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#1 Jun 26, 2010
YEAH!!!! everybodys back junior,Poetic One,SHELL OHHH,and Nate,.Now what happened to Tk.Antonyhoe what bout it,lets battle.LIL WEAK @SS female no game you a lyrical shame.

Kalamazoo, MI

#2 Jan 7, 2012
lyrics to shame u hear it u plane imma say dont dare it to blaze cuz its here in a days yea they call me it ya i ball like this and yea ya balls do itch so dogg just sit .. and listen to what i say if u wishin to talk shit then bring it my way cuz i love it all the way and i hug it like yo chicks legs cuz u know im stuck to the hoe and i got this girl above rappin them notes her name ashilely actually i dont know but ima actually spit so cold so let it go befor ill let ya know tha imma bet yo hoe that i could sex her moe then ya best u done befor .. does that make sence well if it doesnt then u must be eliterate and shit.. but im out chuckin up the duces and peace out right after i done showd u how i do this and aalishely stay on yo grind if u wanna add me on facebook just messege i cuz then ill go on dat shit and look to find a female rapper hopin shes fine i dont know but im lookin fo a dime i was bout to go but i got some moe rhymes i dont know why but i go all the time i just cant stop these notes AND LINES OFF THE TOP AND U KNOW THAT I DONT SHOW NO FEAR AND I DONT CRY I GAVE THAT BACK UP WHEN I WAS LIKE ITS TIME TO BEACOME A MAN YALL KNOW I JUST JAM ERRDAY ON MY FLOW LIKE SHADY SAYING I DONT GIVE A DAM U CAN HEAT U CAN BLAZE BUT WHATS IT TO ME D TA THE J YA DATS MY NAME MADE FOR THE GAME IF U DIS ME THEN U DONE DID THE WRONG THING CUZ THIS IS WAT I DOO I MAKE U FOOLS LOOK RULED AND ULL GET SKOOLS ND ULL DROOL LIKE DAMN ITS A POOL CUZ U SUCK DICK EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO SPIT ON MY SHIT I OWN DIS SHIT I OWN DIS CHICK I RUN THIS BITCH NOT DAT GIRL ABOVE BUT YO GIRLS WHOS MAKIN ME NUT YUP THATS WHATS UP I DONE SHOWN YA UP 1ST THE WORST SECOND SHOWN UP THE BEST AND ULL REGRET U EVER TESTED OR STEPPED BEST BELIEVE YO BESTY SHOWED UP TO SEX AFTER WE TXTED I DONT KNOW I CAN BE WACK JUST KNOW I FLOW WHEN I RAP

Denver, CO

#3 May 9, 2012

Denver, CO

#4 May 9, 2012
King Rookie L 3000

Durham, UK

#6 May 11, 2012
I would take you all down in a Freestyle Competition. You still need to figure out how to pick up the pen so I don't see the use in you straining yourselves when you haven't even get any bars spat on this goddamn page!!! Retards!!!
King Rookie L 3000

Durham, UK

#7 May 11, 2012
Big up D-MiX. Atleast you kinda get the goddamn message.
King Rookie L 3000

Durham, UK

#8 May 11, 2012
D-MiX I'm about to customize your Rap.

Best in the game. Put your lyrics to shame. That's the way I make it rain. I'd be saying your name in vain. You'd be saying you're bringing the pain. But what weapon did you choose the mother-fucking Candy Cane. So without further a do. I'm about to prove to you. That what I'd be investing. You fags be jesting. At what I'm protesting. Me being the best thing. So fresh and interesting. So I'll be resting. While you'll be testing. Out your new skills and making a track. That no-one will ever dream to ever play back. So don't think you the shit when really you're just a blue clit. Waiting for a Tramp so you can get it licked and sicked. Yeah you know what this is. This is me. Triple L the best who pisses. On your grave and disses. The fact that you had so many bad misses. When you came round to shoot us up. While your Ex killed you with her death cup. I think you need to clean your breathe up. And get your ass a check up. Before you get the heck up. I will be there to end you. And know I never liked it when I had to befriend you. So this is your life over. You're just a pussy who died sober. I actually have a Mike because I'm lucky like a 4 leaved Clover. So unlike me you ain't no supernova. By the way while I'm here. I just had to say you're the biggest ever queer. Go grab a beer. I'm sorry I forgot you'd died sober so I guess It's me to cheer. I'm 14 and started courting. This shit is a waste I feel like aborting. So while I'm CD sorting you continue snorting.

