G-Unit Associates Arrested In Blood G...

G-Unit Associates Arrested In Blood Gang Sweep

There are 81 comments on the AllHipHop.com story from Sep 28, 2007, titled G-Unit Associates Arrested In Blood Gang Sweep. In it, AllHipHop.com reports that:

“This case in Queens is an important blow to the nexus between gangs and drugs and also a step toward safeguarding the residents put in danger by this activity”

An associate of G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo who is accused of brandishing a gun at a music industry rival's son was arrested in a massive sweep of members of the Bloods street gang last week. via AllHipHop.com

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Dennison, MN

#25 Dec 21, 2007
Laziness? Mate, how do you expect me to be making over 20 grand a year being lazy? Hustling isnt easy mate.

But yeah, HS diploma is great. If you go to a good school that actual prepares you for college.
I'm in a good school and I plan to get my Diploma and go to community college. But others arnt so lucky.

West Hempstead, NY

#26 Dec 21, 2007
Kane wrote:
Laziness? Mate, how do you expect me to be making over 20 grand a year being lazy? Hustling isnt easy mate.
But yeah, HS diploma is great. If you go to a good school that actual prepares you for college.
I'm in a good school and I plan to get my Diploma and go to community college. But others arnt so lucky.
The ambition you put into making 20K is the same abition you should put into getting good grades.By doing this you will find yourself paying 20K in taxes b/c of your hard work in school.

We all have a choice in picking the road we choose to walk down. If you hang with bums/gang-bangers you can't expect to become a productive adult.

Every child in America has the ability to go to school,it's free.If you can't get free financial aid for college, the Gov't has a guaranteed loan program.

What you get out of life is based on the works you put in.

Dennison, MN

#27 Dec 21, 2007
And you want me to go to school, go to college, get a good job, marry my high school sweetheart, have 3 kids, and work my dead end job that i hate until im 65, live the rest of my days, golfing....? American Dream, eh?

Bums and gang-bangers are two different things. Gangsters just dont sit around and bullshit all day. We make moves to get paid, just like everyone else. Its just the way we do it is different. You take a walk in my shoes and tell me you still think I'm a low life piece of shit.


United States

#28 Jan 3, 2008
I agree with MR NY. There are always options. If you want to be tough, respected, disciplined, and paid, join the army. You are choosing the easier wrong rather then put in the effort to better your future. You can make excuses all you want, but you know in your heart you are slacking. I have 24 years in the army and have been to war 4 times, I can hold my head high over what I have accomplished.

Flushing, NY

#29 Jan 3, 2008
monika wrote:
<quoted text>
why don't you low life's go to L.A? There's nothing for you in New York. Or is the reason why you're here is because you're scared shitless of the real gangs in L.A?
the gangs in la aint to da 1nz in new york dats est side killz west side all day

Dennison, MN

#31 Jan 6, 2008
The army?!
Piss off man, I'd die before I sold my soul down that rode.

Omaha, NE

#32 Jan 8, 2008
crip all day. crip dont trip 10th ave boothill gangsta crip cuz

Dennison, MN

#34 Jan 8, 2008
Is every gangster on here a crip or blood besides me? XD

Honeoye, NY

#35 Jan 9, 2008
MR NY wrote:
<quoted text>
Your just a real jack-ass

Honeoye, NY

#36 Jan 9, 2008

You 'gang bangers' should put as much effort into spelling as you do defending your violent lifestyle.(I'll give you a hint...the red line under the word means it's spelled wrong.)

I personally feel that whatever lifestyle you chose, is just that, your choice but it also your prerogative. That is UNTIL it starts to effect the quality of life or safety of my children. All the fighting you do over who disrespected who, and yet none of you have any self respect. Pathetic...really...
bloods are a joke

Broad Brook, CT

#37 Jan 9, 2008
they're just wanna be California gangs. I wouldn't lose 1 minute of sleep if I had a "blood" after me. They're a bunch of lowlifes who can't stand up for themselves so they have to hide behind a gang. Time to grow up GANGSTAS!!!!
gangs gangs gangs

Broad Brook, CT

#38 Jan 9, 2008
don't you guys get sick of killing eachother and seeing your friends killed over the stupidest things? wouldn't it be so much easier to enjoy life, and not worrying so much about being "the man"? life is too short. Why would you want to die in your 20s or live in a cell for 60 yrs? It makes no sense. Just because you have to look good? It's that important?
what a joke

