T.I. Breaks Code Of Silence? Tupac Vs...

T.I. Breaks Code Of Silence? Tupac Vs. B.I.G, Who's The Best Athlete To Rap?

There are 177 comments on the Hiphop-elements.com story from Apr 5, 2008, titled T.I. Breaks Code Of Silence? Tupac Vs. B.I.G, Who's The Best Athlete To Rap?. In it, Hiphop-elements.com reports that:

“The production alone on AMW puts it ahead of "Brooklyn's Finest". Not to mention you have the "greatest rapper ever”

In this week's Speak On It forum everyone has an opinion about T.I. getting off easy, "Brooklyn's Finest" vs "2 of America's Most Wanted" and which Athletes have the most skills on the mic. via Hiphop-elements.com

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Columbus, OH

#158 Jun 17, 2013
2 pac is the best rapper ever listen to changes and keep ya head up they explain how he wants to change everthing and treat woman equally. Hrs actually wants to improve our society big had a good flow and I like juicy, dead wrong and who shot ya though but pac was better.


#159 Jun 21, 2013
Biggy is gud as a rapper but if ure talking about realism in rap 2pac is the rapper to look out for,2pac songs touch ur soul y biggy songs is jst ment for the body.for me i take pac to be my 24 hour radio
Mxhaba Success

Ashburn, VA

#160 Jun 26, 2013
Tupac is the number one greatest rapper of all times.

United States

#161 Jun 28, 2013
Am a kenyan, a thug still roaming third world, fc piggie smalls we screaming pac it's a thug world! Wherear tha real gz jus heard ross scream tupac bac..rip pac therez a heaven for a g!

United States

#162 Jul 9, 2013
i gotah thanks th lord that you made me
funky t


#163 Jul 12, 2013
Notorious is the man,pac had to diss big for him to sell records,he was jst nt on bigs league go listen to the 95 freestyle they did big smashed him to pieces listen to the crowd wen big go,pac started selling wen he died.

Central District, Hong Kong

#165 Aug 7, 2013
I av listened 2 both rappers

Lagos, Nigeria

#166 Aug 18, 2013
Pac for life. Even if u were to ask Biggie he knows dat.


#167 Aug 23, 2013
2Pac, when he became famous, got
access to the gangster world then acted
like he's been that. Biggie's roots were in
hard streets, and he used music to free
himself from the oppressive bondage of
gang life. One is a poser and was acting
like it was some fun game to play. One
knew the truly ugly side to it and wanted
to articulate it.
The genesis of 2Pac:
In words of 2Pac himself, "My major thing
growing up was I couldn't fit in. Because I
was from everywhere.
I didn't have no buddies that I grew up
Uno mas, ""I don't know. I just didn't feel
hard. I could do all the things my mother
could give me, but she couldn't give me
nothing else."
At age 12 he joined the 127th Street
ensemble, a play group.
At age 15 he started enjoying rap in New
York. He started walking with a swag and
called himself MC New York. That didn't
pan out.
So he enrolled in the PRESTIGIOUS
Baltimore School of Arts. And it was from
there that he wanted to become an
artist, "But I loved it. I loved going to
school. It taught me a lot. I was starting
to feel like I really wanted to be an artist."
Then he got into rapping subsequently he
felt the need to start submerging
himself more gangs for the image.
The Difference:
Biggie grew up in tough street. He never
got to go to good, white-kid schools. He
witnissed alot more friends dieing at a
young age. Since he lived a genuine
gangster life at such a young age he
knew it was nothing to pose about.
As the Rolling Stones writes, "By the time
he was 15, Wallace [Biggie] was selling
crack in Brooklyn's
Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood."
But then he began giving it up for rap, as
he realized that rap could work as his
2Pac and Biggie both got entangled in
gangs. ONLY ONE though actually had his
roots there. ONLY ONE though was
actually honest with his lyrics when he
talked about those roots. ONLY ONE was
more relatable , as he was telling the
truth. ONLY ONE saw the stupidity of the
gangster world. And that was Notorious
An important question to ask his who left
the bigger, more important legacy. The
reason this is a good question is it
determines who left a bigger "splash in
pond." It is also a point in this debate
where some objective truth can be
2Pac's legacy:
2Pac undoubtedly left behind a legacy.
But it doesn't take long to figure out
what the main legacy was. The scandal is
by far the biggest ripple-effect 2Pac
caused. Who killed him? He'll be back in 7
years! He's not dead! The debate over the
details of his death was, unfortunatly for
him, the legacy he left behind.
Notorious B. I. G.'s legacy analyzed:
Biggie however because he was only
caught up in music and not posing a
gangster life, set a huge legacy in the
music industry. Sean Combs, one of the
richest men, in America, according to
Rolling Stones, owes his success as the
industry's greatest producer to the
efforts of Notorious B.I.G. Meaning Biggie
created today the goliath producing
company ran by Sean Combs. Sean even
mentions in his debut solo album in the
song "I'll Be Missing You." This fact alone
outweighs 2Pac, as he lacked any
contribution to music industry.
There is more to this point, but thats all
for now.
Biggie had:
1. He had better delivery.
2. He had truth behind his words when
talking about gangs.
3. Was far less supportive of dangerous
gang life than 2Pac
4. Subsequently, of 2 and 3, related more
to those on the streets.
5. Left a huge legacy in the music
industry by creating the producing giant
Sean Combs
gangstah t bangz


