Trying to find a techno song!


#470 Aug 14, 2008
I am looking for a song its techno and it has parts of the song that go sumwhat like this

You are my butterfly.........Mr. Samuri

that is like the chour but missing alot inbetween but if any1 knows what im thinking of plz tell me

Denver, CO

#471 Aug 14, 2008
hey i heard this song a long time ago, and the other day i was watching the movie day zero and i heard it in the background. its only got one lyric, everytime the beat drops this girl (sounds like a little girl) says "wicked" any one???

El Cajon, CA

#472 Aug 15, 2008
Im LookiN FoR a sonG It Starts off "ladies and gentlemen party people the place to be all u listners" then goes to a count down then shouts " are you ready!!!"

Perth, Australia

#473 Aug 15, 2008
Anyone know this techno song and its like got a girl saying/moaning
"Uh, uh, uh. Uh, uh uh."

Grand Falls, Canada

#474 Aug 24, 2008

I can't find the song name if someone knows it. Please help me. Give me pleasure, feel my desire gets me about a couple of results but its not the good one.


#475 Aug 24, 2008
alex wrote:
i wana find this song that goes 'do you imagine. you can get away. with the things you say.'
Cicada- Things you say - Dirty South Remix

your welcome from: IAMtha0NE - (Music Guru)

Thonotosassa, FL

#476 Aug 27, 2008
Trying to find a techno song, Went looking all over google but no luck. It has two women singing or chanting, I could be mistaken. The first women sings clearly with no effects to her voice; "ooooooooohhhhhheeeyyyaaa a" The second women then comes after with an echo effect in her voice singing " yeeehhheeeeeeeaaaaaoooaaaeee "
The women with the clear voice again sings "ooooooooohhhhhheeeyyyaaa a" with the women with the echo voice singing what sounds like..(I'm probably way off here) "Arrrrtificial stancer, Arrrrrtificial stancer". The women with the clear voice then repeats, same pattern throughout the song, especially during and after the climax. Hope you guys can help, and yes I already know it isn't Zombie Nation... Heh seems like everyone is looking for that song today.

Sound Beach, NY

#477 Aug 27, 2008
I'm always hearing this song, it's a techno/electro song, mostly very fast beats, some singing towards the middle of the song. It's a female singer she says something like "I Want Her" or maybe "I Wonder", then she says "Do you know my name.... I can't explain". The towards the end of the song, a guy goes repeatedly "girl, girl, girl, girl" or "yea, yea, yea, yea". I've heard it at Mulcahy's bar in Wantagh, NY a lot of times. It kinda sounds like it could be old, but not too sure. If anyone knows the name of the song and artist it would be awesome, or if there are any suggestions as to what it could be. thanks


#478 Aug 27, 2008
Can anyone help me find the song playing in this video? I know it's popular or everyone has at least heard it once but I don't know the name of it or who the artist is.

Barnstaple, UK

#479 Aug 28, 2008
Hi I've been looking for a song that I heard years ago. I think I know some of the lyrics. "Im falling catch me if you can" It's like dance/techno sung by a woman. She has such a catchy voice. I tried googeling it, youtubing etc..But no luck!
There are many songs that have similar names to the lyrics above that are sung by women..But not the one I want. Im not sure when it came out. Please someone help me.! Thanks.

Gainesville, FL

#480 Aug 29, 2008
There is a spanish/english techno song I heard in the DR last's very upbeat...and the main chorus is
"oh na na na na"

does anyone have any clue what the name of this song is?!?!?

Uvalde, TX

#481 Aug 29, 2008
I heard a part of a techno song earlier, and it's been bothering me. The part I heard goes,

"Da na na na na... Da na na na na..." and then it begins again with the Da na na's, but goes into the hardcore techno immediately after. I originally thought it was either Alice Deejay or Ian Van Dahl but it wasn't either one. If you ahve an idea as to what it might be, I'd rather someone sned it to my email, since this is the first time I ever saw this site, and might eb the last.

[email protected]

Bridgeport, CT

#482 Aug 30, 2008
The song is "Temple of Dreams" by Messiah.
Hello, does anybody knows a techno song call, I guess "Temple of doom", some words are in the song, taking from the movie The Running Man (Who's love you You do you love)and from the Indiana Jones's movie, Temple of doom
there is other song named Temple of doom, but not the one I looking aroung
thanks :D

Québec, Canada

#483 Aug 31, 2008
Im looking for a song it kinda goes like
dunn dunnn dunn dunn dun dundundun
dundundun dun dundun
but its in another language and i cant make out any of the words
like i maybe think its indian or arabic

Québec, Canada

#484 Aug 31, 2008
well more like dancehall but techno ... anyways

Singapore, Singapore

#485 Sep 2, 2008
the song is like..
"uhhh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh-uh"
through the whole song its like a club techno dance song and its a girls voice.
kinda fast pace happy hardcore.
i need help finding the artist of this song please?

Stabekk, Norway

#487 Sep 3, 2008
i'm loooking for the same song as ''emi''
help me, please ?..

Stabekk, Norway

#488 Sep 3, 2008
''uhhh uh uh uh uh uh '' that one

Stabekk, Norway

#489 Sep 3, 2008
nvm, found it :)

Fort Worth, TX

#490 Sep 4, 2008
danielle wrote:
there is this techno song that starts out like this"i wanna know is there anyone on the floof that can treat me like a who**" does anyone no the artist?
thats by dj caffeine

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