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Essex, MA

#388 Mar 11, 2013
You guys are trash i'd bash yo heads with a trash can,don't erase my raps cause it's worth cash and u know i'd slap ya if I seen ya do that in real life like u do to ya wife. Look guys i've got 10 min. on the library, and let me say for the record that the only time u guys get hard is on the porn, u shy to meet a woman so u want it on television/ u mean to tell me ur lovelorn after u watched porn payed 13.99 every month wasting a child's education who can't even pay for FAFSA so here's where things get crazier after u motherlovers aren't living free in this country last I heard God was black in the bible now the hard headed retard white folks saying that nonsense God was white when he was in fact black hung on a rope & now he's a Mack in heaven u see he allowed 9 11 to happen cause everybody is evil he's righteous judge so don't put ur grudge on the saints who followed Christ when u ain't following nothing but Artists/ i spit the truth while u guys lie uder ur tooth/ i'm educated and not ignorant u guys masturbated with the devil too much u can't see ureself in Church so why not read a bible plus Jehovah's witness are in sin ayways they didn't witness Jesus being raise but they did mind their business when people were getting slayed and didn't stand up for a cause to say when will their be peace and stop killing with this gun crap it's manmade nothing to be afraid of but God u should be fearful of cause he's going to make those bullets turn around and hit yo heads if u don't think he can flip like Superman best believe i'll see u guys in a casket and when they tell me the reason why cause ya were in a battle i'll say that's why these cowards just died they stood up for nothin instead of something!
Echo 2345

Peterborough, UK

#389 Mar 17, 2013
I'm sitting here at home writing this rap, singing a song, smoking a bong in a glittery thong!.
My rap is unreal if you don't feel it then just wait and you'll see.
I'm unlike all these other fake rappers, claiming all the applause I just want to crack all their jaws!
In a restaurant scribbling on this piece of paper dissin' the f*ckin' waiter.
I might still be underground but soon enough y'all will hear my sound.
I'm not lying down this is my vicinity now, bolt like Usain I'm taking the crown.
You really wanna diss me?(Yes). Ok but you should know you'll be digging your own grave.
I'm a lyrical murderer, i'll slaughter you with my syllables till you know that I'm real enough.
I'm sorry this wasn't pre-planned but at least you have something that's just like you. This is my first rap of many,my first in my new shoes.
I'll make so much I'll scrape up every penny, off this m*therfuckin earth. This planet ain't big enough for the both of us.
Looks like only one of us is making it, it won't be you so you better make the most of it.
You ain't gonna stop me. Try with a monster truck and i'll still squash it like some orange juice.
Sorry but this song is finished, just like your career. Now if you need a shoulder to cry on, i'm always here

San Jose, CA

#394 Mar 29, 2013

Since: Mar 13

Poland, ME

#395 Mar 29, 2013
Thru my rise and fall there always was this giant door that blocked my way i never opened to scared to look to see or go thru that path way it's apart of me I've always ignored I've slept thru can you hear me snore as I avoid this fucking door

Always caught and always wrapped like my dick I'm suffocating I'm ducking trapped trying to get off my message that's breathless it's about to snap but now it's breathing and releasing its thoughts rub the bottle you'll hear my words like a gene trapped in the lamp I'm here I'm stuck like a fuckin stamp to the letter to better myself and my message to create something I was blessed with so now I'm here once again to look to see the door again another message another challenge I'm here to face the one door I never face I avoid at every cost to keep staring thru but it's dark and I'm scared the little boy whose really lost

Now I'm here and I'm challenged once again but still stuck where I began I battle in my own head the psychology of this blood it's dripping its so fucking red I'm laying here wondering where it's coming from where to go or where ill land when this is all over the constant chain in my fucking head where everything's a blood battle I'm lookin around but everyones dead everything is in black and white it's all gone now i see that I was always wrong amnd never right never could find the answers to my broken message never fixed always stepped in
Always lost never blessed with the chance to romance my thoughts never time to myself just keep moving now I'm sitting here all by myself
lil na na

Seattle, WA

#397 May 3, 2013
am on my way to rap
if u wait me to rock
I"ll show ya ma best
and we'll fly to west
am bad rapper
with dat cracker
don't race with me
imma go fast
this is my last
bye bye rest in peace
Phatty Mills

North Westchester, CT

#400 May 18, 2013
The Craziest Rapper

Boston, MA

#401 May 20, 2013
The Anti-Christ is coming, are U morons prepared to be in the dust, the only way we'll need a Psychiatrist is unless the Anti-Christ shows himself resist the devil u guy/so he can destroy all of us/and Jesus Christ can put our Psychiatrist in hell/ eat death at ure last breathe.
Evan Lester

Rochester, MI

#402 May 26, 2013
Jozzy Jay wrote:
Yo, wat is this sh!t?
Playaz Dogg?
Da DMP'z?
Lil Weezy?
this a clown party?
I love it but can you do hard rap
Kurran Dalal

