Best techno songs ever list!!!! Enjoy

El Paso, TX

#5291 Mar 31, 2012
Have you found out the name of that song?? Or does anyone know what is called?
Gabriella wrote:
someone knows a song that starts kind of "everybody in the world loves to go clubbing" with a really catchy sound, i hope someone can help me find it

Kuwait, Kuwait

#5292 Apr 3, 2012
MY brother - you are forgetting the GOD of all techno and beats song - Kill Everybody by Skrillex. If u havent heard that - u havnt heard anything! believe me!!

Armagh, UK

#5293 Apr 3, 2012
Best techno songs i would say are:

1: Around the World-Daft Punk
2: Rockit-Herbie Hancock
3: Derezzed-Daft Punk
4: Short Circuit-Daft Punk
5: Aerodynamic-Daft Punk (techno-ish)

I've not just done 4 of the songs on Daft Punk bbecause i like them! I've done most of them on Daft Punk because they are a very good techno/pop/rock band and i recommend anyone who likes techno/pop/rock music to listen to a few of their songs.

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#5294 Apr 4, 2012
Can anyone help me find the remix of Domino-Jessie J. I has like a part of Domino played and before the bass drop its like there is an edited robotic voice saying(I THING I'M BOUT TO EXPLODE) the the drop goes. It has a very sick drop. Does anyone knows?:(

Fort Collins, CO

#5295 Apr 4, 2012
Found it: Influid II - Mastermind

Stockton, CA

#5297 Apr 12, 2012
JoJo wrote:
next try,
tu tututu tutu tututututu
tu tutu tu tu tu tutututututu
that's the beginning of the song
Trans X - Living on video?

Saint Catharines, Canada

#5298 Apr 18, 2012
What is the house song that goes " eh eh eh ah ah ah ah eh eh eh " Sounds almost like there are more than one person singing it at the same time and its really up beat. Heard on mixed with other songs such as beautiful people but this person who mixed it didnt post all of the songs that were mixed. It was called beautiful voices by sweekuh.

Hawthorne, CA

#5299 Apr 18, 2012
Not sure what type of music will this fall but seems like a soft techno its a guy that keeps saying "oh gir..." i like this song ever since i heard it in the radio i also hear it at nightclubs does anyone know the name i will really appreciated :)
Dj j


#5300 Apr 21, 2012
Tom and jerry- papillon love song
Mole the dipper-hit and run
Global method-mars needs women(dj seduction remix)
Sak noel-loca people
Mad mike-high tech dreams
The martian-starchaser
Secret squirrel-bogwoppa(secret squirrel remix)
Hellfish-my style
Tom and jerry-maximum style(part 3)
Nu yorican soul-nervous track
Shy fx-original nuttah
808 state-fire cracker
Undercover elephant-realm of the cougar
Secret squirrel-seeing is believing
Manix-head in the clouds
Tek 9-doughnuts and ice cream
House of pain-jump around(jansten remix)
Robotman-do da doo

Quite simply the best Eloctronic tracks of all time

Hatboro, PA

#5301 Apr 23, 2012
Pon de floor- major laser


#5302 Apr 24, 2012
Hey guys it looks Like many pople have already asked for something similar, But i'm really looking hard for a song with just a woman voice loop in the background. soundslike she's saying "AAAAaaaaahhhh..." then you hear the base line and "AAAAAaaaahhhhh..." Sounds silly I know. But everytime I hear it I keep thinking of strobes and people moving their bodies!! I donno If its techno or not. came out some time in the early 2000s and is quite similar to That song "I can't waaaait, for the weekend to begin..." Please please please guys if you could help that would be amazing!

Really cool songs to check out are

Grasscut - muppet (nathan fake)
Michael Canitrot - You and I
Pest-pat pong (solid groove mix)


#5303 Apr 24, 2012
Now that I think of it, The song I'm talking about Kinda sounds like it could be Michael jacksons voice. it also gets remixed in between the AAAhhhhs with a guy saying "OOOooohh weeee! tonight lets save the sound..."

Edmonton, Canada

#5304 Apr 24, 2012
Im looking for a french song, i seen the video on youtube and the lyrics are something like "la la la lala lalala" "Et bien cava, allez allez la la"


#5305 Apr 25, 2012
this is the place where you can find the best Techno in the world, but you have to register to see the technos tho here is the link and click on Music then you find the Technos


#5306 Apr 25, 2012 is the the best place for Techno but there is registration to view the Technos

Welland, Canada

#5307 Apr 26, 2012
Imightaswellbeonmars wrote:
theres a techno song that goes..BOiNG>>>>BOi NG>>>BOiNG>> thru the entire song,n then it goes LETS GET READY FOR ROUND 2..n thats all the words.the album covers green with some guy shoveling coal into a furnace or something
ANYONE noe the name of it???plz my head is gonna explode trying to find it
Did anyone find name of this song losing my mind

Milford, MA

#5308 Apr 26, 2012
I am lookin for a song I used to hear in 2007 goes like this " mmm my ecstasy---....mmm my dreams to b-- the dreams that have come , the dreams that I see, u r my ecstasy......" I've been searching but no Luck!!! Help me out its driving me crazy!!!

Milford, MA

#5309 Apr 26, 2012
Also its a girl who sings it ----

London, UK

#5310 Apr 28, 2012
r3aCT wrote:
their is a techno or trance song on z100 or KTU a lot and has been playing for years, it has no words but i can tell you it has a piano, its a soft techno song with the piano playing fast pls help
What about Guru Josh Infinity radio edit

Tel Aviv, Israel

#5311 Apr 30, 2012
Tiesto ? techno ? lol
look at the names they give !!!! darude,Eric Prydz, La Bouche.....

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