freestyle battle, spit it! (raps only)

Seongnam, Korea

#35328 Oct 17, 2013
SomeRandomDude wrote: /hip-hop/T04PGKF3R84L5KL1B
Shini, remember to reply.

Seongnam, Korea

#35329 Oct 17, 2013
RappinRollerCoaster wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh yea I understand. He just wants to freestyle is basically what he said and we can't teach that hear.
If he wants to freestyle he needs to have written material too. These days lyrical content holds more weight than the top of the dome work. Especially with the advent of the written battle league.

Redlands, CA

#35330 Oct 17, 2013
So who in this relationship is doing the lovin you guys both sniffed a half a gram of coke of an oven I'm an alien bitch I can make up my monayyy and I'll be up all night fucking your sistas pussayyy I'll be straight up on the mic and be like greetings earth yeah I'm track feening thanks fo the beat deep I'm done eating warning to all you rappers you should start fleeing r Kelly these MC's yeah ill start peeing humans watch out worth girls I stay beaming wanna go for a trip on my space ship they love my shit think its precious like dolla mold upon my dick like a magnum condom you would think the studios haunted filled with nothing but dead beats murder tracks when I'm on em these rap cats sit tight but they ain't kay the difference is they got an expiration date jealous bitches hate my flow wanna know how you can suck my dick later hater not now cause I'm on my way to the top I hate the ground and when I'm there I'm like a cat I'm never comin down

“serious about music , love rap”

Since: Oct 12


#35331 Oct 17, 2013
SomeRandomDude wrote:
<quoted text>He HAS to learn to write or his freestyles will be sh!t.
True. Well guess he's learning writtens or not at all.
lil biggy


#35332 Oct 18, 2013
All right I worked on what you said so I hope this is better I changed my rhythm completely so I hope you enjoy

Take me to the pest?
Put me to the test ?
huh,you already know I'm the best
(Tempo rising)
My rhymes come from the west
where you whole fuck en life is a test!
So I smoke dope witch gives me hope!
And I rock the illest flows
When I smoke my slum arose
My soul grows
Like nobody knows,
Next time you hear my rhymes
And my killer flow
I just hope ya know
I'm small right now
I'm still gonna grow

So my swagger rises
Its the wises
Its my dagger my protection
And when that grow it leads
To an erection
Then i'll be ready for your monster ho
Its not like there's any objections
By your ho
Just a little infections
(Verbal tempo immense)
yes it grew to a sword
and yip I'm a knight
Yes your bitch is big!
She gave me a fright
But when you stare agh she's alright
And ill fuck all night
And she not a fuck bright

For the next time you hear your bitch wine
And think she's mighty fine
She be thinking about mine..
So unwine
Relax and search for my sign
that I placed in your brain
as I pass your test!
and fucked your mind!

I hope you don't think
I'm unkind
I'm maybe a little out of my mind

Witch is fine so long my dick is long
And I'm 30% strong
Ill be gone
So I hope ill be ready for your next sing song
And we all will play along
As we hum in our heads
what a fuck !!
I hope he's dies or he's dead !!

So that's about it I hope it was not to
Bad and sorry for the language and spelling
I'm only 15
lil biggy


#35333 Oct 18, 2013
Lol omg don't argue !!
I'm just writing outa my head because in my area no body likes rapping so I surf the net and practice there
I know you gotta write but not the whole free style just 1 liners or fillers
I'm not stupid and btw I have a great iq
Sometime you gotta slum to fit in got that some random dude
And I'm 15 and just practising my art
lil biggy


#35334 Oct 18, 2013
Some random dude
Sorry man if I offended you
But we all
Trying to make it
Or trying to become someone
Like the greats
And I can see how you rap you'll be great!
And shini I love the words that roll of your tongue
And rapping rollercoaster thanks for defending my honor at my absence you rock!
Oh yes I recently made the change from writen poetry to freestyle rapping so I know I got some catching up to do!
lil biggy


#35335 Oct 18, 2013
Oh yes people read my post on page 1513
I tried to change my rhythem by listerning to an instrumental while rapping

United States

#35336 Oct 18, 2013
Put up your poetry.
lil biggy


#35337 Oct 18, 2013
Lol no that's private and I write mostly love my girl or something.