Bristol, UK

#404 May 28, 2013
We livin in hell up above us is the rain, when we die RIP we gon' set fire to the rain
you will never know the pain in me
I keep it hidden like a present under the christmas tree
Sometimes I sit back and I cry cuz i want to achieve something before it's my turn to say goodbye
But I try and i set my mind to it
i got nothing to lose
so I'm going to prove
what i can do
all the people who doubted me fuck you
i don't ever trust, try me and imma bust
you will be blown away like dust
fuck it I'm about to erupt
people are out there dying but people don't care to take a look
respect people out there trying
one day you'll be one of gods angels up in the sky flying
the people who didn't care about you don't worry
when they go through what you went through you just wave them goodbye n'
never let people tell you what to do
if you let them they'll just walk all over you
get up break through the hate
set fire to the rain and watch there skin mutate
I never saw my grandparents but i bet there looking down on me smiling
my inner beast is awake
fuck it I'm stepping up a plate
high as the sky now watch my wings fly
Loyal Disciple

Dallas, TX

#405 Jun 10, 2013
please cease n delete these comments u leave,arguing 4 weeks with people you'll never meet,its really weak how u beef with text message n tweet/your sucking up space better used wit _'s,dont change it,erase it,just face it,dont say shit if the statements basis arose from menstruations,racist impatience,sexual frustrations,mental stasis or remedial miscalculations/that said,back 2 reality
shady v

Ashburn, VA

#406 Jun 25, 2013
hey all freestylers
maybe i m a begginer
but i kill like mike miers
and nazi hitler

Northampton, UK

#407 Jul 7, 2013
i munch wrap when i about to eat my dinner
defend on the beef i might speak quicker
you mate think he sik lowkey is ela
dont smoke cash sheesha but trust me i am weed killer

Union, NJ

#408 Jul 12, 2013
Sup guys,

I go by the name of Nilz. I have about a dozen songs on my SoundCloud now ( ). Please let me know what you think of my stuff - preferably "The Checklist" and "Call That." My lyrics for each song are posted under the description.

Thanks. I also appreciate any new followers.

- Nilz
no name

Wakefield, RI

#410 Jul 18, 2013
im half harted, my brains rottin,
i can try but cant stop it
whatchu kids listn to is straight garbage
feelin on top, waitin for bang 2 to drop
they tell me start but neva to stop
gotta finish this, gotta make one last
wish, right before i pop off shit
my bois lick kids, just tryna flip shit, profits drop right off rip,
stabbed up, right chest, teeth gone,
throw pieces of ya body in ya moms front lawn

Oviedo, FL

#411 Aug 6, 2013
Yo Check out my boy! he's new to the whole thing, never been in a booth before this and already has 3 tracks. Show some love an if u from orlando show your local o town artist's some love

“Black e Brasileiro”

Since: Mar 13

Dallas, TX

#412 Aug 10, 2013

Cambridge, UK

#413 Sep 6, 2013
im new 2 dis sh!t, but my shit smells fresh,
u cant roll my shit, cos its dope,
my shit dont stink, is dis shit 4real,
u think,
as u trawl da internet 4 rhymes 2 steal,

rewind as i let u into my mind, of misery n pain,
self harmin, h8in existin in dis brainwashed society,
2 many sheep.
i like 2 leap deep inside da mind, of a volatile kind,
ill penetrate deep, untill ya bleed,
suck out ya life support,
if i cud save u ill abort,
ill get away wid murda, i cant b caught,
they cant diagnose me, cos i aint got no label,
im unidentified, i aint a flyin object, im a
No name

Columbia, MO

#414 Sep 12, 2013
ill leave you lay in the street, switch ya head wit ya feet, pop a cap, put ya face where ya chest should be, dont mess wit me, you wont get the best of me, the rest of me, will f*ck you up like ecstasy

Columbia, MO

#415 Sep 12, 2013
Lil Weezy wrote:
This is Lil weezy
the greatest rapper since Young Jeezy
I ride hard but I take it eazy
I'm ture to my rhymes, no cheating
there ain't no other rapper can beat the king
That king, yeah that's me
da DMP'z gangsta no one's like me
like my Grillz, I'm so clean
I'm so bad with my hangin' bling
yes, it's hard to challenge me
that's because I'm a gangsta from Da DMP'z
YOU CAN RAP??...what you saying-folks
Holy smokes you must be spraying-jokes
Did he write his rhymes, yea he did…it ain’t his fault the crayons-broke
You wana float away or stay-an-smoke
Listen while im layin-dope
Lines so fast, they like speed lines while you prey-on-coke
Your skin turning grey-an-broke
Your life unstable like a fraying-rope
Quit runnin up your debts you need to pay-him-bloke
I remember the times in tesco’s in the packed-lines
At the exact-times
You’re buying albums to extract-ryhmes
I know you envy me, i read you’re direct-signs

Cambridge, UK

#417 Sep 12, 2013
are u blind, cant u c da shit ya spittin?
next ya b on childline sayin ya bein abused by a cyber mc no shittin.
did they name u rodney after dave?
ill av a few blunts, drop an E, n chat up a few sorts at a rave,
ya b at home plottin n windin peeps up diggin ya own grave.
im like a blister, im gonna hurt ya till im gone,
if i got all ya best lyrics n made it into a song?
i wud nt even b realer then king kong,
fight da system, stay out da media, stay out of sight, be a subject not a subsequence....

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