T.I. Breaks Code Of Silence? Tupac Vs...

T.I. Breaks Code Of Silence? Tupac Vs. B.I.G, Who's The Best Athlete To Rap?

There are 177 comments on the Hiphop-elements.com story from Apr 5, 2008, titled T.I. Breaks Code Of Silence? Tupac Vs. B.I.G, Who's The Best Athlete To Rap?. In it, Hiphop-elements.com reports that:

“The production alone on AMW puts it ahead of "Brooklyn's Finest". Not to mention you have the "greatest rapper ever”

In this week's Speak On It forum everyone has an opinion about T.I. getting off easy, "Brooklyn's Finest" vs "2 of America's Most Wanted" and which Athletes have the most skills on the mic. via Hiphop-elements.com

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kenneth kaunda kodiyo

Nagpur, India

#45 May 30, 2009
Tupac for life
thehumanhighligh treel

Medway, MA

#46 Jun 6, 2009
Its all about BIG L!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#47 Jun 9, 2009
wELL i'm sure all of us can screw up T.I he juz too lame and a wanabe rapper!!
Mc Dilly

Berlin, Germany

#48 Jun 20, 2009
Damn it Biggie was good but! Pac is the bomb, Pac's songs are unforgettable just like bob Marley,it refreshes in ur memory every damn day, and makes you scream "The world lost a great rapper" He spoke from the heart and worked so hard for his age. In such a little space of time he achieved a lot...Pac had been a role model for many great artists.

Westfield, MA

#49 Jul 3, 2009
B.I.G was the most fluent rapper of all times.
and by that i mean that nobdy exept 2pac got in his way.but why do you think that only pac got in his way? thats because pac was corrupting. his sales were going down he got shot he was acussed of rape people were starting to think of him as an average rapper but tupac didn't want that. pac wanted to be the most POPULAR. so tupac, wat he did was try to make The Notorious B.I.G look bad by insulting him in songs and in public because pac knew that him and big were friends and pac knew that big wouldnt disrespect him back. so because big didnt disrespect him back, tupac caused people to think that B.I.G wasn't real.
so thats why i think big's the best rapper of all time because his the most influential and lyrical rapper of all times.bigs song most if not all,had a message encoded in all of them nothing that he said ment wat he said it ment something more powerful that caused people to understand how it is to live in the streets.....the streets of brooklyne

Fort Valley, GA

#50 Oct 9, 2009
Get over it, Dawgs, Tu-Pac is the best rapper who ever lived on this planet!


#52 Nov 5, 2009
Before y'all cats say shit, pacs been in the game longer then biggie but when biggie droped he instantly became a "perferct competitor" to pac, which shows that pac was nothing compared to biggie. Word up to biggie!

Seattle, WA

#53 Nov 20, 2009
PIGGIE..betta then 2pac?? hell nah come on u gotta b kidding me pac is deffenetly betta i mean THE notorious PIG could make storys up that wuz it but pac would show u just how fuckt up the world is and tell u good storys who make u feel betta when u feel down Pac can..keep yo head up"smile for me"thugs mansion and the list goes on PIG had none of this get yo story straight and the ROSE THAT GREW FROM THE CONCRETE...

Tanzania, United Republic of

#54 Dec 9, 2009
No matter what they say,2pac.....Makaveli the Don will be the greatest rapper ever and no one else can be compared to him!!

