find your right next to me,
your right next to me,
your right next to me."

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