Shini_ Bar Exam

Incheon, Korea

#1 Nov 9, 2013
Prepare to meet ya maker
Speak or pay dirt
I'm here to kick a beat
to the meek of haters
the game is cyclical
in a constant spiral
between the dope
and the mireable
It's just pitiful
So if I do change it
call me the “subject” of ridicule
These “lyrical miracles”
peak their range then sell out
it makes me want to hit a fool
I'm only one man whose the target of agism
racism plaguing off the hate with them
Always the same kicks with the bland rhythem
I can't get them, cause they can't spit em
They start to believe they lame schizms
Wolves on the sheep and they maim quick son
I am real and they brain fiction
So the rap in the basic lame fixed runs
I go around rappers' heads like a tourniqueted head wrap
Set in motion to terminate lead at the fire of a synaspe
and these other liars can't pen that
Kill this material that lacks content I'm providin the syntax
I don't pick on the weak or the meek
I let my pen just weep in the sheet
Call this the basic level of my opus magnus
Cause we all need a base to paddle
To bad it comes with and open casket
Discovered this gift late in life
I honed my skill here and there
with each latent rhyme
harbored by the hate inside
gnawing at me like I'll get ate alive
Step-byStep-Day by day
the depth changes at a constant rate
I no longer sit here trying to contemplate how these poems congregate

Incheon, Korea

#2 Nov 9, 2013
And I might be old with it
but I'm still over heads like I go Riddick
I'll be d!@# deep inside like I PoRich
So let the record scratch wow Chick it
Talnet? This gangs hard up for it like and old biscuit
So I go long when I throw disses discus
This is not rhymes for the sold image
I'm not fo sale so f!@# a whole gimmick
I don't settle for yards when I'm down
I like to take the whole scrimmage
Reversing the clock till there is no finish
I'm the subject of objects like I took yo whole sentence
Ya not on this echelon of literacy
So you can no pen it
Ask for forgiveness I seek no penance
Looks like Wilson's beatin ya till ya old Dennis
These cats trying ta F!@# with rap like they learning to fornicate
But the game be cold leaving these lover's torn in ways
like they gotta rim job in a porn today
But I'll be kickin back while they scorn they straight
So dire yet I tried to warn them fakes
Play playin G watch em adorn they fate
I am known for having peace destroyed
So call an MC, eh, I'mma go Beastie, Boy
Demonic scriptures leavin this piece devoid
of hope so don't cross unless you gotta priest deployed
Treat this wind like the cold wind blows
Peer into this heart but there's no windows
I'm knocking rounds surgical this stops tragic
like watin fo Detox or Knock Madness
To elevate I had to knock habits
Takin furious blows until I could block traffic
Superhuman mental razor sharp
Just an omage to Slim, but I'm ready to chop basket
cases bring em in so much ether need that stock mattress
I'm wearing all black so yes: I got caskets
So no wonder the game's not going anywhere
cause my heart comes with locked latches
Take a ledger and count all the mistakes in life
Then carry over tax for how many I have taken twice
They all part of the stock, son
Call me Charlie Sheen cuz losin no option
If I ever Drake this s!@#, drag em through the coals
end it onna high note and drake them kids
I mastered all styles-Wu Tang
Make ya kiss my Shoe Maine Liu Kang
Best believe the dopest drops the dopest Opus
not even fair in hype, my temp's set to whew maine
Cursed with the mind of a genius
but I give them ladies brain
Or was that the mind of a penis?
Yeah I rape the game
Who talks about that more Hop, 5'9” no maybe Wayne
Don't even try to pave them lanes, I'll leave the ladies maimed
Ya call d@#$ jokes dope, I call them homo cause they stay the same
See I'm 50 in where's my Curtis see?
GU not now leave em cold as courtesy
He don't got no guns anymore how he thuggin
Is he gonna pull a knife like he show guns/shoguns whew he buggin
Ya dope but quit frontin
I have may respect but cha sound like ya d!@# huntin

Incheon, Korea

#4 Nov 9, 2013
Time to call out all takers
If this is lyrical warfare, why ya all Quakers
Reppin the game, naw ya fall fakers
Suckin so bad I'mma give ya “jaw breakers”
Since we playin the Game here
I'mma show who games here
Speaking of games here
a 100 drop of mine's incomplete
without game's here to gain here
I'm the toughest game you ever played
Like Survivor in the Everglades
No more like ya Simon Belmont in Castlevania's forever stage
the one where the crows come and knocked ya down
Then the Medusa heads roll up to stop ya sound
The one where you have 30 seconds to reach the end
only to have it repeat again while the crows eat ya friends
In this stage there is no hearts,
so the midget men fly in and throw darts
No axe, no knife, no book, no parts
just hellfire difficulty that goes hard
You die again then realize there's no check points
It then comes to life that I'm Drac ready to wreck points
But your only armed with a flask
of fecal matter pulled from my ass
so it's “game over” since the past
Cause when Shin penned his craft
He gained demonic powers in his class
Ya not makin it to stage 16
Ya just gonna die cause ya played with me
This is nothing but me
There's no f!@#ing up me
Being real is f!@#ing lovely
I'll pop minds f!@#ing bubbly
Face me all right
Face me all writes
If text wise I'm not top 5
then I didn't do my job right
People be wanting to know if I have bars right
Cause I be talkin about livin that hard life
Now Shini doesn't have bars in it
Cause he doesn't put his arse in it
But I can kill it arsonic
Cause I be spittn arsenic
But I can one up that Diz drop
Cause my words register like a bar slot
The bars are rank and file like a bar code
Gonna have to take shots at those bar, wow!

