SOULFLY, INCITE, PRIMER 55 To Perform At 13th Annual 'D-Low Memorial' Concert

There are 17 comments on the story from Jul 11, 2009, titled SOULFLY, INCITE, PRIMER 55 To Perform At 13th Annual 'D-Low Memorial' Concert. In it, reports that:

The 13th annual "D-Low Memorial" will take place on Friday, August 14 at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, Arizona.

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Redmond, WA

#1 Aug 13, 2009
First off, Soulfly sucks! Second off Dana Wells killed himself and nearly taking two passengers with him. Don't believe the garbage the Cavaleras talk about him being murdered. They don't want to accept the fact Dana is the only person at fault for his death and nearly taking his two other passengers with him. The Cavaleras are in such extreme denial. If you have read the New Times article, they never once mentioned Dana had alcohol and marijuana in his system. Under AZ law, that is cause and proof of a DUI. If Dana had lived, he would have been charged with a felony DUI which is between 6 months to 5 years in prison. Stop using Dana Wells death to profit and promote Soulfly!!!

Phoenix, AZ

#2 Aug 15, 2009
dude thats so messed up ok you dont like soulfly there not for everyone. But to talk shit about his died step son wtf?! Im sure if you had a kid they wer killed you wouldnt be bad mouthing them.

Redmond, WA

#3 Aug 16, 2009
Ashly, the point is, the Cavaleras keep saying he was murdered. They keep saying he was chased. He wasn't. Have you read the article? They just want to put the blame on someone else. The article is only one sided. The point is, they made Dana look like a saint. They never once said how much alcohol he had in his system or once mentioned he had drugs in his system. He did have both those things. The police investigated and determined he was at fault, the police determined he wasn't chased or murdered. As for that lawsuit, it was already closed. For the Cavaleras, they need to get on with their lives and accept the fact Dana Wells simply killed himself and nearly took his passengers with him. No one ran him off the road, no one pulled a weapon on him, no one chased him causing him to wreck.

Scottsdale, AZ

#4 Aug 16, 2009
Regardless how he died, the show is still a memorial for him that they choose to hold. If you don't like the band or idea, that's fine... but its still their right to hold the event.

Redmond, WA

#5 Aug 17, 2009
Look, I understand its their right to hold the event, if they want a memorial, they wouldn't charge admission, cuz that is still making money of someone's death and profitting from it. For them to say he was murdered, which he wasnt. Is disgusting. They keep saying he was. murdered.

Scottsdale, AZ

#6 Aug 17, 2009
Death is a hard thing for anyone to cope with, no matter how long ago it took place. I understand what you mean as far as not charging for admission, but you have to remember holding a venue like the one they use costs money, plus expenses for other bands as well.. it adds up, I'm sure. Its just a way for everyone to say 'hey, we'll never forget.' And as far as murder or not, none of us were there, so none of us has a right to say what it was. If they think their son was wrongly taken by the hands of someone else, then just let them think that and move on. I'm sure Nicole's family still thinks OJ murdered her. But none of us were there, so we'll never know; but they can still believe what they want.

Redmond, WA

#7 Aug 18, 2009
I know Mike Gibbons personally. Mike has never been involved in gangs, much less drugs. Mike has never owned a gun and still doesn't own a gun to this day. For the lawsuit, it was quickly settled out of court, that shows the fact the the Cavaleras just wanted money, and there was no admission of guilt or liability. It was a purely business decision to get them out of their way. It wasn't even that high of a number. The Cavaleras signed the agreement so fast that it would make your head spin.

Scottsdale, AZ

#8 Aug 20, 2009
I know the Cavaleras personally. What they do and how they feel is on them, but you don't need to go around on several websites exclaiming the same shit over and over. The guy died, they're doing their own thing regardless of what you say, end of story.. just move on.

Redmond, WA

#9 Aug 21, 2009
Dude, I know you play for Incite, im sure considering your name, but there are several websites that are posting the same old Newtimes story. Second of all buddy, there's something called a 1st amendment right, I can post whatever I want. I can do my own thing as well. If you don't like it, too bad. The Cavaleras are "exclaiming" the same thing as well. Understandable the guy died, but under his own actions and no one else. Simple as that.

Redmond, WA

#10 Aug 21, 2009
Also, ask the Cavaleras, if they truly believed that the guy was murdered, why didn't they let the civil case go to trial? They obviously didn't want to cuz they just wanted money, and if the case went to trial, it would have cost them a hell of a lot of money for them and they would lose, it was cheaper to just flash money their way, rather than going to trial. The point is the Cavaleras signed an agreement stating the fact Mr. Gibbons was not at fault, they actually signed off everything. The Newtimes article was printed before the signed agreement.

Scottsdale, AZ

#11 Aug 22, 2009
I see your point, and honestly I think it was just a "wrong place at the wrong time" kinda situation. The only reason sites keep posting the same story over and over is so people understand a little better what the whole show is for. And since there hasn't been anything new to say about the case, they just keep posting the original story about murder and all that. I can't say whether the Cavaleras have or don't have different opinions now as opposed to back then, but I do know they just want to make sure Dana is remembered. The sites just keep repeating the same thing because that's all that's there.

Redmond, WA

#12 Aug 24, 2009
I understand what you are saying about that the article is the only thing that's out there, but for Mike Gibbons' name getting thrown in the mix over and over again is just not right. However, I know whether if the Cavaleras do believe Dana was murdered is bacause I was with Mike at a bar a couple months ago, some girl that was associated with the Cavaleras knew Mike and started making threats and all sorts of fucked shit towards him up to the point where she called several of her guy friends to try to jump Mike. We had his back in case something went wrong and evidentally nothing happened. Also, one of his good friends had dated Roxanne. She showed up at a party with several of her friends and Mike just happened to be there and all sorts of shit was being said and threats being said towards him. Her and her friends were kicked out of the party while Mike wasn't. Im just listing the facts here, Fact nbr 1, Dana was killed in a wreck, fact 2, he had alcohol and pot in his system, fact 3, he drove at a high rate of speed. No doubt its sad Dana is dead, but I also want people to understand Mike had nothing to do with this.

Port Washington, NY

#13 Aug 26, 2009
yeah i think if people run into him or for anyone else thats in a similar situation, they should just ignore and avoid each other instead of trying to start shit. people are gonna do what they want anyway though...

Redmond, WA

#14 Aug 31, 2009
Understandable, but Mike will never start shit. If he has to defend himself, he will. He usually defends himself with words, not fights or weapons. If he has to defend himself, he uses fists, not weapons.

Buckeye, AZ

#15 Jan 2, 2012
trashman... i know the cavaleras personally.... they only have the dlow show to honor their son, which is none of your business... second mike is going around putting posts on sites calling dana a loser and talking shit.. it only shows what a piece of shit he is and probably was involved. If he doesnt want people out for him thats the last thing he should be doing.. both of you are losers

King's Lynn, UK

#16 Mar 6, 2012
This trashman480 is something else. I wouldnt be surprised if it was Mike himself. You really go into some detail to be just a friend. I dont know any of you guys personally. But i do know if someone was truly inicent, They wouldnt be typing bullshit and talking shit. You should have respect. But hey! You and your friend are the ones that have to worry the rest of your lifes.

Hilton, NY

#17 Apr 7, 2012
Trashman480 give it a sound like you are involved in this a little more than you lead to belive. I know him my friend this you are a dilucional person spewing hate on a dead human being. Get out of your moms basement and dial 911 because you are mentally I'll. Or did your meds run out

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