Open Mic: Who's the Most Overrated Ra...

Open Mic: Who's the Most Overrated Rapper of All Time?

There are 209 comments on the story from Jun 21, 2007, titled Open Mic: Who's the Most Overrated Rapper of All Time?. In it, reports that:

I can't decide between Biggie Smalls and Lil' Wayne. While Biggie is undoubtedly one of the most prolific storytellers of all time, he wasn't as versatile as some of his peers. via

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The Great One

Cheltenham, UK

#44 Sep 13, 2007
Weezy aint no G.O.A.T, how Game gonna "make room for Jeezy"??? Jezzy is definately Overrated and for the love of god dont get me goin on bout Prodigy!
steve o

Saint Louis, MO

#45 Sep 28, 2007
Tanya wrote:
I'm over here puzzled at whom a lot of you think are "overrated rapper's" Jay-Z overrated? Never!!!! Nas...Come on now Nas is one of the best lyricist out there!!! I like Lil Wayne but I do think he's overrated, 2 pac again what was overrated about him? And TI is another hot artist I don't think he's overrated!!!
you are the only person on this website that speaks the truth everybody else is full of shit
steve o

Saint Louis, MO

#46 Sep 28, 2007
lil wayne is the most overrated rapper and he is not hot he is garbage and does not make hot records but ill give it to him on duffle bag boy, go dj, and dopeman feat. yo gotti

Pittsburgh, PA

#48 Sep 30, 2007
T.I. OVERRATED, WAYNE ain't even Rated cuz Gillie da kid write his shit and wayne's homo,,, Whoever biggie jay-z and nas needs pimp smack,,,and as far as pac go he a poet,,,
doodoo brown

Hollywood, FL

#49 Oct 2, 2007
im from the south and im ashamed of all the rappers, except outkast

Cape Coral, FL

#50 Oct 5, 2007
P.Diddy/ puff daddy or wat ever he calling humself now like afroman puff daddy now it P diddy still sound shity

Cape Coral, FL

#51 Oct 5, 2007
for everyone who saying 2pac overated incase u dont know overated means u get treated better than u r tupac did not have the best lyrics in the world i think biggie did but tupac always spoke from the heart thats wat makes him not overated. But Jay Z overated Nas is way better than him just listen 2 ether

Silverdale, WA

#52 Oct 17, 2007
i hate 2 pac
Kanye a Rapper please

Albuquerque, NM

#53 Nov 1, 2007
Kanye West has yet to make an ORIGINAL song for any of his albums. Not too mention he and Jay Z constantly rip 50 year old chorus lines, speed them up to chipmonk speed and lace all of their tracks with that shit. WTF? I would like to hear one, just ONE song on the radio that is completely original, no biting, no sampling just talent. Timbaland seems to be the only one who want to make music better, not redundantly the same.
2Pac is the shit

Albuquerque, NM

#54 Nov 1, 2007
He was, is and always will be the rapper all rappers will try to emmulate. He was a rapper that all races could relate to, the have nots especially. Had it not been for Pac rapping about Jay Z, Biggie, Puffy that you would even care who the fuck they were? Did any of you even hear about them BEFORE they were all over Pac's stick? His music (not all of it) and lyrics are more real to me than anything on the radio today. I can't relate to having bitches everywhere for no reason, I can't relate to all that retarded bling every1 raps about, I can't relate to wearing chinchilla anything, I can't relate to puttin "Ds" on anything with wheels, so do you see? 2Pac talked more about what he did to get where he was, not what he had when he got there. Anything 2Pac PRE DEATH is classic, you can put any1 of his pre death albums on and listen to it all the way to the end, can the same be said for Weezy, Baby, T.I., Jeezy and or any of that other bubble gum shit that passes for rap now a days. Honestly, go listen to rap/hip hop from the 90's, then compare it to the stupid shit we hear no a days, I believe Nas when he says rap is dead!!
Pac Haters

Albuquerque, NM

#55 Nov 1, 2007
I bet most of you hatin on Pac in here were in diapers or middle school when he was on top, so what the hell do you know about classic music?

