Eminem's best verse lyrically?

Jamaica, NY

#22 Jul 15, 2010

Altamonte Springs, FL

#23 Jul 15, 2010
He also has the first verse of Rock Bottom, the 3rd verse of Sing for the Moment, his verse on the song Re-up, and the song Murder Murder

Venlo, Netherlands

#24 Jul 30, 2010
MBM3 wrote:
<quoted text>
what song is this ??
eminem new york freestyle

Venlo, Netherlands

#25 Jul 30, 2010
Ih.. ih, ih (it has been)
It has been, it has been, it has been
It has been said, that there has been known to be bloodshed
Over bread, men who have bled to death, dead {what?}
Strapped to beds, pipe bombs, dynamite, lead
Money power respect, street cred, yeah
It's scary ain't it? Picture yourself goin out as a hero {uhh}
Picture mural pictures of us painted all over street corners
Fans meet to mourn us, while we meet the coroners
Notorious tried to warn us
We watched, so many Biggie backed off of {ha ha ha}
Biggie's back and 'Pac's, landmarks, history in rap
Statistically in fact; it's so sad to see us re-enact
these tragic events, which lead us back
To where we left off on March 9th
To come from such hard knock lifes
And make it up out of 'em, hit the spotlights
And, once they're on us this is our lives
Thrust out for all eyes to cast upon us
to see who can last the longest
And he who lasts the longest, must be the strongest {uh-huh}
In this concrete jungle, where this dog eat dog mentality comes from
It's origin, which is usually originated from cats who starvin
Or it could just be somebody's horror, that just horri-fies
And applies to his persona or the sizes
in his entou-rage, that intimidates the people
To the point that you know that he's gangster
He ain't just say shit, you just believe it

Venlo, Netherlands

#26 Jul 30, 2010
I'm crazy with this razor with this razor I'm crazy
With this crazor I'm razy, razor crazed I'm crazy!
(Ok I'm Re-Loaded!!) Go Bring Jay-Z!!!
(Tell them him I'ma ghostwrite for him!!) On Dre's Beats!!!
Ran in the ladies room naked in a blanket
At the banquet and started to spank it (AHHH!!)
Came in the bank with a tank, fired a blank
At the clerk and handcuffed her ankles to the safe and thanked her
But I didn't take nothing (Thanks!)
Every bullet came from the same gun
Just from different angles, cause I was pickin' strange places to aim from
(Mad Rapper: Man, I bet you 50 bucks you won't jump out the window Shady)
<crash> (Ahhhh!!) Pay me

Verse 2:
I got a beautiful wife, kids and a gorgeous home
What would make me jump in the tub with a cordless phone?
I'm straight viscious I hit you with plates and dishes
Leave you eight stitches, what I'm gay cause I hate bitches?
Slut dont be nice to me, I've had it with girls
And i'll still be mad at the world, even if it apoligized to me (Sorry!)
You're hearing the last thoughts of a man about to blow his fuckin' brains out
Fall back with a blood stained blouse on top of his spouse
Spread out on a blood stained couch
In front of his kids that he just killed in the same house
I'm sicker than Boy George picturin' Michael Jackson
In little boys' drawers shoppin' at toy stores **whistling**
Shady said it, Shady meant it, I stay demented
I'll throw a stroller at u, with a baby in it
Go ahead pull the plug, think I won't smack you
I just dropped a fuckin' pill mom, dont vacuum!!!

Jamaica, NY

#27 Aug 3, 2010

Cůrdoba, Spain

#28 Nov 11, 2010
Iím alive again
More alive than I have been in my whole entire life
I can see these peopleís ears perk up as I begin
To spaz with the pen, Iím a little bit sicker than most
Sh-tís finna get thick again
They say the competition is stiff
But I get a hard dick from this sh-t, now stick it in
I ainít never giving in again
caution to the wind, complete freedom
Look at these rappers, how I treat them
So why the f-ck would I join them when I beat them
They call me a freak because
I like to spit on these p-ssies fore I eat them
Man, get these whack cocksuckers off stage
Where the f-ck is Kanye when you need him?
Snatch the mic from Ďem, bitch Iímma let you finish in a minute
Yeah the rap is tight
But Iím tryna spit the greatest verse of all time
So you might want to go back to the lab tonight and um
Scribble out them rhymes you were going to spit
And start over from scratch and write new ones
But Iím afraid that it ainít gonna make no difference
When I rip this stage and tear it in half tonight
Itís an adrenaline rush to feel the bass thump
In the place all the way to the parking lot, fellow
Set fire to the mic and ignite the crowd
You can see the sparks from hot metal
Cold-hearted from the day I Bogarted the game
I so started to rock fellow
When Iím not even in my harshest
You can still get roasted because Marsh is not mellow
Til Iím toppling from the top Iím not going to stop
lyrics courtesy of www.killerhiphop.com
Iím standing on my Monopoly board
That means Iím on top of my game and it donít stop
Til my hip donít hop anymore
When you so good that you canít say it
ícause it ainít even cool for you to sound cocky anymore
People just get sick cause you spit
These fools canít drool or dribble a drop anymore
And you can never break my stride
You never slow the momentum at any moment Iím about to blow
Youíll never take my pride
Killing the flow, slow venom and the opponent
Is getting no mercy, mark my words
Ainít letting up, relentless
I smell blood, I donít give a f-ck: keep giving them hell
Where was you when I fell and needed help up?
You get no love