United States

#55 Mar 3, 2010
Mad props 2 Big but its obvious Pacs the King

United States

#56 Mar 25, 2010
No matter what Tupac is the best? Even if he isn't he is? Sorry, but Tupac isn't the best, now is he better than Big.... hard to call that one. Technical skill wise I'm going to have to go with BIG, influence on rap I'm going BIG again, however still standing Tupac has the largest fan base which has had the largest influence on how music, at least rap, is marketed. Unfortunately people are morons, sheople/sheeple (sheeple refers to the general masses of people who don't think for themselves and follow the crowd and their leaders (illuminati) who guide their cultures, which includes most of the populous) if you will, so now its simply a matter of how do you determine the greatest, popularity from the ignorant masses or over all quality. Both BIG and Pac were repetitive, Pac generally raped about how tough he was and rich, and occasionally made a song about some hoochie named Brenda throwing her rugrat in the garbage, or about his crack head mom, or what have you with generally the same simple rhymes over and over, and money, hoes, murder, drugs, and clothes pretty much cover all 50 or so of BIG's songs, BiG just did it better, however even though Tupac wasn't deep from time to time he was far more grounded and said something that was relatable to. Tupac understood how to market his image, which is the meaning of Makaveli (for those who think Tupac was anti-illuminati, you have a lot to learn, Tupacs name refers to him becoming Christed or reborn through the fire of Babylon), and BiG knew how to rap better and rapped about things that hit the base instincts so I'd say BiG was better but Tupac is greater since through his image (mind control) he has become legendary and BiG's legendary status as it is, is probably half from Tupac beefing with him and having his legendary image rub off on BiG, which (the beef between Pac and BiG) has a lot to do with something called hegelian dialectics. Anyhow that's how I'd put it, greatest isn't measured by ability but by general opinion and Pac sold himself far better than BiG therefore he is greater, however that doesn't make him better, BiG has had far more influence on rap, hell BiG is practically the blueprint for rap of the last 10 years or so, that being good or bad (personally i don't think that's a good thing though)

Klang, Malaysia

#57 Apr 9, 2010
B.I.G better than 2pac ? U guyz must b joking rite ? 2pac was a lyrical assassin for god's sake...he can basically murder motherf***ers lyrically, not big. BIG may b a good rapper, n I hev respect for him, but claiming him 2 be better than pac is ridiculous. Emotions, pac has loads of it..he makes u feel every single word of his song....can b.i.g f***ing 2 that ? He has tha style, that swagger that other rapperz would follow afta his death....to giv u guyz a clue, just type 'Tupac' in google n see the no of hits, and compare that with 'Notorious B.I.G'....People still yearn 4 tupac, he is the only rapper who people regret for his death

Västerlanda, Sweden

#58 Apr 11, 2010
Pac will forever be a legendary.

Northampton, UK

#59 May 19, 2010
How can Tupac be a overated artsist, rappers talk crap these days. Biggie is better than nearly all rappers know but he resembles artist these days he would be good in the commercial scene. Tupac was underground he talked alot about the black struggle how many do that tupac was a head of his time study his music.

everythink he says is happening know. One thing i love about him he talked alot about black on black violence but they was beating him down then. And know they trying to change it he loved his black people to the death. You know what i hate about the media they always beat down black artist Michael jackson is a big example been doing it to him form the 80's. Tupac is the best rapper what would he say to you haters if he was alive.

Came out been shot 5 times and sold 5 million

Thuggin' till the day I die
They don't give a fuck about us
And when I start to rise
A hero in their children's eyes
Now they give a fuck about us

What he says is so true and if you are black it makes more sense. How many racist people liked michael jackson why? one of our children rised know they give a FUCK ABOUT US.
Marine trooper

Forest Hills, NY

#60 Jun 2, 2010
2pac is way better then notirious big but 2pac is not the best.Besides notrious big makes some hunting shit and 2pac makes normal rap music
Marine trooper

Forest Hills, NY

#61 Jun 2, 2010
Dude 2pac is not the best Eminem is a legend hes the best.
Don B


#62 Jun 22, 2010
I love 2pac..Listern to his music and get moved by it...sometimes i wonder why pac gone...I like Biggie too buh 2pac is the best.

2pac said it one day they will be a black president...

Memphis, TN

#63 Aug 14, 2010
Watched Pac at the House of Blues on bluray. Never realized how wack west coast rap was until I watched that shit. I'm dead serious. I actually listened to that shit back then. Pac did rehash some of the same lines over and over in his songs. Biggie did have an ill flow. His production didnt really step up until LAD. I can tolerate Bigs music 10 yrs. later. Not so much with Pac. Too much yelling and shit. Now Pac was the most influential rapper ever. He laid the blueprint for future rappers and their image. Rappers still follow it to this day. I will say Big was underrated. As a rapper though, Pac was overrated. Had some of the most incoherent raps I ever heard.
chuks Brown


#65 Aug 26, 2010
thug life baby! PAC D BEST EVER.
west coast star

Miami, FL

#66 Sep 11, 2010
Pac all da way.you have to be drunk,stupid,and a asshole not to see that pac is better.he has a better lyrics,better flow,better style,and just real.he talk about things that were important thing people could relate to.biggie in the other hand is just a phony.tryed to steal pac style.i only has 2 biggie songs in ny mp3 player,but i have about a million pac's songs.pac all the way.

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