led zeppelin vs queen

Cartago, Costa Rica

#41 Sep 22, 2011
i love queen but it is better zeppelin...

Chicago, IL

#42 Sep 26, 2011
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Seattle, WA

#43 Oct 23, 2011
Queen... Plant gets annoying after a while. May had a cooler style than Page too.

Roselle, NJ

#44 Mar 30, 2012
Led Zeppelin is a way better rock band then Queen. Not just because Page is better then may or that Plant is better then Mercury, just because Led Zeppelin overall sounds better and captures a better tone then Queen to me. Queen is a great band but Led Zeppelin is just better. Led Zeppelin made better songs, albums, and a big one apperances then queen. Live performances is a huge part of what makes a band or musician great, and Led Zeppelin live shows (The Song Remains The Same, Earls Court, Seattle, Los Angles, and Knebworth) were amazing. They added great riffs and in live versions of there songs. Plus the Led Zeppelin album Led Zeppelin IV beats Queen's album A night at the opera in rankings, sounds, and charts. Another comparison is Stairway to Heaven and Bohemian Rhapsody. I love Bohemian Rhapsody soo much, but I love Stairway to Heaven so much more. Only because Stairway to Heaven had it all, a heavenly beginning (with all instruments perfectly in sync with a great rythme and melody) to a rock and roll endind (with a kick ass guitar solo) and it sounds even better live. So in conclusion Queen is great but doesnt sound better then Led Zepplein.
In the area of skill and talent:

Jimmy Page probably top 5 guitarist ever beating Brian May that wishes he was as good as page.

Robert Plant vs. Freddie Mercury tough one but Freddie Mercury couldnt go to a deep jazzy voice to a high pitch voice like Plant, that is what places Plant in the top 10 vocalists of all time catergory.

John Bonham is the best drummer in the world so far (enough said)

John Paul Jones vs. John Deacon. At Bass maybe John Deacon wins I dont know thats really tough, but when it comes to piano, mandolin, and the triple neck acoustic guitar Jones win.

If you disagree with me E-mail me reasons why you do. [email protected]

Porto, Portugal

#45 Apr 5, 2012
nothing left to say, just obviously Queen
Steve W


#46 Jun 12, 2012
QUEEN ALL THE WAY! Zed Zepplin are dull as dish water compared to Queen, and Robert Plants voice gets on your nerves after a couple of songs (if that!).
Queen out-did Zepplin at rock, and did a whole load of other genres that Zep couldn't possibly dream of doing.
And it's widely known Queen were the best live act that ever graced this planet!
You can't compare Led Zep to Queen. Queen are miles and miles in front, and much more well known by todays youth too.
Sean Robertson


#47 Jun 12, 2012
Freddie Mercury often tops greatest singer polls. Robert Plant does not.
Queen are a much better sounding band and I'd rather hear Bohemian Rhapsody than the bland Stairway to heaven any day. I'm not the only one either, Bo Rhap is more well known.

I had to laugh at the comment by Armani saying Freddie couldn't go into a jazzy voice. There really isn't any comparison between Freddie and Plant. Freddie's voice is amazing. Plants is only average at best.

Silvana, WA

#48 Aug 23, 2012
I think that Queen is best, but before anyone flames me, its not because they are just better, they are my favorite. I've heard songs from Led Zeppelin and they didn't really stick, but Queen did.

Bellflower, CA

#49 Nov 4, 2012
Queen is original. Led ZEP are plagiarists, taking songs from other people without crediting them. They will say they wrote the song.
Stairway? Listen again on theat intro. Dazed and confused? Pffft.

&fe ature=fvwrel see here where page got the Stairway intro.

"Fuck off, Zeppelin, you’re crap. You’ve always been crap and you’ll never be anything else." Cream's Jack Bruce
QUEEN Rocks. LZ fizzled.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

#50 Nov 8, 2012
led zepelin win
That on moose

Prince Albert, Canada

#52 Feb 15, 2013
Led zeppelin can suck both of my nuts..

