SRD vs RapRook (Prepare to Die Edition)
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#21 Apr 24, 2014
Here, let me do some breakdowns.

Yes, there is a figure of speech used for a punch. It was and is still a simile however, which also metaphores into this battle as the competition leaving.

Which ALSO metaphores into draining into his ideas, when I roasted death a.k.a. Rooks body mentioned in the next line for another re-worded statement, so I KNEW everyone got it. Which references back to the opening line! Being the fact setting fire to the dead and cremation without relatives consent is EXTREMELY disrespectful, it re-hashed the opener on why I.cpuld not write the epitaph. I then refer back to the sickle line, where I mention his blood, which also comes back to the roasting of death. Which was supposed to hint at fire being the sickle to cresent his blood. This obvious metaphores into me as a flame of UNBEARABLE heat. Which is insane and the idea of a high individual, hence the first bars.

Then, that same bar ALSO refers to roasting Death, which is a delusional halucination as it is a fantismal vision. Hence the reference from the first bars. Being the fact I cannot get over my head fighting Death, being he is the ferry man... This also hints to a drained River Styx.

Now the first bar is again re-hashed when you see the Bi-Polar part, I write there is no competition, then turn around and say it is a horrible thing or,'Disasterous.' This is a Manic and Depressive emotion stage change.

However, I also mention the seemingly random and speraticness of my writing, which seem insane to most people. Which I them push forth. When writing, grab it, backhand it and trash it with your clastic passions. This is referring to everyone wanting to see more, grabbing it, saying I have done better then throwing it out as a lesser piece only to have it done by their passions for it and rap in general being slowly chiseled away. Which many have felt from me and others that we are the cause of rapping not being fun anymore and Chi-Town being the most recent to do this.

Then I write, "Passed I have not, past I have none, I'm your havoc now get your smash on!" I am referring to new and old taking me for washed up, withering or becoming none existent, as well as refering to the constant message of, "I am not as good I was." The havoc is refering to being his chaos and the smash on refers to his anger over it.

Then the Ocean line is again re-hashed when I mention digging, there is plenty of extra depth. This is because you cannot just wade into the depths of my writing without having the tools to dig deep into the layers of my writtens. That the depth is there, but it requires effort.

Plus, there is even MORE, yes MORE!

What makes this crazier? This is only 5 1/2 bars! Now do you see why I write less then everyone, the depth my writing has and the reason I tell people I am complex and that they don't get everything?

Do you begin to understand yet?

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#22 Apr 24, 2014
Also, the past portion was referring to a constant mention from Elites, Pros that no one knows who I am, where I am from or where I came from.

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#23 Apr 24, 2014
So, the original breakdown I wrote finally showed up. Well both will clarify, when you read each, so that works.

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#24 Apr 24, 2014
Honestly this was way to complex for my vote so I'm pulling my vote back , but still give you the undeniable win ..... I'm lost tho .. I wouldn't of figure that out .... And a lot of other people to ... And in rap battles (especially in the street) its best if people know what you rapping about , usually people need more complexity but you need simplicity because you cant expect your audience to know all that...except with extensive research .... Witch takes the wow out of rapping personal opinion , but you definitely 1 of the best on this site

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#25 Apr 24, 2014
Well, here is the thing. I do not expect you to know ALL of it. Do you know why I write like that?...Hmmm, I don't suppose you do.

I write like this for a GOOD reason, it keeps perception. What I want, is for people to read or listen to me and hear what they get from it. From their experience, let them pick-up the meaning and feel the passion involved in creating it.

The whole thing was a topical. However, the topic is ever changing based on past experiences AND perception. I don't expect you to know, now would I ever expect you to understand it. I do this, because it gives personafication. It gives passion and meaning. It gives sense and direction. It causes the reader or listener to THINK. If opens their mind and hopefully can cause them to think outaide the box. To pursue new ideas and see solutions where there are none.

I do this, not only for my OWN style. I do this for others around me.