United States

#57 Nov 2, 2007
What!! Wayne is cool but let's not overdue it! Nowadays, if it doesn't have hand claps, 808, snapppin ya fingers, lean it this way! Walk it that way! then it's all considered to b lame! Personally all of it sux when you stop dancin' and sit down and actually listen to it. Pac, Jay, Nas..all the ones that you guys are dissin' are the only real lyricists we have left. But I'm sure ur too busy supermannin' to hear Expand ur minds!

“Truth seeker”

Since: Oct 07


#58 Nov 2, 2007
stop overrating players wrote:
I'd say guys like lil' jon (is he even a rapper?), Lil' Wheezy is good, but best rapper alive? I could name several better than him. Jay-Z made a huge mistake releasing Kingdom Come; he was just garbage on it. Fiddy after the Massacre; he was actually pretty good before G-Unit and the money got into his head. All the no-talent hacks out there; you know who you are. Eve is now garbage; tambourine? WTF? Jermaine Dupri and all of his crew; a bunch of teens that made him look like a gay R. Kelly. Ditto for Bad Boy and Puffy/P. Diddy/Diddy whatever.

“Truth seeker”

Since: Oct 07


#59 Nov 2, 2007
50 cent hands down.....

United States

#60 Nov 6, 2007
Lil Wayne, all day, hands down. He sounds high most of the time and it shows in his rambling nonsense lyrics.

Brighton, CO

#61 Nov 10, 2007
2 Pac- not overrated. He is a genius, but not my favorite of all time.
Biggie- not overrated. A lyrical genius.
Jay- not overrated.
Nas- whoever said he was is completely insane.
Lil Wayne- I think he is overrated 2 some degree. Not ever one of his songs are good. I heard some good shit from him, and i also heard garbage. he is 50/50 for me.
50- I think he is.
Kanye- I like his music, not his attitude. overrated to an extant

Radio- OVERRATED!!!! Most of those bubble gum, snap, garbage is on the radio.

Most Underrated
Common ("truthfully I wanna rhyme like Common Sense" Jay-Z line)
That is just my opinion though
ConFused Dude

Kettering, UK

#62 Nov 10, 2007
Weezy is real good but GOAT? hell no i could put 25 dudes above him easily, hell i could put 3 big's infront of him (Smalls, Pun and L).

Prodigy is probably the worst rapper of all time

“Truth seeker”

Since: Oct 07


#63 Nov 10, 2007
prodigy is pretty bad....i forgot about him

Norwich, UK

#64 Dec 2, 2007
Which Idiot said Jay Z is overrated n put out 1 good album- Reasonable Doubt is 1 of der greatest albums ever, Vol 1 was a very UNDERRATED album actually would have been a classic if werent 4 the "Bad Boy " produced tracks, Vol 2 was a commercial classic, the Dynasty was a solid album, BLUEPRINT is a classic, Black Album- so many hits deres something special bout dat album- classic, American Gangster is tight aswell- sum ppl already callin it a classic.. he just mite be the G.O.A.T
Not to criticise 2pac but I don't think he's der G.O.A.T n dere are a quite a fewmcs out dere who i feel r better den him who don't get der same recognition. So in dat sense he is slightly overrated.
I don't think Nas is overrated-(lyrical genius) but he has had some weak albums-NASTRADAMUS= Absolute pop/commercial shit.. which ppl often seem to 4get.. but its nice to seee him on top dese days.
dmx better than biggie


#65 Dec 6, 2007
biggie smalls is overrated his songs can be surpassed like hypnotize at the time at the time I thought it was an amazin' song then I found that dmx had plenty songs like that party up where da hood at x gon give it to ya but juicy is the only song stands out but one problem though its copied the chorus the beat and that goes for mo money mo problems and big poppa copied songs like that dmx is original his new album has that club banger walk these dogs which will get ya boucin dmx debut wasnt the best but when he got to his third album he was a star party up what these bitches want whats my name one more road to cross dmx may lack the emotional songs but if ya wanna party bump on my homie x dmx was the only rapper to diss tupac successfully sayin that tupac suck on the magic stick

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