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Rajkumar Yo2

Ashburn, VA

#451 May 7, 2014
itna sibat sa mane tujha
pane ki kosis ki ha par
tere dady mujko bhgane
ki kosis ki ha.....
Is a boy rajkumar yo2

South Africa

#452 May 13, 2014
This you can't miss,
Juss coz piss doesn't mean
Cool F*** this go school my balls
are bigger than
Yours coz I take you rhymes
and wipe my floors
Your a KeyFiller I'm a freestyler
My music is so loud,but u ain't proud. coz
I'm rappin to ur cheap Crowd.
All I could do is show you its true coz ill rap the shit out of u. they cut my dog with 5 Fades you can't get my music coz u gonna get Aids coz I'm so rich I got 96 Maids
My raps are faster than usain bolt I rapped with Colt I beat him so hard
It ain't mt fault,my rhymes fly I don't even have 2 try just look at me coz you gonna loss an eye can't you see I'm ISTB

South Africa

#453 May 13, 2014
Mervice is my name service is my game just jokin that's lame but when I'm done with u, u ain't gonna be the same no time blame
so pray for Salvation coz rap is my only nation
Ill beat u to a new destination I sear you'll move out of you location coz ull need modification look at me I'm iSTB

South Africa

#454 May 13, 2014
Always in the hood I never understood
Why is black chicks are rude I don't even like
There atitude they have a mood, I wish I was quicker, a football flicker your a car licker, at da back of your car its just a sticker...I'm your Brain Hacker your a Logic lacker your should see a miler imma freestyler Dmp'z I wish I had a coller dress up like a scholer. I don't have a type but only on skype VAN DIE IS MOOI en EK IS 'N Kulid
Emo boi

South Africa

#455 May 13, 2014
Ace boy u wack and dumb

South Africa

#456 May 13, 2014
I am wack u must be on crack so don't talk smack
I Dumb really Emo boi your just a male human toy
Emo boi

South Africa

#457 May 13, 2014
Jamal u can't Rap so don't come with your crap oh wait your the who can't keep one name your insane dude you need to work on you brain
mr mcrae


#458 Jun 25, 2014
im just a normal guy with secrets that i drag behide So maby it time to write a line
On how you live your life
Or even to learn an strife
Through days and nights
I will just try
To keep past behind
hide it behind the blinds

Ashland, KY

#459 Jun 29, 2014
mr blue

Cincinnati, OH

#460 Jul 18, 2014
im the god of war i knew i was special when i wanted more ill fight till the death of me cant you see you better belive what you been dreaming dont mess with me i got them demons all day all night i wonder who will survive there zues posideon ares hermes aphrodite when i become a god i will always be fighting these guys be getting decaputaded when i fight im gone faded i fight like a boss i run this holocuast better back up i dont care your about to be bloody red right when u hit the ground you be dead when i found a town they will bow down give me the crown kicking in your doors im mr blue i always wanted more im the god of war
mr blue

Cincinnati, OH

#461 Jul 18, 2014
Yo know my name hermes better fear im the god of theifs if you didnt here me u wanna say that i take your soul to underworld and never bring you back never going to get caught if i do better relase me you will never be at ease i got a wand turn objects yo gold looking young but really old im invisible to the human eye thats why they think gods are a lie im in the sky ill stay fly never gonna die i can pick up 35 tons kill u without guns i fly than the average plane i know its insane i run this game i made two snakes stop fighting they could kill every body insight im a missle better run when you here a whistle im a big refer im based off the grim reaper trying to hurt me you cant see me im hermes
mr blue

Cincinnati, OH

#462 Jul 18, 2014
Every friend i get turns out to be a snicth im so sick of this stop being a fake friend kill u throw you in a dicth if you want to be part of are crowd then shut your mouth had a sick party and u told police they ran in when i was doing molly started a war we would never be at peace how can i trusta snicth we fight better not back downi always win dont even wish you cant get pass me here story of a snicth
saman singh

United States

#463 Jul 25, 2014
all girls are you ready
here is saman your buddy
never mind
what i wana say
never mind
if u are a gay
who say emenum is rap god
to me it is all rubbish fraud
my hip hop rap tones
are so powerful
it can break my enemy bones
nti norris

United States

#464 Jul 27, 2014
you are best
lil drizzy

Manchester, UK

#465 Jul 31, 2014
yo this is my first time writing a song I'm still a rookie so stay strong I can diss the lot of you maybe I'll take a p*** on you now bring in the star and bring the guitar were making a rebock movie and its staring me and my click were kicking it lick a sidekick.

Dayton, OH

#466 Aug 6, 2014
If i had a dream of flying I wud do it now if I had a dream of crying I wud do it now If i had a dream of finding out who I really am then I wud understand. CHORUS. If I had a dream of anything I wud reach out to the clouds pull it down scream out loud get it now I am proud

Jeffersonville, IN

#467 Aug 7, 2014
This beat so I'll this rap so cold I'll be a nurse in this bitch before I get to old yall going to medical school and I'm going to a lyrical prisms.ill blow ya ass out the water, send my ass to prison. Now I'm lyrically insane this shit so crazy. I'm a lyrical god, shit least that's what they named me. Yall think you hard talking bout money bitches and cars. Now step to a real rapper and bring out ya scars. It'll take you to the stars where you never thought you'd be. I started on bottom shit look at me. I make these other rappers illiterate and they should consider it, my rhymes is a monster on the mic and I'm here to deliver it.
B Rippa

Cortland, NY

#469 Oct 3, 2014
Dylan Hughes

Dayton, OH

#472 Jan 16, 2015
This my best freestyle

Doncaster, UK

#473 Jan 31, 2015
How do u become a rapper

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