Since: Jun 12

Twinsburg, OH

#10 Jun 15, 2012
for King Rookie

alright/ listen here king rookie./ i dont even know you fucktard/ but im raw like dough cookies./ i can spit that lyrical sick shit/ im reppin./ what weapon?/ semi automatic im strapped/ get to steppin./
see/ ima king/ and everybody knows/ that all i get is goody/ and bitches they be hoes./ they all want this D./ cause bitch, Stupendous shiny./ got ur girlfriend so loud/ cause i be beatin on that hiney./ she whiney/ like boiy u cant be better./ thats when i flip this shit/ and give your girl that cheeda./ aha boom bam/ bitch alakazam./ your a 14 year old bitch/ got fucked by dad in his trans am?/ thats why you/ try to spit/ but my words they come lubed/ slip right by you/ cause bitch i own fools./ so get at me/ im playin patty wacky with your moms./ im the fuckin king./ and i just dropped you like a bomb.
Big Trixxx

Durham, UK

#12 Jun 19, 2012
Yo, I can't believe I'm now up against Mr. Stupid ass,
Better start talking quick because the time is ticking on the hourglass.
See me as retard I couldn't care less,
I guarantee you'd care if your Girl started to f-ck you less.
See me and her been getting it on,
Listing to our favourite Jodeci song.
Plus a lot of Soul and New Edition,
You see me as the worst in the competition.
You're the worst because you say you think you're as tough as a specially baked Cookie,
I find it funny how you're laughing at that poor young King Rookie.
Well you should count yourself lucky,
Because He'll make you into a Chip Butty.
I guess it's safe to say you and that other choke artist @2 Sikk both work in Kentucky,
Goddamn man burned too much food as well as your ridiculous lyrics.
The first time you tuned in your Mic,
You were hearing all sorts of strange atmospherics.
I rhyme as tight as you Girls clit, See that Whispering Eye of hers would be so, so legit.
When I was in the bed with her I tried not to quit, But it was only as soon as I pulled out the 8 inch Blade so actually decided to open it.
It brings a tear to my Eye when I look into your Eyes when I see you Ginger, You ain't even affected by that line damn you must be a binger.
Plus when I do see you out on the street, I don't know whether to look at you're head or your feet.(Both Disgusting).
When you meet girls who are really feisty, Go up to her ask for her number go ask if she wants some Ice Tea.
Then when you face to face with a real idiot, You say damn Girl you're talking that Cypriot.
That ain't impolite, That's just she at night, When reaching for the night light, Asking if I want a decent sight.
So it looks like I'm paying for your Bus Fare, Want to land me in court for all the verbal and physical abuse man who in the hell cares.

By the way that proves you're over, I'm back and ready to do a million more of these. Also you were so poor you might as well of said 'Sting Like A Butterfly, Float Like A Bee' Just s
Saying This Makes Me Laugh But Damn Man Raw Cookie, I can actually take a bat like Rocky Balboa on raw meat, See I told you I was lucky. B-tch!!!
Big Trixxx

Durham, UK

#13 Jun 25, 2012
Anyone else want any Freestyle Rap Battles?

Since: Aug 11

Location hidden

#14 Oct 23, 2012
Today's music industry is fading, Collapsing due to commercial rapper's imitating impersonating the illuminati, Brainwashing kid's making them believe that swagg money sex and weed is all you need in life to be complete, Not knowing that their just relying on their parent's cash but when their parent's are gone everything's gonna crash, So act fast don't waste time with the lowlife's that don't give a f*ck about your path, And don't even try denying it, me and you both know i'm speaking the truth that's defying it!, These fake MC's should just get out the rap game and stop selling there soul in exchange for trying it, This generation is dying and I ain't lying I wish I could prevent it but what's the use in trying, so don't hate cause i'm composing these rhyme's that combine at the same time.

That's all got

“serious about music , love rap”

Since: Oct 12


#15 Nov 1, 2012
I'll step right over you like your a crumb
This is a battlefront your fort is overrun
Your old news like a guitar that was overstrung
I'm going to tell you of this outcome
Your on the bottom rung while I rise up and beat you into a stump
I'm a hunter now on a manhunt
Send you straight to the dump
People like you always saying they will overcome
Your rhymes are horrible junk
Your boat now that I just sunk
Call you a little punk

Lexington, TN

#17 Aug 15, 2013
Talkin about week shit your fallen off yo feet g string hanging out hafe way jumping the bay hay I herd what happens to your dad that's great tell your mom that I'm ready next date oh she didnt tell you my bad till then just tell her to stick with your dad and stay mad don't worry be glad

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