freestyle battle, spit it! (raps only)

Hacienda Heights, CA

#14433 Mar 2, 2011
ur raps are torn u look like corn an wen u were born ur mom was watching gay porn!!!!!!!!
Seanny T

Devon, Canada

#14434 Mar 2, 2011
No Peter... Just no. I honestly can't believe u posted that lmao.
And k u two rooks let's battle then!

Anchorage, AK

#14435 Mar 2, 2011
peter wrote:
ur raps are torn u look like corn an wen u were born ur mom was watching gay porn!!!!!!!!
Yo peter,
You tryin to hard
Yo rhymes aint even slick
Like the wet grass on my yard.
I make it rain, that's kno doubt.
I've saved lives from every drought!
You should take some tips from me
Intead of spittin out corn and pornography.

Anchorage, AK

#14436 Mar 2, 2011
Seanny T wrote:
No Peter... Just no. I honestly can't believe u posted that lmao.
And k u two rooks let's battle then!
I thought you went to bed,
Or wait?
Were you giving head?
Yeah buddy, that's definetly you every night.
I'm black B**ch, I aint white.
Me and sonny gonna lay it down
To all y'all Panzy "Pro" Clownz
He ain't postin right now
But big T, take a bow
Cuz my shit is legit
I got a mouth full of dip
Yo face Is a nice place to spit!

Since: Aug 10

Location hidden

#14437 Mar 2, 2011
mad_Mike wrote:
yo beezy good job i really liked it
haha just playin no i didnt i was just lyin
so u think your always wearin the crown
well see whos wearin it when ur tied up side down
hangin over a bridge, prayin for your kids that you live
but its to late now, havent you realized your already on the way down
screemn louder, i dnt see why cuz the more you screem the less it matters
bout to splatter,and shatter your whole face
you shouldnt be here right now your in the wrong place
mickey mouse is that way..are you ok?
i see that your starting to bleed
watch wat your doin ur getn blood on your feet
send me to the hospital i gota a disease

I like these words. Come on!
hurry up run to get the vaccine
haha thats wat ur sayn when im done
your already dead son, and ive already won!
"you shouldnÂ’t be here right now your in the wrong place" Yes...

London, KY

#14438 Mar 3, 2011
Hey listen up one second, quit spittin disses at my man peter,Before we show up to that lawn of yours with a STIHL Weed eater! My boy peter will bring the Fuel, And me the wire to string it, If your going to beat our asses you boys better bring it! Yes I said boys cuz I'm sure thats what you are, When you come to meet us make sure to ask yo mom for the keys to the family car! And ya might want to bring a few more guys Shit Maybe and ARMY! Cuz our swagga flows so fast makes you look like a Zombie! "Army and zombie? They dont' even rhyme" Just wanted to spit this lil message while I had time! See I'm setting in your living room while your at school, training your mom on how to use a man's tool! Soon you will see I'm sure you will learn, Just take a wiff from the air and you'll know what it smells like to be BURNED!!
Supersonic JJJ

Homer, MI

#14439 Mar 3, 2011
J-Killa wrote:
Hey what's good fam?? All these rooks don't wanna battle the king, unless they wanna get murked.....come on step in the ring haha
you aint really feeling that site niether, im ready to diss when i get home
ill give seanny t the first warning shot haha

Since: Apr 10

Atlanta, GA

#14440 Mar 3, 2011
missez wrote:
<quoted text> don't be callin me baby girl cuz dawg u don't no me ill be callin u off this site like a referee your a rookie I'm what u call a emcee I got my whole life to define ur gunna be here for years if ur waitin on me to resign cuz I got loads more disses commin ur way cuz to me this is more like a field day ur gunna need a watch to catch up wiv my word play but I probaly won't have to diss back cuz ur rimes are dead anyway
My rhymes dead anyway.
So why should i have sympathy.
Or empathy.
Im the one who killed them b*tches anyway.
In plenty ways.
buried them and put their *ss in the grave.
Im relentless bay.
I split n*gg*s brain cells in interphase.
Im not fina wait.
Through the whole process of mitosis.
My rhymes hot cuz right before ispit'em girl i roast em.
(to be continued..........