I do this without even concious thought, when speaking. I do this while writing poetry, freestyling, drawing, answering questions.

I do this, because I love people even when they do not love themselves. I do this, because I want to touch those, who seem untouchable. Reach out to those who are unreachable. Connect with those so broken, they fell through the cracked in the pavement into shattered pieces unable to be put back together. I do this, to show, that no one is alone, as long as one person in their life TRULY cares.

This is why I want to get up there. This is why I struggle internally, why I suffer so much pain and anguish. Why I cry at night and I am miles and miles past the breaking point. It is because God gifted me with the gift of caring for those without a name, caring for names without a face. Caring from ideas without a body and bodies without and idea. Why, because God has a plan for me and I plan to be ready when he needs me. For Love is all I care about.

Since: Oct 13

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#26 Apr 24, 2014
Are you on hormone supplements ? Just kidding man I understand you passion/compassion I was just sharing my mind like you always do so ya no hard feelings ....btw my perception was that ocean line as a punch so does it hold water because your thought behind your style is perception? Because I don't like linking distant things otherwise 1 verse can mean a million things some times contradicting and diverting from the original thought process , meaning it can down grade the verse when it meant so much more like fixation on remedial things then linking it to a different concept

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#27 May 2, 2014
Flow - SRD
Metaphores - Tie
Similes - SRD
Wordplay - Srd
Punchlines- SRD (He had harder hitting punches, although Rook shows promise)
Originality -SRD (My previous battles with pretty much addressed all these issues better with the same concepts.)
Vocabulary -SRD
Multies - SRD
Nameplay - SRD
Rhyme Scheme -SRD
Enjoyment - SRD

I'd score it about 20 to 80 in favor of SRD. I never judged a battle that was so one sided in my life other than a few rapdog battles. Rook, I like your guts and your flow is okay, but SRD hit pretty hard in all categories. You only tied one.

First off, do not battle SRD if you do not know how to properly set up bars It is hard for us to judge if we have to sift through blocks of texts.Some judges are nitpicky, but I really don't care if you number them. I can still follow it. You actually have decent flow and a few connecting punchlines, so I would say making sure your ideas connect a little more and having a set-up/punch bar for every bar.

If you are using a three line format you need to specify that in your expo so I will assume it is a bar that is a little short on content.

Your best bar was:

You consider yourself a pro status when it comes to rapping
Instead you're a disaster unravelling

This was a bit short, but it had a nice set-up and punch.

Srd, pretty good.

Because SomeRandomDude winning they could care less, so I get careless it's like the Ocean Left
So there is no way to get in over my head, guess it's straight disasterious, so I'm now roasting Death! <--- was that also aimed at me? lol

I thought this bar was noteworthy. There is a nice double entendre here. It seem like he wanted to write this for Rook because of the straight disastrous line refers to chess. You finally got your bragging on point. Do it in the set-up bar, unless you can allude and diss someone simultaneously in the punch.

Writing cryptic dicrepet messages festering, but too delicate for epitaphs of extreme neurotics
A Phsycotic Skyzophrinic, Bi-Polar with Exo-Visions, highly livid with anti-phsycotics

Your set-up bar could have used some variance on multis. Like man's myopic/an misantropic/damn antibiotic/fam's psychotic.<--- This is just an example and should just be noted. I do like the style of this though, he was writing a cryptic message telling Rook he's writing in cryptic messages.


SRD is one of those people that has to get personal in order to write well. He usually shines when he needs to expend some hate. He'll take his complexity and weave in some haymakers if you are not careful.

Honestly this is very one sided. I would just step your pengame and structure up Rook. SRD didn't write the perfect verse, but it is clear your not at his level yet.

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#28 May 2, 2014
Shini got why I get so personal.:)
My writing is literally an extension of myself, which is the exact reason I cannot do what some people ask. I cannot simplify, because I honestly do not know how to. I will only turn into something terrible. I must be invested into who I am battling or it gets worse.

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