But here's a rap
I got this huge cash stash
That grew on me like a rash
Blewing it was a dash
It was the best
Got this good as shit
And I'm loving it

Got it for cheap
As if it was a gift
Stuborn girl
Blood sucking bitch
Eats on me like a litch

I'm doped but not rich
I smoke only weed
I'm wild like a steed
Indeed I got greed

But I'm beat
So indeed I have heared
You got fucked
I can't see through this phone
But i guess I won this practice test

Los Angeles, CA

#35338 Oct 18, 2013
Your grammatically correct,arrogant prick, your lyrical sandwich tastes like shit, grammar and knowledge won't earn you crap, go back to your books you've got no place in rap

Kingston, Canada

#35342 Oct 18, 2013
th beat i wrote the freestyle to is called

Real hip hop beat (22) moving forward

its a dope beat
Hannibal Barca

Singapore, Singapore

#35343 Oct 18, 2013
Lil biggie, your raps are short but it rhymes nicely with short bursts if multis here and there.

I don't feel like writing but I feel I have to. Bad work is better than no work right. Or was it better not do it than to do it half heartedly. I don't know but...
Yo alright boys listen up, it's a revolution
I represent all the gangsters in the whole nation
I'm so badass, I spend the weekends in the station
I'm so shredded, look at my quads, it's got striation
You follow me you'll rise up from the dead, ascension
If you disobey you'll spend the rest of your day in detention
I'll kick you in the face you'll see all kinds of shit, hallucinations
You'll think your body will be filled with pests, manifestation
Then again, it could be true, I'm the king of manifestation
Conjuring bitches with stitches and all kinds of riches
Now it's time for a special transition
'Boom' an explosion, giving people a shock and make their veins pop, pulsation
Looks I've got so many tions in one sentence, tionception
Oh these multis give me a real good sensation!
lil biggy


#35344 Oct 18, 2013
Lol did you write that for me ?.Hannibal barca:..:)

Since: Sep 12

Dongola, IL

#35345 Oct 18, 2013
Hey Hannibal,

For fun do you want to have another battle..
Our drops can be on any topic.

Desert Hot Springs, CA

#35346 Oct 18, 2013
gangster in a whole nation, reality is what ur soul facing, dragged to a coldbasement, dope is what my flowlacedin,sick, nasty, dopeshit, with a dope wit, sick liquid wrote this, for the hopeless, guilliotine chokeshit, focus, flowrip, anybody on that hoetip,i just go with, that gross shit, closethis,soak kids, zero below froze kids, u was the one who chose this, i roast miss, with a west coast spit, typical west coast script , left ghost with, no chips, i got flows better notice,
a wordsmith i just had to reveal,
casino hand never gets redealed,
next time u better come real,
or im pulling out what was concealed,

Desert Hot Springs, CA

#35347 Oct 18, 2013
who in the hell makes a lyrical sanwich,
u just houdinied ur self and vanished,
feeding these hungry mc`s feeling famished,
frio corazon, cold hearted in spanish,
liquid, anthony hopkins hannibal im twisted,
vivid, swerving through minds this cannibal drifted,
past the horizon of ur cerebral im gifted,
meet ur demising im evil, timeshifted
into a new era of terror its my generation
sadamm with them bombs its devestation,
alert, if they disperse is good preparation ,
kamikaze crash, turned to ash with no hesitation,
its the planes hitting the twin, its mayan 2012 coming to an end,its ur soul leaving ur body on descend,its the novelist fake authors needing to pretend, that they stomp faces, caught cases , fought hatred, shot faces, be real, speak it when u see real
Hannibal Barca

Singapore, Singapore

#35349 Oct 18, 2013
Sure silent striker. It can be here. Shouldn't you concentrate on your next round? Anyway I'll drop one sometime in the next 2 days. I can be used as practice...
Hannibal Barca

Singapore, Singapore

#35350 Oct 19, 2013
I am done... No insult intended

Dj hell no you change your name to the silent striker
But you don't put in enough effort to write a damn cypher
But it's not your fault, you're controlled by the pipe piper
You'll get slaughtered instantly by the
Words that come out of my mouth like a
Snake and it's venom that shoots out and kills ya
Hope that gets stabbed in the back by the player
With people throwing all kinds of hate at me like a hater
Just one spit of mine will shock them like a taser
Sharper that a knife more accurate than a razor
Hit ya so fast you'll become a hallucinator
Hit and run past ya and say hey ya, see ya
You killed me in the first round but I'm a-
Live and I'm coming back for blood, I can taste ya
Knock you out cold with this spit just like a mace brah
Then a
Shot from my gun cuz I am firin'
It only takes one shot for you to die Mirin'

I should continue this cuz I just started with a new Constant so... Nvm
Hannibal Barca

Singapore, Singapore

#35351 Oct 19, 2013
Lil biggie your lines are entertaining and good ;)

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