This kills all!!
Eminem is nice

Kew Gardens, NY

#29 Jan 4, 2011
I had a dream I was gettin jacked by biters
It felt like I was bein attacked by spiders
Developin a fear of biterphobia
I'm holdin a gas can and lighter over ya
If I detect ya, I'ma pulverize
Dissect your brain, diggin in your skull for lies
And I'ma torture, with material iller
than a stark ravin mad serial killer
I'm more dangerous than a loaded chamber is
A major risk to a plagiarist
So beware of the aura, A terror for the horrible
Will scare ya tomorrow, is the airbourne assault of the rappers
Hit the source to better my skills,
I head for the border
And run the Galloping Hills, the choice is yours
Cause now buddy's noises force me to scream til my voice is hoarse
Cause I'm sick of these jabber jaws and crap that grab at yours and savage yours to bite like labradors
In the range of my double-barrel
And your life is in danger, trouble, and peril
Kid Chillz

Dallas, TX

#30 Jan 6, 2011
Slim Shady
Brain dead like Jim Brady
im an m-80
You lil like tht kim lady
I'm buzzin
Dirty dozen
Naughty rotten rhymer
Cursin' at u playaz worse than Marty Shatenihiemer
You whacker than the muthaf*kka u get yo style from
You aint goin sell two copies if you press a double album
Admit it, f*kk it, while we coming out in the open
I'm doin acid, crack, smack, coke, and smokin' dope then.
Kid Chillz

Dallas, TX

#31 Jan 6, 2011
My name is Marshall Mathers and im an alcoholic,
I have a disease and they don't know what to call it,
better hide your wallet
cuz im comin' up quil to strip yo cash
bought a ticket to yo concert jus to come and whup yo a$$
b*tch im comin swingin' so fast tht it'd make yo eyes spin
you gettin' knocked tha f*kk out like Mike Tyson
The proof is in the pudding

“fam on my hand for a lifespan”

Since: Nov 10


#32 Jan 7, 2011
infinite-open mic:
I'll have you taken back to Christ when you sacrifice
The way you acting slice when I tear your back with knifes
Jacking life's of MC's, now I'm set to launch a plan
For blowing up the stage with illegal contraband
A stomped your man so unless you want what he got
You better set the mic down, I'm steaming like a teapot
I'll make the tea hot, people get in my face and ask
If I wanna battle, then I chase them in a Jason mask
It's an amazing task to battle with success
I never gave a fuck, now I give a fuck less
And in a slug fest I get physical like physicians
Invisible like magicians with mystical mic traditions
Wicked wizardry, like a sorcerer and no remorse for you
When I torture you throughout the course of my orchestra
So feel the force of my spiritual images
Slicing up an enemy's appendages till he hemorrhages
My skin itches every time a rapper recites
And when he's through with his verse, I'm all covered in flea bites
You wanna see fights I got a match for you
You couldn't flip shit playing in toilets with a spatula

West Milford, NJ

#33 Jan 10, 2011
I light a candle
Place it up on the mantle
Grab a knife at the blade
And stab you with the fking handle

Los Angeles, CA

#35 Jun 8, 2011
this one is sick too..


