freestyle battle, spit it! (raps only)

Durham, UK

#30266 Feb 4, 2013
My favorite artist is: Eminem..

My favorite producer/s is: Dr. Dre, Just Blaze, 9th Wonder, Hi-Tek, DJ Premier, Alchemist, Pete Rock Swizz Beatz & Organized Noize..

Some of my other favorite artists are: Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky and Drake in "New Hip-Hop"!..

My favorite rap song is: Life's a Bitch..

The song is by: Nas & AZ
Produced by: L.E.S.
Dropped in the year: 1994

I got my inspiration to write/rap by listening to most of the greats i.e. Eminem, 2Pac, B.I.G., Nas and Jay-Z..

I just love music in general but hearing these rhyme just made me want to pick up the pen and spill ink all over the page..

My pick for the top 3 are as followed:

1. Shini, or HHH
2. Seanny T, or SRD
3. DJ HellNo, or Phaze or RRC or Mulisha/Mr. Flames

For the "Elite status" I've gotta say: Whiterabbit13..

I started rapping when I was like 13.. I’m currently 15..
As of this year on Sept. 20th it will be my "Sweet 16th"!

I’m a Caucasian and in my area I get the piss taken out of me because I love Hip-Hop. They’re all just fucked up drug addicts anyway so who cares? All I know is that I’m an awesome lyricist and no-one can take that shit away from me..

Best male and female artist --- Eminem and Coniyac/Nicki Minaj or EVE

I'd probably rate myself 5.5 (maybe a 6 if I word and structure my drops better)

Durham, UK

#30267 Feb 4, 2013
My first rap verse: I'm pissing on any of you phaggots like a race horse, rapping with DJ HellNo at the dinner table time to say "grace whores,"

Round of applause for the kid "Con" with huge balls, attitude as miserable as the northern weather so let me know when Scrooge calls,

'cause I guarantee he'll be all selfish and not give me my phucking money, unwilling to negotiate as he spits in my face thinking he funny,

But like Mulisha made me and Mr. Flames cannot do our own thing, you're exactly like Afghanistan constantly insulting,

Our union felt that we need long lasting strength like an aluminum belt, we all as a forum came together and you pussies said that our reunion'll melt,

Just like a three musketeers chocolate bar, we fight together and that's how we became legends like Will Smith so que sera sera,

And currently I got no pork on my fork just a phat slab of beef, just a little present for Rick Ross I hope the fat ©unt cleans his teeth,

Let me kill this punani game with my everlasting ejaculating penis, and when I die I want to die hard and have my hospital bed steaming,

When I pull pack my forth skin I wonder if you can detect an erecation, as good as David Carradine I choked my neck in the wrong direction,

My esophagus was reaching a life threatening infection, I need a vast correction hard to mention but I'm on point in a different dimension,

I'm destroying these tracks and derailing all trains, shooting an essence of fresh semen right at your brain,

Kicking bitches to the curb because they always tend to sidewalk, the same way people side talk, from north England ain't much pride when I talk,

I'm well efficiency, nowhere near a prostitute retard do the math "oh yeah you can't" you were always deficient see,

I may do something obscene just to prove a point, puke all over Tyler, the Creator while he up in Yonkers rolling a joint,

Me and Mr. Okonma have a load in common, asking random pedestrians can we borrow a dollar when technically we robbing them,

We filthy rich in the way that we take a bath in Bill O'Reilly's jizz, that was a bit of contest, KC just trying to rhyme more complex,

White America, White Great Britain for the simple face that King Konverze got this whole shit written,

On a tapestry, we you mad at me for finally speaking the truth or raising the roof of the house parties in the youth,

Am I yapping or just better at yapping, we'll never no because most of you dudes are Matthew McConaughey napping,

I rock the microphone but I ain't no Led Zeppelin, like a beaten up sore loser you never win,

Especially against me, I am inevitably brilliant and not one of you can ignore me, that's why I tell phaggots to keep it in their pants before things get gory,

Like Slick Rick I guess I did bring you a sick and awesome Children's Story, on thing I got to say to Captain America is please kneel before me,

<Remember this shit anyone?>

Durham, UK

#30268 Feb 4, 2013
I've been told by various people in general or on this forum that I'm really good but have still got a little to improve on. So at the moment I've given you like 3 verses and you all said you enjoyed 'em and also saying I need better structure.

Now though I'm gonna kill on everything I drop from now on..

