Moshers Vs The Hardcore Kids.
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Abington, MA

#469 Nov 5, 2010
first of all if you dont know about true hardcore dont speak true hardcore if about honor respect and fighting for wat you believe in and by the way we are not emo diffrent genre read up hardcore moshing is true moshing shove pits and circel pits are pussy shit im from FSU if you dont like me come find me i fight anyone anywhere cuase thats how true hardcore kids do it

Hermitage, TN

#470 Nov 14, 2010
these kids dont know real hardcore and niether do u moshing kids the real hardcore lifstyle i say lifestyle not thing to do not fashion its a way of life and us that live it hate these kids with there tight pants frankly if i see a kid wearing tight pants at a show ill kick your teeth so hard you will shit them out your otherend realhardcore is unity real hardcore is madball hatebreed blood for blood trapped underice a real hardcore show has no moshers a real hardcore show is violent with poeple stage diving on peoples faces people fighting just for the hell of it no long haired moshers nor pussy girl pants posers its real people who belive in real hardcore oppressed people that stand up for what they believe not fashion or specialy died hair come to a hardcore show or see real hardcore dancers at shows stay out of there way im sure they will mess u up and if they dont remember hardcore=unity so u best believe are friends are jumping which concludes why hardcore is the best and always will be
p.s. i had to censor my post this is the censored version

Rutland, VT

#471 Dec 17, 2010
xfrankiicorex wrote:
Im a hardcore punk kid. I mosh. I hxc dance. If moshing came from punk and hxc is a subgenre of punk, then both types of dancing came from good old punk rock. Anyways, who really gives a sh*t how you dance, as long as you have a good time. The hxc kids and moshers should be sticking together to defeat the new enemy, scene kids. Its cos of those stupid c*nts that this argument exists. So lets all pit together and beat the sh*t out of the stupid closet emo tw*ts!
scence kids are the ones that are doing most of the HxC dancing, and it is ok, but moshing is deffintly more fun then HxC dancing, i mean who doesnt love to be thrown into a fist of another person, moshing is really kick ass, were as HxC dancing you all just kinda stand around and throw fists, and try not to hit each other

Hermitage, TN

#472 Dec 17, 2010
mcrdisco wrote:
<quoted text>
scence kids are the ones that are doing most of the HxC dancing, and it is ok, but moshing is deffintly more fun then HxC dancing, i mean who doesnt love to be thrown into a fist of another person, moshing is really kick ass, were as HxC dancing you all just kinda stand around and throw fists, and try not to hit each other
where im from we dont care if we hit each other and its super violent any mosher would walk right out of a hardcore show i go to cause they cant take it
BringMeTheHairsp rayXD

Liverpool, UK

#473 Dec 19, 2010
Anyone else think that this Gothic Metalhead Queen person is just an embittered fat chick who cant get skinny jeans in Fatcunt size?

Yep. You know it.


#475 Jan 13, 2011
Man i don't see what all the fuss is about,
let people do what the f*** they want,

i must say im a hardcore kid in dress sense, the bands i prefer to listens to etc but when i hit the pitt i mosh like a ragging bull i just want to tear shit up but it doesnt bother me that some birds and fellas are spinning the arms about and jumping about like jackie chan as long as everybodies partehing hard im game

Basingstoke, UK

#478 Mar 3, 2011
this is quite amusing in my opinion, i just thought that showing support for the bands by moving and having a good time, in any way, is the best way to represent the genre(s).
Im into everything, moshing and hxc dancing -- it comes from the music, not the scene.
However, it HAS to be said, NOTHING can beat a good wall of death.
And ive seen push-moshing going on at hardcore gigs and hxc dancing going on at metal gigs - i dont see why everyone should be stereotyped?

its all for the music at the end of the day
and all the music is subgenre's of metal -- therefore what does it matter?

Yelm, WA

#479 Mar 30, 2011
KellyRapes wrote:
even though i like HxC dancing i would rather fucking mosh.
and to the fucking idots that say you cant do both:
you can do both.
And plus your the fxckers who are posers, hence why you have to label who the hell moshes, and fxcking HxC dances.
and about the girl comments;;;;;;
im a girl :]
i know plenty of girls that will PROBABLY be better at moshing then you.
ooh please use your brain and not start to argue with me about the girls being a better mosher's than you. look at the probably,, dont know to say they are but they just might be.
Where did my Kelly Welly go?

Benton City, WA

#482 Jul 8, 2011

United States

#483 Jul 24, 2011
Who the f*ck cares. People will do what they want. It doesn't make them a f*ggot hxc poseur. Its there f*cking style, get the f*ck over it. I do both. If I go to shows like whitechapel, The Black Dahlia Murder, Slayer, etc, I typically mosh. But shows like We Came As Romans, A Day to Remember, I typically hardcore dance. Everyone just shut the f*ck up and do what you want.

New Plymouth, New Zealand

#485 Jan 9, 2012
also, what the flip is poseur? can you guys spell things normally or...

Colton, CA

#486 Jan 24, 2012
Both? wat the hell does it matter both are equally brutal as hell, throwing a kick in someones face is as much fun as throwing yourself at them or headbanging, so keep it BRUTAL!
Metal Pimp

Long Beach, CA

#487 Feb 27, 2012
Im a metalhead, but also a musicians not into hardcore at all but do respect it, just as any other music genre... now the dancing part...

MOSHING= i think is more enjoyable for the one moshing and the non moshing because it stays in the circle and the only ones getting hurt are the ones in the circle pit. also if get hurt people pick you up and help you out.

HXC DANCE= even if you are not HXC dancing you can still get hurt buy a XHC dancer there for the only one having fun is the HXC dancer. every show i go to there is always some kid(s) bleeding cause they got punched or kicked in the face

plus whats the deal with "XHC Kids" thinking that listening to a type a music makes you though?

United States

#488 Apr 17, 2012
Circle pit n wall of death dats hw i roll
Hardcore slut basher

Mitchelton, Australia

#491 Oct 23, 2012
Gothic Metalhead Queen wrote:
<quoted text>
Well then, I'm labeling you a poseur.
Your just as bad u stupid biatch , labeling some one else is the most scene thing u could do FFs

Philipsburg, PA

#492 Oct 28, 2012
Gothic Metalhead Queen is an idiot! You can't know someone is a poser without seeing them or getting to know them it is literally impossible! So am I a poser?

Belmar, NJ

#493 Jan 8, 2013
hardcore dancing is so gay it is like 1 person in the pit at a time looking so stupid trying to fight invisible enemies circle pits are stupid too its just a bunch of people running around in a circle wasting their energy the best pits are real mosh pits with pushing and slamming into each other than having emo kids throwing kicks and just failing there arms around
See you in the pit

Bristol, UK

#494 Dec 17, 2013
Crowd killa


#496 Aug 30, 2014
Hardcore slut basher wrote:
<quoted text>
Your just as bad u stupid biatch , labeling some one else is the most scene thing u could do FFs
I hate the word slut, it's grotesque. Think with the mind not with bravado.

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