#168 Aug 24, 2013
if u say biggie waz better than 2pac ,i think u are mistaken. Pac will 4eva be tha best. Go listen 2 his music , u will definately find influnce and interest . Down with biggie ,hail Pac

San Jose, CA

#169 Aug 31, 2013
Tupac was waaayyy better hands down his music actually had purpose and hes a better lyricist biggie couldnt even touch pac they were both great rappers and no disrespect to biggie but pac was better
Sizwe linda

Ashburn, VA

#170 Sep 6, 2013
Biggies Smalls is the king of rap!G.O.A.T
Pleasure Mamize

Pretoria, South Africa

#171 Sep 18, 2013
Pac, stearing at the back of my review

Atlanta, GA

#172 Sep 19, 2013
Tupac paints a picture in your mind like no one else. That's why he's the best rapper ever..... besides eminem

Durban, South Africa

#173 Sep 23, 2013
tupac was and is the best hip hop rapper of all time he was somewhat a poetic and was inspiring big up 2 shakur
Mr Great

South Africa

#175 Oct 24, 2013
Tupac the f***ing best man!!!!!!! Who can disagree u biggie fans haven't herd 2pac yet don't speak without all the knowledge needed "THUG LIFE" Baby , can you feel me and what eva else 2pac likes 2 say
tupac fan

South Africa

#176 Nov 10, 2013
Tupac taught biggie life so tupac is the best like the song hit em up all about biggie and biggie never talked shit about pac like he did

Stone Mountain, GA

#177 Mar 12, 2014
Ryan B wrote:
I was surprised their was so much ignorance about BIG on this forum. Haters galore.
Listen to these songs (doubt most of you have heard them the way you talk) and then talk about BIG:
Everyday Struggle
Things Done Changed
Notorious Thugs
I Got A Story to Tell
The only knock on BIG is that he only put out two CD's and 'Pac has a large body of work. I love 'Pac. He is absolutely one of the best MC's and most likely the most influential rap has ever seen. However, best MC ever? Yeah, right. Ya'll just don't know hip-hop. Ever listen to KRS-One, Scarface, Rakim? The list goes on, man.
And BIG or 'Pac? It's gotta go to BIG. Love 'Pac, but when it comes to who had the best flows it was BIG, no doubt.
And ya'll are a bunch of haters who don't know shit about hip-hip who say BIG is weak. I don't see BIG fans talking about 'Pac that way. Ya'll just heard 'Pac's lyrics about fuck BIG and you're jocking on 'Pac's cock. Ha! Both were dope, and there is NO WAY that BIG is a copycat. Again, you've never really listened to him if you think that. They have completely different styles/lyrics/messages.
you krazy real pac fans heard every album not just f biggie lol it took biggie how many yearz to make 2 albums ? By the way his flow was weak !

Stone Mountain, GA

#178 Mar 12, 2014
funky t wrote:
Notorious is the man,pac had to diss big for him to sell records,he was jst nt on bigs league go listen to the 95 freestyle they did big smashed him to pieces listen to the crowd wen big go,pac started selling wen he died.
You a fool lol a better freestyle lol and all eyez on me sold more thn both of biggie albums ! Do ur research

Stone Mountain, GA

#179 Mar 12, 2014
Tupac was the best mc rapper what ever u wanna kall it ! And im sik of seeingbppl say wayne drake nas biggie better thn pac yea maybe to u young punks that was born in 97 98 oh yea eminem wast better either u dumb fuks most whiteboys say em bekause thy never Listin to rap b4 em thy bn Listin to rock thy whole lyfe ! Most of u ppl talkin shit on pac havet even heard his albums after death let alone b4 death jus the shit the radio play ! Pac the best even the legend mcs know that and thats scarface and nas !

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