lets use common sense why the postal service is losing money its simple..at a time when Americans are ordering a record amount of merchandise off the INTERNET and getting it shipped to there home..lets see the postal service has the lowest rate..sounds good..but look closer for a couple extra dollars USP or fed x will deliver it to your front door..the postal service contracts out the rural mail delivery to carriers driving old junk cars,then wants every body's mail box located in a central area,often times a 1/4 mile from the customers house..hell it pays to pay the couple dollars and get fed-x to deliver it to your door..the postal service is just a old government bureaucracy that needs to be sold off,,your grand children will be paying the retirement packages that they are receiving today..unless congress makes them put aside the money for what they are giving away today..call so called customer service,they will tell you they don't answer to any one including congress..congress must take the wind out of there sails..