Ajax, Canada

#53 Mar 6, 2013
Queen is in a class of their own and they're the best in that class. You can't possibly compare Led Zeppelin to Queen...

Ajax, Canada

#54 Mar 6, 2013
Opiumx wrote:
LED ZEPPELIN all the way!
Like many I grew up listening to Queen and it was great. Unfortunately I missed out on Zep and got very little exposure until recent years. Now I can't get there music out of my head. No rock band comes close to Zep. Robert Plant is by far a better vocalist than Freddie Mercury. Just check out Mercury trying to sing the Immigrant Song on You Tube, cringe.
Are you kidding me man? I like Led Zeppelin, but how can you possibly say that Plant is "by far a better vocalist". Do you know the meaning of good vocals? Holy shit dude... Plant can't even hit the notes Freddie Mercury can successfully. Plant just whines on mic, while Freddie has such a powerful voice.
omar jamal

London, UK

#55 Apr 1, 2013
Rocker wrote:
I love both bands. While I am listening to Led Zeppelin
they are the greatest band. But when I am listening to Queen they are
the greatest band. I never got to see Led Zeppelin live, but there live
videos look pretty amazing. Queen on the other hand I did get to see
live. In fact, Freddy threw a leather jacket out in to the crowd and the
friend I was with got there hand on it, but the crowd tore it away from
him. Anyway, I saw many concerts when I young, and I can honestly say
Queen was the individually greatest band I ever saw live. My God, Freddy
Mercury owned the freaking coliseum. What makes it even better is that I
was not really a big Queen fan prior to seeing them perform. It was
their performance that blew my mind! My best overall concert by the way
was a band called Starz opening for Rick Derringer-followed by Jeff
Beck--Followed by Aerosmith. Believe it or not the band Starz put on a
show equal to Aerosmith. But Aerosmith was on that night, and they
kicked butt. But Queen was still the best single band I ever
you actually got to see queen live, you just dont know how lucky you are, i wasnt even born when they ruled the world.
angelika leila

Central District, Hong Kong

#56 Apr 17, 2013
Those bands were existed when I'm not born yet,but when I grow up queen still famous never heard about led Z. Queen songs is still famous now a days. Especially the hit song We are the champions. We use that song in one of our cheering squad competitions. Where is Led Zs Song. Even stairway to heaven is a hit song but its rarely played now. Unlike the queen song. Speakjng of freddie mercury he is unique in performance wherd he has the charisma that robert plant don't had. So I must say Queen is the best for all times. Look ar the crowd when a certain freddie mercury performing .Crowd is Alive. Isn't it?
plant & page

Beckley, WV

#57 Apr 23, 2013
Led Zeppelin all the way

Ocala, FL

#58 Jun 2, 2013
I love Led Zeppelin! I love Queen too but I prefer Led Zeppelin.

Union City, CA

#59 Feb 26, 2014
Not important wrote:
Tough Jimmy Page is a better guitarist than Brian May with harder solos (black dog) Deacon and JPJ are similar in to many ways to compare especially how much they talk
Freddie and Plant are hands down the two greatest singers of all time I think Freddie is a bit better I can't say much about bonham vs Taylor because John was more metal and hard rock drumming and roger is more like ringo it's close but I say queen
thats just stupid,,,im a big jimmy fan but brian surpasses him with all the harmonies and his solos and riffs are way more unique. also page did a lot of candy cane but as guitarist wise brian was better,,,altho my fav guitarist would be ritchie blackmore.

Kolkata, India

#60 May 29, 2014
Guys, its a tough comparison, but very interesting. I find both the bands amazing. But I guess I found Queen a bit better. Mercury's vocals are the most mesmerising, even if the rest of the mand may be equal to their LZ counterparts!!
There is an interesting thing I heard somewhere...it said that Queen had LZ as one of its early musical influences!!! So...there we go!!! I don't know how true this info is,but if its true, then it makes our discussion very very interesting, I guess!!!
unfounded rocker

Bronx, NY

#61 Mar 16, 2015
queen all the way. led zeppelin are awesome too but queen does it for me. it's an opinion of course so please don't sue me.

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