Since: Feb 13

Brighton, MA

#30270 Feb 4, 2013
lol at my typos i just wanted to bring the hype yo lol that was fail owell this shit is fun anyway

Since: Feb 13

Brighton, MA

#30271 Feb 4, 2013
i am white but ill show you how my torch lights well i burn your face cuz my flows laced with acid throw your ass in lake placid you about to get capped dead and off the map your mother wouldint even miss you no girl wouldint even dream of kissing you your all spent like a dollar i fucked your girl well she popped my collar then i popped my load and like conffety it made her explode into sex mode i spit lava and im nerdy and i code in java im flowing with the king of hell illummanti come at i got the shotty your flows are shitty they belong in the porta potty
Some Random Dude

Post Falls, ID

#30272 Feb 4, 2013
MrFlames wrote:
<quoted text>
I think.i know what I'm saying I'm saying rap comes from a black background white ppl can rap to and I give them props for that but what I'm saying is that rap comes from a black background it's like ur trying to denie the truth the only white rappers I know are eminiem the guy wo created thrift shop and MGK I'm not starting beef I'm telling u the truth
Your strictly mainstream view is sickening.
Some Random Dude

Post Falls, ID

#30273 Feb 4, 2013
Mulisha, you Hypocrite, where'd you go?

Since: Jan 13

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#30274 Feb 4, 2013
Some Random Dude wrote:
<quoted text>
Your strictly mainstream view is sickening.
I'm not gonna explain anything else to u cuz u don't wanna listen

Since: Jan 13

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#30275 Feb 4, 2013
MrFlames wrote:
haha u funny ur rap as bad as lil wayne
u know the guy from young money u guys most have the same brain
n 20 years ima have the fame ur gonna be driving a train
u couldnt beat me even if u had the same face and the same name
they call me flames cuz i burn in these games
see u sound slow is something wrong with ur connection
u also sound stupid i bet when u in bed u dont use protection
u seem lost do u need direction
haha the only thing worst than ur post
is nicki minaj being a host
ur shit dont affect me call me a ghost
okay look u starting to smell and i gotta take the trash out
u beating me now that doubt
u call urself a rappinrolercoaster
but to me ur truename is crappingfailureposter
look u better show me ur real shit start trying
ive seen what u got with that ill leave ur crying
even that female mc nicole is better than ur shit
could take that rap down with 1 bar 1 hit
sorry had to rush that


Since: Jan 13

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#30276 Feb 4, 2013
RappinRollerCoaster wrote:
<quoted text>
Ill take 3 bars and beat you:
Look look we have a small lighter
But it only takes a small gust of wind to knock you out your not really a fighter
Take you higher then will see how you burn as fire
You say your a mr are you referring to your married
Or the fact no one wants to look at you because you excrete dairy
Maybe it's the fact you believe in a fairy and the fairies name is Larry, Larry was you pretty friend but to see him was rarely
3 more:
Mr flames, mr flames I know who to blame, your mom was caught having se)x with Great Dane
I thought you wanted to get the fame but like everyone else here call your self the same
Surprised you could even be sane if you were to drive it would be in the left lane
But don't worry if you thought that was bad ill kill you faster than a deaf bane
Ill hit you with the cane harder than the crap politics from McCain
But If I was to die still be better than you with much more to gain.
Y'all pick which one idc.
And Rrc

“serious about music , love rap”

Since: Oct 12


#30277 Feb 4, 2013
MrFlames wrote:
<quoted text>And Rrc
Yea vote


#30278 Feb 4, 2013
Favorite artist (Don't have a favorite)
Favorite song (Don't have a favorite)
Who inspired u to rap- All the mainstream artist that wrote all those p!sspoor verses. It just dawned on me that I can outwrite 80% of the mainstream media.
First rap verse Check my first post. It is under Shinigami. It is probably awful. lol
Best rap verse I have a lot of verses. I'll let you guys choose.

