freestyle battle, spit it! (raps only)


#30553 Feb 11, 2013
If I was to give my life for the rhymin cesspool
I would stick it up reek it make the rhyme respectful
Roll up on me and I won't respect you
Ya only good as your word
And this is my test yo
I'm not on that joint tip when spit it
Give my life to the craft so I can die the sickest
What you know about the hustle from rags to riches
I have to hustle on even though interia drags the business
Real talk though who cares if ya grab the b!tches
When I write I wanna craft that'll last the distance
Please don't come off of me offering that drastic gimmick
Cause off it diss I am not writing raps to make it cash dependant
This is a sick fate these words like a mix tape
Perhaps then the sh!t breaks it'll foul up all these mistakes

I write so I can mold my craft
Call it dynamite and hold the match
But take that breath and it's over fast over fast (Repeat times 2)

I wanna get some feelings off my chest
I mind is just reeling off respect
Step-dad has cancer just a moment for he dead
My life as writer doesn't mean sh!t to me
If I could expire I wanna go with infamy
Told my mother she'll get rich from me
But left her sick in a state in the states
Cause I'm her worse enemy
This has been tearing at me mentally so
I took a trip back to see my sick dad
Gave him my time and watched it tick bad
Seeing em this bad got me thinking
Bout that time when grandma drift passed
the day after Chistmas Day
I was just whicked away
Cause mentally I am living in a different way
Yeah I am self employed
But I watched my plans detonate
They got too old before I became a heavyweight
That sixteen I spat about bein inna heavystate
Stress alone makes me wanna get my head replaced
I saw them on that period
I was reeling at myself I was furious
I got my dream but it felt like I was stearing sh!t
down a wrong avenue hears the kick
They told me they were proud of me and what I've become
But part of me would rather take care of em and become a bum
I'm above water but now I getta FB from my Sis
That she can't even talk with dementia iced lips
She inna hopsital while my ticks
This is the truth and its eating inside its
bad that the economy left me with options
to do my dream being a ESL teacher that actually topped them

What can I say...

I write so I can mold my craft
Call it dynamite and hold the match
But take that breath and it's over fast over fast (Repeat times 2)


#30554 Feb 11, 2013
Hey thank, bro!
Konverze wrote:
<quoted text>
I listen to all of them "bro!"
I just initially thought that putting Eminem on my list would be fairly obvious.
Yes. Eminem is one of my favourite rappers and has to be one of the greatest ever to make it in the mainstream to all hip-hop fans all over the globe.
He's the gateway to making it possible for white/caucasian MC's like a multiple amount who have made it.
Special shout out to: Shini and everyone else doing their thing.


#30555 Feb 11, 2013

Durham, UK

#30556 Feb 11, 2013
Shini wrote:
Hey thank, bro!
<quoted text>
No problem "bro". Also I really wish I could write like you and Seanny T..(etc.)

Durham, UK

#30557 Feb 11, 2013
Konverze - The "K" Freestyle

Coming soon!

When I get the time to write up that shit.

By the way XI-Phaze-IX if you're down I would like to know if you wanted to surpass you know.

Write until somebody taps. By the way I ain't on no WWE type of shit so don't get that twisted.

HAHA! So give me a shout if you're down..

Durham, UK

#30558 Feb 11, 2013
*surpass the flow.

Durham, UK

#30560 Feb 11, 2013
Killen the moment wrote:
Is this good I spitt rhymes Betta than busta Ryhmes I'm better than every little hater that think their better than me
Don't get to the next planet ahead of yourself..

I mean your lyrics are bare crooked, ain't covered with no straight jacket,
You're like Rick Ro$$ in a resteraunt "haha! Phuck it!", like you've not already got enough on your plate phaggot,

You're talking trash cans again man..

Then you go and clearly say that you're better than Busta Rhymes..

Not at all with lines like that..

Even Stevie Wonder can clearly see that you're nothing special..

Since: Feb 13

Brighton, MA

#30561 Feb 11, 2013
you guys are right i gotta cutt out the filth get straight back to the punch lines get back to the milk.


#30562 Feb 11, 2013

Kirtland, NM

#30563 Feb 11, 2013
I've been poppin pills since i dont know when blue, footballs, yellow jackets white sticks my sack splatter control substance narcotics it doesnt fuckin matter i got that dickie drank goes well with my dank when im rollin jollin on that big fat fat stanky spliff you wanna take a whiff of a whitney kane made it simple da pain you wanna kept the drain imma pharmacist i can refill ur prescriptons u wanna be poppin u wanna be sippin u can be flippin on a prescription pack i got the xanax as far as ur kid can get a frantic panic attacks if its the gid and good i now ur coming back i got the truth the pills and da lean breking greens smoking like a pheam gotta get the droop the pills and da lean got the deals go ahead and crack a seal and pour us something and tell me how you bitches feel i just popped double doses on that morfin take a little swig of methosine codiene got me feeling real slow like a dragging job give me top notch cuz i like to smoke alot mary jane is da one that fool a persons brain can u smell that strain is it a great pain rollit up smoke it up pop another pill and tell me what you think on drank its all im falling in a white xanax strip all i need is white cannabis mixing up my lean cuz damn that shit sticks im not an amaetur i can handle this its all coming my master plan 100% and thats a fact whatever u need pills or plants as long as u got the cash idgaf cuz that shits wack popin lots of pills is the thing that keeps it going i gotta keep it going on the life of a high just to being normal and hang in the sky double pupil, bloody shot eyes so i like to get high i like the giraffe u can hit in a gas mask popo pass on that grass that hash u better get ur own if u wanna get stoned purple linda styrofoam.


