What is this techno song?

Riverside, CA

#21 Jan 10, 2010
Um I am trying to find the techno song that says "around the world around the world" and thats it. But its not the daft punk one! I keep having people point me to that one, but it isn't the same one. the one by daft punk I think is a remix, cause it has the same melody when the "around the world" starts, but it has more backround music and stuff that the song I am looking for doesnt have.

Eltham, Australia

#22 Jan 13, 2010
hey there is this techno song,
and it starts of with a jamaican guy saying "make some noise" or something like that and then it goes into a beat that's like-
"doooo-do-do-doooo do.
doooo-do-do-doooo do.
doooo-do-do-doooo do."

and i think its new-ish.


Virginia Beach, VA

#23 Feb 16, 2010
I can't name this song for the life of my it's driving me crazy!!! It's trance and it's a woman singing..."...everything' s okay...someone like you....someone like you...." ANy Help>>>??!!!

Virginia Beach, VA

#24 Feb 16, 2010
This is driving me crazy...what is the trance song that features a woman singing and goes:"....Everything's okay.....someone like you....someone like you.."?? ANy Help Please?

Westminster, CA

#25 Feb 18, 2010
looking for a soft easy progressive song with waterdrops. The video shows some leaky faucets and other water drop making noises. Sorry but thats all I got, and it's over 8 years old... Good luck to us all!

Canberra, Australia

#26 Feb 22, 2010
Ohk. Heres a chanllage for everyone, do you know the name of a technoish song,

it has distorted kinda music, and the singer is a girl, and the lyrics are "Give Me Some Water" or somthing like that.. "G-g-g-Gimme Some Water" ect ect.

I heard it at the local video place when i was grabbin' movies. im so addicted to the song.!

Monte Buey, Argentina

#27 Feb 23, 2010
hi! i'm trying to find the name of this song...

&NR =1

Venice, FL

#28 Mar 13, 2010
" ok so theres this song that goes like this:
flly fly far away ye yea come back to me for everrr

does any one know that song with a female singing thast part she has a really pretty voice? "

I have been trying to find that song for years. It is a christian song I think.
Dj Smoky

Miami, FL

#29 Mar 20, 2010
dazed wrote:
Does anyone know who sings this song or the title?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =KOiZwb8w-i8XX
The song is Fall to pieces by Dj Spoke

Santa Monica, CA

#30 Mar 21, 2010
I have this techno song stuck in my head! Cannot find it! It's really hard to explain but hopefully someone can help. It goes...

(these are instrumental "do dos" kinda ting tings)
do do
da do do.

this continues and more instruments come in then eventually a girl starts in...

if anyone can make sense of this, thank you!

Memphis, TN

#31 Apr 16, 2010
there's this song that was on a friend's burned cd and I'm trying to find and I literally can't find it ANYWHERE. I don't know who it's by and apparently it's called intermission but there are millions of songs by that name. it doesn't have any lyrics and the whole song is just this epic handclapping beat. there might be some techno-ish music in the background but I can't remember. does it sound familiar to anyone?
I'm going crazy trying to find it

Saint Michael, MN

#32 May 25, 2010
what is this song?
the only word that is clear is "everybody"
then the next word sounds like "ready"
then "da da dee, da da dee da"

and this is all repeated over and over.

Since: Jun 10

Oakland, CA

#33 Jun 8, 2010
I've had this song stuck in my head for the longest. I think it goes something like, "da-da-deddde da dee. da-da-deeeeeeee da dee." The music sort of sounds like the beginning of Lady GaGa's "Alejandro (The Sound of Arrows Remix)." Please help. The help is greatly appreciated.

Since: Jun 10

Oakland, CA

#34 Jun 8, 2010
I have this dance/electronic/techno song stuck in my head. What is it?

It's driving me crazy. I've had this song stuck in my head for the longest. I think it goes something like, "da-da-deeeeeeee da dee. da-da-deeeeeeee da dee." The music sort of sounds like the beginning of Lady GaGa's "Alejandro (The Sound of Arrows Remix)." Please help. The help is greatly appreciated.

Spokane, WA

#36 Jul 15, 2010
ashlee wrote:
i think this is a techno song but i cant remember it
la da da dee la da da da
la da da dee la da da da
la da dee da da
la da da dee da da
la da dee da la da da da
Fine Day - Miss Jane?

Chaska, MN

#37 Jul 17, 2010

I just heard this song in a club. So it's a techno type song but I don't really even remember

All I remmber is it saying the words "DJ" over and over, long and drawn out. Can anyone help me!? I can't find it anywhere

Pflugerville, TX

#39 Aug 24, 2010
That songs like miss Jane it's a fine day?, if not I don't careere

Lutz, FL

#40 Sep 8, 2010
monique song lyrics the pain the cross take me to heaven far away. I wonder what the song is called?

United States

#41 Sep 13, 2010
Gahhh! There's this song that sounds like it would really trip mr out while rolling, I was listening to it and it gave me chills I lloved it it was some lady screaming with some bass, I remember her saying

"The moons will fall" & "come in my house" then it goes all crazy again n shit its amazing! I really wanna know by who it wasss I know it was hardstyle pleeeeese helpp!?<33

Vancouver, Canada

#42 Sep 15, 2010
I was wondering if anyone knew what song this was.

It's techno but not sure what style, the intro has a drum beat then it fades away and then the full music starts..

the singer is a woman but she's definitely not singing in english..
sounds like Romanian ??

she sings for a bit, then the chorus sounds like this:
" ...Whoo - Oooo - Hooo - Hooo -(then some singing in a language i dont kno then)- Whoo - Oooo - Hooo - Hooo..."

... and it continues like that.. i dont know how old the song is at all
thanks! if anyone knows tell me PLEASE!

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