I hold it down, wear a molded crown
Take this Bar Exam, I'll null ya sound 1
Call these throwaways, catch a body
Call me mister throw a way 2
Or a southpaw way I throw a hay
maker on a boat they just stowaways 3
Get high in a glass house
You'll get stoned today 4
Kill a gang of rap kids
I'm insane in practice 5
don't write that gangster rap shit
I just maim and wrap kids 6
They eating keyboards, cause my sets are C-4
Getting bodied before there is recourse 7
Words alone, are heavyweight
Mind's a home , in heavy states 8
So sorry, for the heavy wait
I am chasing that heavy cake 9
Need to make pace for that heavy weight
Cause when I Eat MCs I put on heavy weight 10
My mind, this you can never penetrate
With rhymes, disses penned with hate 11
My mind, you can never pen this state
These rhymes are entry-exit penetrate 12
MCs want to start advancing what they fancy
They they can't see cause they just fans see 13
And they choose to ignore what other fans "see"
That deep inside they just not that fancy 14
My craft's mind trap gets hairy like Minecraft
Got rhymes with lines that bury cats in mine shafts 15
Testing this nonsense get your spine tapped
Rest on this content get yo spine cracked 16

I'm a Bushi whose bestin the whack version of rapper “Inception”
Cause each “Phaze I delve into” they become whacker rappers as I'm progressin

Musashi has mastered all elements of the 5 rings, earth water fire wind and the void
A "Phaze" is just a fleeting instant in time and it'll... be... destroyed

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, I use both on my enemies in accord
the only way to win this war is to slay with words so I already “Phazed in” the score

When I coil the mic I'm craftin doomsday, it becomes the Masamune
Ready to rip and slashin two Phaze, NO, ready to rip and slash into Phaze

I have Zen concentration, a consternation to the opposition with inferior composition
I got those katas ready, the katanas steady, blades deadly cause he can't “Counter-Phaze” Shin

A samurai with a third eye, relying on his senses, going to war with the master is senseless
Cut through a Phaze his angle and his defenses, a cut so perfect he'll seem defenseless

Your margin of victory would be repulsing narrow, but that's been “Phazed out”
Cause I'm sargin you lyrically with exploding arrows, rap's just your “Phaze now”

You slept on my technique that was your worst mistake, forget “break a Dude”
There's no save, I'm coming for my headpiece, just commit seppuku


My match versus HHH or my Ill Mind of Hopsin Cover

Who do u think are the top 3 rappers in this forum

CAk3dOut (If he stays)
4th would be a toss up between Chi-town and Seanny T
5th SRD
6th Mulisha Made
How old we're u when u started rapping 27
How old are u now 29 (lol I'm old folks.)
Who's ur best male artist Dizaster, Hopsin or Eminem or DNA
Best female artist- Young Ghattas
Skin color- Not important. Skill is.
Out of 1-10 I don't rate myself. I let the fans do it.

ON that note. Don't get hung up on history and skin color. You can believe rap came outta Harlem block parties, Jamaica, Africa, or inspired through scat poetry (white people did this too) and jazz music. It doesn't matter what race made the art. What matters is how we preserve the form through its evolution.


#30280 Feb 4, 2013

Missouri City, TX

#30281 Feb 4, 2013
Nice list Shini, I will stay, tryying to get better but do you guys watch Url,pretty dope battle league.

Since: Dec 12

Elizabeth, NJ

#30282 Feb 4, 2013
Favorite artist- Eminem and myself
Favorite song- till I collapse

Who inspired u to rap- Eminem and whiterabbit, he was the only artist on here who believed in me and thought I was good when i first started on this site so I kept rapping.


First rap verse- don't remember, I was in the 3rd grade lol
Best rap verse- too many good ones to say


Who do u think are the top 3 rappers in this forum
3.maybe killa or shini


How old we're u when u started rapping- in the 3rd grade so I believe about 8
How old are u now- 15


Who's ur best male artist- Eminem
Best female artist- Lil kim

Skin color-Spanish lol nuff said
Out of 1-10 what would u rate Urself
About 8.5 and anyone can give me a rating as well..

Since: Jan 13

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#30283 Feb 4, 2013
Oh we'll as for me I'm gonna stick with the flow

Seoul, Korea

#30284 Feb 4, 2013
Cak3dout wrote:
Nice list Shini, I will stay, tryying to get better but do you guys watch Url,pretty dope battle league.
Yeah, of course. I watch AHAT too.

I like DNA. Arsonal, Conceited, and T-Rex along with Loaded Lux.
Seanny T


#30285 Feb 4, 2013
Lol phaze I always believed in u too :p
Seanny T


#30286 Feb 4, 2013
Also I can't believe u think killa is better than me. Now I wanna set that in stone.

Since: Dec 12

Elizabeth, NJ

#30287 Feb 4, 2013
Well seanny t I believe I was on this site before you soo you actually never seen me first came on this site on the name of king Phaze. And yeah even tho killa isn't the friendliest, you have to accept his bars lol and I also appreciate it seanny

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