freestyle battle, spit it! (raps only)

Wichita, KS

#27686 Nov 26, 2012
u call urself a rapper id rather say hoax i bet when u spit those rhymes in real life you choke ,,, look im nottryna tell you how to rap but ur lyrics need to have a lil snap now go home take a nap and wakeup lyrical cuhz right now ur shit is typical all the same no game and lame if you tryna rap get back to your paper right a rap and post it later

United States

#27687 Nov 26, 2012
Dude your terrible. Im not,wasting my time on you
The Clobberin Whopper

Minneapolis, MN

#27688 Nov 26, 2012
back to your paper right a rap and post it later"

ya while my spit fries this dude like a frozen tator
servin up a big mac to a minimum wage player
ain't that some fuggn young money! bum. runny nose havin'
brat yer raps bump like a closed caption
well my flows blastin', i'm so def
your rhyme sound like charlie brown's mom, hopeless
here toke this, n hit the books or somethin'
comin' back at this kid you gon catch a whoopin' from him
you need a lotta work, and too much help
Daddy D is askin' me to put his behind to the belt
i can't make you a man, but i'll put your face to the canvas
n im just bein nice next time you'll get more than a taste of your ass kicked...

Durham, UK

#27690 Nov 27, 2012
Sorry it sent too many times laptop was playing up!

Houston, TX

#27691 Nov 27, 2012
Y'all guys suck cack!

“serious about music , love rap”

Since: Oct 12


#27692 Nov 27, 2012
Hairy Samoan Lineman wrote:
You mean full weight plate of feces?
You suck so stop talking!
Yo Mamas Milk

Minneapolis, MN

#27696 Nov 27, 2012
"like a beat you drop"

you'd get flattened like a pizza box
yer weak dog i don't need no locks
front doors open come on in
leave bruised bloody mumbly n all tucked in
on the stretcher in the ambulance ya never had a chance
shit stains on the back of his pants
disdain for the whackest attack i ever heard
leavin' babies on the side of the curb...


Since: Jun 12


#27697 Nov 27, 2012
If only i didnt drop from the tourney. Lol

Beaver Dam, WI

#27699 Nov 27, 2012
Yo god your a wossy
battle me

Halifax, Canada

#27700 Nov 27, 2012
D-day wrote:
Yo god your a wossy
battle me
You want to battle a God?

I keep dissin' when my salivas spittin,
he's spittin' like there's cinnamon in him
so I cook the beef, grab the spice, and keep hittin' him with a sick sizzlin' flippin' free written diss son
leavin' this b!tch ridden idiot as a 3rd degree burnt Dominican citizen
damage isn't even at the minimum
you couldn't even spit fire if you drank propane, lit a match and swallowed it
I'm the son of Apollo b!tch!!
This sun God ain't preaching no apostle sh!t
Any line I speak causes an apocalypse
Quick Fade

Orange, CA

#27701 Nov 27, 2012
The dude above me is a cook. He kept talking bout food lol.

Halifax, Canada

#27702 Nov 27, 2012
Quick Fade wrote:
The dude above me is a cook. He kept talking bout food lol.
haha i cook up some deadly recipes brotha

“Horrocore-Tourna ment 2012CHAMP”

Since: May 11

Calgary, Canada

#27703 Nov 27, 2012
annoyin artist wrote:
If only i didnt drop from the tourney. Lol
lol shoulda dropped man. just wait til january then u can get a shot at the world tourney title.

Stowmarket, UK

#27704 Nov 28, 2012
ALL you rappers are the worlds bet crappes
I'm sitting here remenisin, in a gaze,
I know I'm confusing you, I know I'm bruising you,
And your mothers always on the move,
Your daddies always on the news,
It's the mother [email protected] illest_rapp3r

New York, NY

#27705 Nov 28, 2012
Well illest rapper try reading this without your head exploding.

New York, NY

#27706 Nov 28, 2012
I can't show mercy cause theres no mercy to show cause ima Jackal. If im the shit I guess these other rappers are the (a)sshole. This game came with pain when his brain imitates these insane images from this stage. This hate comes with faith cause if this pain switches blade then this blade will be a switchblade that inflicts pain in this phase. It hurts his brain and this pain is so amazin that when phaze gets away it hurts his ribcage. Will this pain ever fade because phaze is in chain within days and if it came with a bigger pain then phaze will wait until this pain just fades cause its his fate to stay the same. This pain will be with phaze cause its fate is to stay even when it kills phaze and they throw the remains away. But this pain tricks phaze when this pain imitates a greater pain. And it just levetates. And It just escalates and elevates when the pain get to phaze in a better way. You're suppose to let it wait but he can never wait so he grabs seven blades and just ends his pain. He penetrates his hart when the end of blades enters phaze when this reign is just the end of phaze. He saw deaths face with his head on a metal plate and the only thing death saw was the devil's face. Now deaths afraid cause he just met Beelzebub. Its phaze's fate to reign cause he's from the same place where hell is from...
Chris Miles

Chandigarh, India

#27708 Nov 28, 2012
its not freestyle but watch my video on youtube! search chris miles dial tone! please tell me how is this and please support me

You never knew what I was capable of
the second that you brought me down i was just raising it up
you motivated me by hating when i continued to suck
but now who's getting recognition and gaining fans by the dozens
i'm going places that aint even the map
man i'm fly by myself i don't need a private jet
yo i'm doing it for my city yea NY is what i rep
and i ain't talkin bout a director when i tell you that's a rap
ok now i be right in my zone pick it up a little bit and hit em with the flow
ain't nobody steppin to me and they know
that i am nice and there's nutting they can do
i'm just trying kick it with friends
and do music simotanesouly
and to all the haters hatin
just watch out for when i make it see
i'm back on beat attacking at least i could spit a couple bars don't challenge a beast
i go hard everyday you go annually automatically rapping insanity
i'm just trying to follow my dream
and find out where it takes me
how you gonna outrap a kid
who be flowin like the navy
check it ima go ham
tearin up anybody with no chance
ready or not i'm causing commotion
in the rap game betta know i go in
on every verse
i got dedication
i'm blowin up
like detonation
they love me
like my name was raymond
and ima be the king of every nation
i'm gone

Athens, GA

#27709 Nov 28, 2012
i get computers putin

“ .tru”

Since: Nov 08

Yo Mom's Mouth

#27710 Nov 28, 2012 check it out..I record my own songs ..lmk what you think!!

Columbus, OH

#27711 Nov 28, 2012
You guys suck like yesterday, can't even rap. I can't stand you, I'm gonna go take a nap. I'm yawning guys, why cant I hear you. Maybe it's because Yearly you guys have to get your voices checked, maybe you got decked in the throat and got knocked out on a boat. So get some cause I'm number one!!!

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