Broad Brook, CT

#39 Jan 9, 2008
brooklyn_Blood wrote:
yo we dont do shit for no reason b, a gang kan be anybody walking in a big group of people......But like my dood said Blood in Blood out!!! you dont like then move out son.....
are you kidding me? youre writing in from Lousiana???hahaha....what a poser you are!!!! I could walk through Schreveport Lousiana with a wooden knife and I would feel safe. Stop acting like your a gangsta before you get killed. Cabron!!!
what a joke

Broad Brook, CT

#40 Jan 9, 2008
Kane wrote:
Laziness? Mate, how do you expect me to be making over 20 grand a year being lazy? Hustling isnt easy mate.
But yeah, HS diploma is great. If you go to a good school that actual prepares you for college.
I'm in a good school and I plan to get my Diploma and go to community college. But others arnt so lucky.
wow!!! 20 grand. man, you are rich!!!! what am I doing working at a real job where I can actually help the world and dont have to worry about being killed. And I am only making 45 grand. Good job homeboy, keep up the good work.

Dennison, MN

#41 Jan 9, 2008
"a touch of pride" I have no self-respect? I dont know how you would know that because you've never met. But if you really wanna know, I love myself.

To the guy above me (obvisouly the same guy) Well with all of your posts you show me you have no idea what you're even talking about except what hollywood has told you. It makes no sense when you say weak people hide behind gangs because then the whole gang would be weak if the gangsters were weak right? So I'm wondering why the FBI and Police deal with us pussies. Right? Wouldnt it be easier to enjoy life? Who says I dont. I love my life. But what is this talk about wanting to be "the man"? Pretty sure I'm not a gangster to look cool around my friends, nor is anyone i know. I'm just looking to make money. Thats it. I'm not gonna say its the most honest way of making money but I have no problem with and dont really care if you do. Dude, Obviously you've never been to New Orleans. It makes me laugh when you guys act like you know something about gangsters but you think all gangs are in LA. Also, 45 grand? Good for you man. Now, how many hours a week do you actually work? I work about 10 in total. And whats your job? I'm just wondering what it is caus you say you're helping the world. I like how you talk tough on the internet about gangsters being pussies but i doubt you would say anything if you saw one in real life, eh? I didnt know New Haven people were so hard.

I dont know why I'm dealing with folks anyways. lol. Maybe for the laughs you give me. I dont know. But I love my life, I love where I'm from, and I love the Surenos.


Dennison, MN

#42 Jan 9, 2008
Oh yeah, one more thing. How old are you? I'm 17. How much money were you making a year at my age? XD
locas chicas

Iowa City, IA

#43 Jan 10, 2008
all this talk about gangs putos u dont kno shyt
the gangs in L.A.
are 4 real my homies dreamer boxer pitbull shawdow syco sancho y shyboy are down
unlike you fools

United States

#44 Jan 24, 2008
I do not think gangsters are pussies. However, I do think they are afraid of facing reality and therefore responsibility. Like one of the guys said "I'm just looking to make money". The problem with clicks is, I believe, that they confuse violence and arrogance with courage. Real courage comes from taking care of your family, working on being honest and hoping to earn a better living - day-in, day-out.

To do whatever I want, when I want it and to look to make a living seeking a fast buck, that is the easy way out. It does not take courage, all it takes is a measure of stupidity and anyone can do that.

The hard work is when you can look yourself in the mirror and be grateful for who you are because what you have done through the day that was honorable and decent and good. Every person knows that in his heart. In his gut.

You guys who call yourselves gangsters know deep down inside that what you do is wrong. Your actions not only cause harm to others, but also yourselves. You get lost in the process. Not everybody can face themselves with integrity. That is hard work and it requires real courage, not bravado.

Montgomery, AL

#45 Jan 25, 2008
G-ville, Mississippi real and insane is wat i b....9-22-12 all is well...

Dennison, MN

#46 Jan 26, 2008
Joe from Texas. I respect your opinions because you're not coming across as a self-rightous asshole like the rest of people insulting gangsters.

But I agree with what you say. I know what I do isnt helping anyone, but I really dont care to much. I mean, I'll start trying to be an outstanding citzen when the government starts doing the same. Now you may disagree with that but thats your opinion.

I live life in the "fastlane" and I'm loving it. I'll probably die at 25 or 30 years old. Who knows, but right now if I died today, I wouldnt look back and wish I had changed a thing. I dont really know why, but thats what I think.

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