Please help me finding a techno song!!
Beverly Chavez

Albuquerque, NM

#21 Jun 26, 2008
I think the song your looking for is "it feels so good" by Sonique

Milwaukee, WI

#22 Jul 9, 2008

The lyrics are along the lines of
"Your love, it feels so good
And that's what takes me hiiigh
Higher than I've gone
Your love, it keeps me aliiive
Thought I should let you know
But your touchin' me sooooo much
When I'm alone at night
It's you I'm always thinkin ooof, Ooo baby."

Milwaukee, WI

#23 Jul 9, 2008
"Take me Away" 's lyrics are somthing like

"..Take me away...
A million miles away from here!
Your takin' me higher!
As high as I could be..
Take me Away!
Forever you and me..
Take me Away!"

Fostoria, OH

#24 Jul 10, 2008
Amber wrote:
Ok... Now i am looking for a techno song...
It's woman singing... Pretty trancey intro...
The lyrics are
"is this love, cuz I don't feel the same today. Can this be enough to take away the pain? Is this love cuz somethings pulling at my heart. Been xxxxx so long I don't know where to start."
Then in the sexiest voice ever she says "OH MY GOD"
Please help.. Me and my girl really need to know..
I was looking for the same song....Its Terra Skye "Is this love"

New London, MN

#25 Jul 10, 2008
ok so there is this techno song of a lady singing... and in the 1st verse she sings" i havent seen you in forever, i havent heard from you in god knows how long..." and then in the chorus she sings" i go ah ah ah when you go ah ahah"
anyone know what it is?

Runcorn, UK

#26 Jul 12, 2008
Brandon wrote:
Im new to techno I was wondering if asnyone knew this song a little baby singging, the words can faster and faster then it says sorry i put it to slow lets try it again.:) THANKS
Its Dj Cammy celebrate the summer

Runcorn, UK

#27 Jul 12, 2008
does anyone know a rave song and it goes like " mega mega frightening." im not sure if those are the exact words though

Dearborn Heights, MI

#28 Aug 2, 2008
Ok I've been looking for this song like crazy i think is called i'll never look back it's a girl singing it. it's a girl song. it's techno in the beginning and then in the middle it's playing violin and then it goes back to the techno beat. please help me...

Since: Jul 08


#29 Aug 2, 2008
Hey everyone, I'm trying to find a song and I'm not sure what it's called or who it's by. It has thunder and rain in the begining and end. It's very quiet in the begining but gets a bit louder as the song progresses. This song also has a piano solo throughout the song, not a lot of notes played though, and they echo. No singing at all in the song.

Oklahoma City, OK

#30 Aug 11, 2008
I'm not sure if the author of this blog ever got the answer they were looking for, but Terra Skye sings "Is This Love." If you did already find out, then disregard my response!


Blackburn, Australia

#31 Aug 13, 2008
Hey im looking for a techno/dance song. I they play it heaps for sports. I heard it for the olympics yesterday. Its got no words at all and its pretty up beat it goues somelike like..
do do (sounds kinda like drums) pause
do do do do do do do (same)
then it goes faster and more upbeat
its really hard to desrcibe but I've been looking for it for ages :(
please help!!

Alpharetta, GA

#32 Oct 25, 2008
its a girl singing
baby its youuuuuuu only you
and keep on belieeevingggggg

idk what its called someone help me :(

West Hartford, CT

#33 Nov 10, 2008
I have this techno song and this woman sings it. She just keeps saying my life my life and i was wondering what it was called.

Rowlett, TX

#34 Nov 15, 2008
Does ANYONE know this techno song which is REALLY hard to explain 'cause there's NO WORDS at all. But throughout the whole song is really soothing and calm and it sounds like something Kaskade would do..... UGH i'm sorry if that makes no sense but if you THINK you know what i'm talking about please email me ASAP!!!
[ [email protected] ]

Oslo, Norway

#35 Nov 28, 2008
Can anyone help me find the techno song with kind of the same beat in the background as used in Let me think about it- Ida Corr and Fedde le grand, but singing " I want youuuuu in my life" ? I have been searching afte it like forever

Virginia Beach, VA

#36 Nov 30, 2008
Hey all, i heard a techno song the other day and i cant figure out who sings it and what its called...its a girls singing it and the chorus goes something like this "do do do do dum...something something that ryhmes with kay? do do do do dum"

Staten Island, NY

#37 Dec 3, 2008
looking for a techno song.. i only know the chorus,. but i cant seem to find it anywhere..but maybe bc i'm trying to guess the title by the chorus lines...."you are the one that i believe in... you are my dawn light in the evening.." sumthin along those lines... and its a chick singin it.. its not very fast tho.. any1 that can help me?

Winnipeg, Canada

#38 Dec 9, 2008
okay, so the song has syths that sound like a violin at the start.

like this song, but its not the moby song
the violin plays but then a beat kicks in. might be a remix, i dunno.

also this...

does anyone know the song im talking about?

United States

#39 Dec 15, 2008
can anyone please help me figure out who the hell sings a techno song where the chorus goes something like this... "please dont, please dont" then it says somethings like naaaaa naaaaaaaaa naa. Its a woman singing & I wish I could remember more BUT I'm usually pretty fucked up when I hear it at a party.

ps its not brasshunter, that much I know.

United States

#40 Dec 16, 2008
Its sung by a man, a black man I believe (i could be wrong) i heard it on my local radio station, hes talking about how he loves a woman, its got some plain voice in the beginning, but the then synthesizer takes over about 1/4 of the way in. Please help!

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