"I got a riddle
Whatís little and talks big with midget arms and creamy white fillin in the middle?
That will do anything to throw dirt on my name
If it means walkin the whole Mediterranean
Isnít it Albanian, Armenian, Iranian, Tasmanian no
his name's Raymond and oh, oh sorry yo so sorry whoa
But that was a long time ago
When I was just joe shmoe, rappin in joe blows basement I apologized for it befo so
Either except it or you donít and lets move on
If Iíve shown that Iíve grown and get the bone
Keep lickin these nuts you industry mutts
Keep walkin around sniffin each others butts
Or should I say asses?
What would be the more politically correct term to use for the masses?
The question I ask is
How can I explain this?
How can I swing this in English language?
If I switch to slang and turn man to man
Do I, do it in vain or simply to entertain?
Am I bein real or am I bein fake?
Am I just a fraud or am I truly genuine?
Or am I caught up in this hot water wody on my daughter?
I told ya I love this culture donít let emí insult ya
Iím tell ya one me (a)gain this is the environment that I was brought up in
But every now and then I use my pen to get rid of some frustration
Or should I say or should I say shun?
Is it just another one of my subliminal ways of racism?
Your face is numb your stunned your look is cold
Like that of a man of seventy some years old
And it only gets colder which is why I understand
And cant be mad at a forty four year old fan
With a chip on his shoulder who only owns a half of a magazine
And the only way to have it seen is to put me on the front of it again
Only thing that makes him grin is to see me frown
Papa cant stand me papa needs to take his medication and sit the f**k down
In his new chair that goes round and round
That he bought from new money in his bank account
That I get him every issue when the thang comes out
Sit back and let his puffy clown hair come out
And let his black side arm wrestle his white side
Yell apartheid loud enough that he might slide
He might find someone dumb enough who might ride
But aint nobody over here buyin two white guys Disguised as pro black
There is no slack
Far heart for college grad
In a fitted hat and a hunch back
Standin by the clearance coat rack
In some old slacks and some R.S.O throwbacks
Shady in the place to be c
And it takes what I got to rock the mic right
Still not gonna cater these punks
F**kin c*ck suckin p**sy lips haters d**ks c**ts


#36 Jun 29, 2011
He's the lord, now renegades em's 2nd verse, its awesome or u can count on 'Its only fair to warn i was born wid a set of horns'and 'Hellbound','On mic','met a kid named Greg' and 'Weedlacer' alongwith 'Infinite' and 'My dad's gone crazy' and his song bout the bitch of an wife he's got 'Kim' and '97' Bonnie & Clyde'

Orillia, Canada

#37 Jul 15, 2011
this ones from Eminem's song "biterphobia"

"Sneakin in through the back door, fruity MC's get ambushed
Rammed and squooshed, slammed and pushed, crammed and mushed
Then I'm movin on down from the right to left
So bite the meth or prepare to fight to death
To get jacked, attacked and cracked in two
Smackin through 'til youre black and blue for actin true
I'm dreaded like a man whose hair is all strands
Proof that I be sniffin on aerosol cans
I'm stompin, I'm kickin, I'm chokin, I'm stampin em
clompin em, stickin, and pokin and clampin em
To electric chairs and tightenin bolts
Hit em with frightening jolts of lightning bolts
I'm zappin, rappers, singers, and dancers
Faster than you could snap your fingers for ransom
Cancer is in the flesh, alive and breathin
Survivin by connivin and theivin
i forgot my name

Powell, OH

#38 Aug 1, 2011
what are the names of all these songs?
Danyellohh_ Serello

Dallas, TX

#39 Aug 13, 2011

Man, I got evidence i'm never dense
& i've been clever ever since
my residence was hesitant
to do some sh*t that represents,
The M-O
So I'm assuming all responsibility
Cuz theres a monster will in me
that always wants to kill mc's
The mic messelar
Slammin' like a wrestler
Here to make a mess of a
lyric smuggling embezzler
no one is specialer
My skills are innergalactical
i get synical, act a fool
then i send a crew back to school
i never packed a tool or acted cool
it wasnt practical

Evansville, IN

#40 Oct 19, 2011
infinite is his most lyrically genius raps ever if you were to ask me... shits crazy

San Diego, CA

#41 Dec 1, 2011
"dead wrong" verse...look it up!

Weymouth, New Zealand

#42 Mar 14, 2012
What you know about a sweet emcee, from the 313, you don't know shit so when you see one flee,
You can be Run D, you'll never be the MC, I stop the alphabet at S and got it down to a T,
I'm sure you're bound to agree, a sweet emcee crashes the spot, I make the roof hot like I was rock master scott,
Yo ass forgot, so just incase you don't remember me, I'll run your brain around the block to jog your fucking memory,
It's either them or me man, kill or be killed, you will and be sealed, your casket closed you still gon' be billed,
My facillities filled with fans packed to capacity, I'll send a rapper back with the crack of his shitty,
If he's acting soft and he cowers, he better come cleaner than Jay Rue jacking off when he showers,
You flowers got no clout with a thing,
You could date a stick of dynamite and wouldn't go out with a bang,
I showered the slang, simple as A,B,C's
Skip over the D's and rock the microphone with E's,
Dethrone MC's and I'ma max alone
Relax your dome like a solo from a saxophone,
So facts are known, writers get treated with shocks
I rock a beat harder then you could beat it with rocks,
I'm greeted with flocks, of fellow follower's singers,
You couldn't make the fans throw up their hands if they swallowed their fingers,
But you can bring yours let's see what you got,
But don't front and never try to be what you're not
Cause you can be quick, jump the candlestick, burn your back,
And fuck Jill on a hill, but you still ain't Jack, so what you know about a sweet emcee... 313- Eminem ft Eye-kyu

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