Since: Jun 12


#30564 Feb 11, 2013
pop culture wrote:
I need a good battle who wants to do it
Whoa whoa who the fuck is this?
Thinkin a pawn gunna ace a queen wit a mediocre diss?
Please calm your brain child before I really get pissed.
A bullet wound ain't the only thing that'll drop yah lips.
Mister microphone emcee
comin to battle me?
Ima lyrical masterpiece wit scripts blastin on enemies.
Stupid disses on a vet, will leave you swimmin the enenomies.
You could talk a big game but You shoot blanks , no casualties.
You got game? No thanks, this ain't no play station.
But I play god, and cause earthquakes on all you hations.
The last time a noob gunna say he wanna battle
This is a joke, get to bed baby and take your fukin rattle.

College Station, TX

#30565 Feb 11, 2013
i aint playin when im saying when i flow i spark up like a super saiyan i pak my gats having lab rats leave your boys laying on bloody mats i dont run laps i only know how to blast shoot em up leave em down having him laying on the ground i never frown aint no clown never wear big red shoes never be afraid to shoot for that with my ball lying to them people that see me fall i go raw i dont stall never at all like im robbing the whole damn mall im to tall for my feet smokin so much i fall asleep hear my heat aint it neat i dont even know how to show what i care this aint fair get them girls to comb their hair home at my lair for waht they stare while they laying there

New York, NY

#30566 Feb 11, 2013

Plymouth, UK

#30567 Feb 11, 2013
Yo look ma homie we should all sing long live kurdistan. yu see its in ma blood and bones fam. the way us man play wid sticks and stones damn. ma home land the place i was raised and grown bare that in mind man. living der from pedal bikes and ramps to pedal whites to tramps to metal nines and macs the bloody ghetto lifes a trap. ma teacher bak der told me am a slacking sideman wid a life in shambles im like keep in mind you should member me now dey whan email me sayin teach da kids bout life in assembly.Yhyh btw g while your bangin out dem piff yatties am bangin out teck and footy tryna live it large and make a bill shotin the damn weed tryna make the money for ma muumy. Btw have i told you when life gets tough and tragic i have a spliff das juss it g cah its fuking majic. making me look all fuked up like a class a matic on a class a madting. bare in mind no one buns de ses until dey get deppressed its the bloody stress. so ill be the clown behind the glass go ahead and laugh i would if i saw me too its funny its the way of life dargie its bloody bummie. i cant lie ma kazzy back den when i was yur boi i messaged you instead what did you do you just left me like de devil on loose. you were to busy wid you chik like ooh loook at dem tits. keep in mind doe g i was der for you always kept ma hand wide out for you and only you. wheras she juss left you for your car keys i mean wha can i say safe g enjoy life you yattie.and dont holla at me wid your fake love ma dargie comin at me wid your fake uggs ma kazzy unlike you on your kuffar shit.
Rodsta Lifesaving Deeds

“serious about music , love rap”

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#30568 Feb 11, 2013
I'm ready for a battle hit me up.
Some Random Dude

United States

#30569 Feb 11, 2013
They didn't count the votes?!


Since: Jun 12


#30570 Feb 11, 2013
Only bitches don't reply ~ OF
a boring fartsniff

Minneapolis, MN

#30571 Feb 11, 2013
"only bitches dont reply"

bones and stitches yo me rhymin's vicious kid i'll show you why
get mortified yo wit dis diss u witness this n blow yo mind
organs i'll expose em' cutya open tryna find the
tumor brewin' in ya makin' you the whackest kinda rhymer
man it must be up inside there, cuz i have never seen a
meaner case of fuggn whackness so come get the damn procedure
man i'm rippin it up throwin' it out when i spit i'ma surgeon pen swift wit precersion
i'm sewin' u up so open yer mouth n we'll see of somethin' doper drips out...

ps "annoyin artist" rhymes with "enjoying hard dick"

“Horrocore-Tourna ment 2012CHAMP”

Since: May 11

Calgary, Canada

#30572 Feb 11, 2013
ahh look who it is, wanny b returns with a new name that closely rhymes with anoyin artist. AA and EVERYONE ELSE on the forum, just ignore this fu<khead. in fact, anyone from 'minneapolis' under their name. unless they prove they rnt this [email protected] dude has no life, lives in his mommas basement, and watches porn all day. im surprised he can type so well with ONE HAND haha.

“Horrocore-Tourna ment 2012CHAMP”

Since: May 11

Calgary, Canada

#30573 Feb 11, 2013
rap king, you wanna test ur skills against me? alright, drop somethin lol.

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