Since: Dec 10

Garden City, MI

#14441 Mar 3, 2011
Hell naw I ain't feelin that site. Its all a bunch of bullshit haha if I really wanna get heard, I'll put out mixtapes!!! And these rooks need to check themselves before they start talkin shit

Since: Dec 10

Garden City, MI

#14442 Mar 3, 2011
So what's up with these rookies on here anyway??
I'll put them nikkas in their place anytime, any day,
How could anyone defend these lames? Their rhymes are soundin "plenty gay",
These nikkas must be smokin "grass" so I'll kill these "weeds" when the semi sprays haha
So stay back and listen to the pros spit,
Best mcs these other nikkas on some hoe shit,
I blaze this unlike I fire I stay lit,
They dyin down and gonna go out real quick,
Cock the glock and shoot em up wit one wrist flick,
I'll cook these nikkas up like bisquick buttermilk biscuits!!!

That was just a sample rooks, gettin on my bro seanny T, get on me next, guarantee you don't want it with me haha
king goofy

United States

#14443 Mar 3, 2011
Anyone here ima about da spit
Jack the Rippa

Watertown, MA

#14444 Mar 3, 2011
im here

Carrollton, TX

#14445 Mar 3, 2011
i iz here

Since: Mar 11

Watertown, MA

#14446 Mar 3, 2011
Jack the rippa out on anotha killin spree
im shoppin at the finest yall pussys at the dolla tree
of course your girl swallow me i put it in her slow
if ya lookin for a battle man my guns are good to go
youll know that we the best but ya problly gotta meet us
imm sorry i killed you dad an your unborn fetus
First Verses

Carrollton, TX

#14447 Mar 3, 2011
pu**y pu**y pu**y, i can get some and you cant, watch me do my fckin pussy chant, girls try to resist but they just cant, oh look here comes your mom with her scooter jumping off a ramp cause she wants my fat c**k, she'll rub it and i'll c*m in your left sock then when you walk, you'll remember me every step of the way, but hey no hard feelings, have a nice day

Lincoln, NE

#14448 Mar 3, 2011
Mountain dew voltage is m inclination
My number 1 fixation
they said the only way to cure it was eradication
but i drink this shit everyday its my dedication
i never need time away from it, no vacation!

Lawrenceville, GA

#14449 Mar 3, 2011
bruh im way too good when im gone off thiz wood,
freestyln aint shyt but i wish a brother would,
run up on thiz im clutchn,
hollow tipz crushn,
a brother stay high, stay blazed, and stay fukn,
but still ima g guess im bacc on my goon shyt,
choppaz going silly guess they on sum toon shyt,
but im jus playin
cuz im not opening my mouth unless im getting paid im jus sayn,

Since: Mar 11

Belmont, MA

#14450 Mar 3, 2011
Well take a look around an ya probbly start blinkin
your in a over ya head shit what was you thinkin
everybody know ya neva f-ck wif da rippa
cause he only do the best an a certified strippa
but he'll neva tippa cause he keep his chedda close
you goota go through me damn right im the host
heres a toast to all you kids who wanna battle
ill straight blast ya in the head as if you was my cattle
i raddle all the cages of my enemies
i dont like to swear its just more fun with obcenities
bet that you had betta days shoulda neva f-cked wif me
got your head messed up like you popin too much extasiss
bi-ch plz your girl is always on her knees
and here hand on my d-ck she gone give that thing a squeeezeeee

Lawrenceville, GA

#14452 Mar 3, 2011
hol up did yhu jus respond ta my flo lol

Towson, MD

#14453 Mar 3, 2011
See me im no typical guy cause lyrically I got these flows that will rip out ya spine from baltimore no skateboards but I stay on my grind now ima leave u wit no hands now u digital time

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