Incheon, Korea

#5 Nov 9, 2013
Topix deleted the other posts. I will have to label them by parts and drop on different accounts.

Incheon, Korea

#6 Nov 9, 2013
Your options are dim: FUBAR
Like the saddest song with a blue bar
So better not bark like Bartone
Those cheesy ass bars leave them bars home
Diz callin himself a barbarin
Inside my mind my bars carry him
I'll f!@# that head up like a bad barber
You traded words with me
Now that's a bad barter
Cast iron I got bars-o-steel
Mind blowin make em bars-go peel
If we dance, best mind if I barge in
Cause tonight that life's on bargain
I'll be a 100 deep in with bars we marchin
Whatcha barkin cuz, I'm bringin bars in
I can spar ten, Im a sparten
I'll make ya bars bend, but this is a Bar exam,
I'm killing these Ex-men like I'm from the X-men
Lambs to slaughter this is barbaric
But I'm known for my barbarism
Roll out sharp like barbed wire
My comp is plastic like Pamela in Barbed Wire
In rounds my Bars are heavy call em barbells
But I'll trap people in em like barcells
I'm the prince of bars- Babar
Everyone else: they princess on the rag hard
So when I hear them I want to barf bad
So please when someone challenges me supply the barf bag
I call they art, art ply from smart guys
They can't deal with these lines cause their hotter than barflys
They don't measure up on the bar graph
They not battlin 3-0 it's not hard math
I have them read Barnes and Nobel
Actin royally but they bars ain't noble
They all sound old barouque
Tryin to run a tab when them bars broke
So when I fire a barrage of writs
I'm equipped with a barrage of tricks
I'm Cloudin the mind and the care it dwells
I'll T-f!@#ing off the scene
They said for Roth I better Barret well
They Baron them red wings
I be that blind child airin them dreams
So they tried to Kain me
but I barreled before they could Yang me
I Rosa/rose up from the barrio I'm sorry hoes
Call me Bartz with class I had to borrow those
I bring the bass like a baritone
And I don't even have a sorry bone
If I came bitter like barley
It's cause I gave shots like a bar keep
If Diz has twice the bars for being barbarian
Then I'm twice the ass for being the assassin
I have bars nulled on the daily
Well trained like an animal in Barlamen Baily
A hundred deep sorry if I barged in ladies
I'll leave, just leave them bars in ladies

United States

#7 Nov 9, 2013
Count syllables.

Incheon, Korea

#8 Nov 9, 2013
It flows. I have it on paper and have read it dozens of times. I typed it this way to have it more readible. I also used a combination of 2 to 3 line bars.

United States

#9 Nov 9, 2013
I could never do this to a beat, it would never work. There is no set rhythm, the tempo changes and the flow flips. Don't get me wrong, it works without a beat. Counting syllables however is a must and I have been working double time recently to try to apply it to all my drops.

Incheon, Korea

#10 Nov 9, 2013

This is the instrumental I used. I cannot find the 20 minute version of this, but it was this one. I was able to nail it in 9+ minutes. I purposely used different flow patters. I was able to make it flow just fine. If you want the same flow pattern for a 100 bars then feel free to write your own.

I could more than likely do this to other instrumentals, but they should be slow and not as overpowering.

“No pain No Gain!”

Since: Mar 13


#11 Nov 10, 2013
shini this sick man, big ups

Seoul, Korea

#12 Nov 10, 2013
-rapSwipe- wrote:
shini this sick man, big ups
Thanks man.

Seoul, Korea

#13 Nov 14, 2013
Bump for commenting

United States

#14 Nov 14, 2013
So, you have somethings I want to know and I can explain using words tgemselves and not bar length to change the flow. Interested in making a trade in knowledge?

“Get money ”

Since: Sep 11


#15 Nov 14, 2013
Sick flow!! You snapped shini!

Seoul, Korea

#16 Nov 15, 2013
chi-town lover wrote:
Sick flow!! You snapped shini!
Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Seoul, Korea

#18 Nov 23, 2013
Update. My other 2 drops will be delayed. I am not gonna type 70+ bars that I wrote into Android Memo. Sorry guys lol.


#19 Nov 27, 2013
Hey Shini i'm a fan dawg.I love your stuff just keep up the hard work man,i think as a write and a rapper i can learn a lot from you, and the Bar Exam is CRAZY,MAD,INSANE so i'm looking forward hearing good music from you...

Seoul, Korea

#20 Nov 30, 2013
MBb wrote:
Hey Shini i'm a fan dawg.I love your stuff just keep up the hard work man,i think as a write and a rapper i can learn a lot from you, and the Bar Exam is CRAZY,MAD,INSANE so i'm looking forward hearing good music from you...
Maybe some day.

San Jose, CA

#21 Sep 19, 2014
Still working on my parables, but this is just a reminder of what I can do.

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