freestyle battle, spit it! (raps only)
Big Trixxx

Durham, UK

#23636 Jun 19, 2012
Smokealot92 wrote:
SomeRandomDude thinks he can rap in tha big boy's neighborhood// better think twice// if you wanna survive night u better pick up tha mic and take it home with you// and learn a few lines and i'll come bk in diss you//Am a sinner and always be a winner and this dude thinks he's clever but he does not know i fucked his mother and OMG she was the worst ride ever and pace out brother
You're really funny dawg, In my opinion you're more of a stand-up comedian. Don't let @SomeRandomDude terminate you in the reply to this sh-t because I know he will.
Big Trixxx

Durham, UK

#23637 Jun 19, 2012
courtney wrote:
you call that a rap yhuu look lost ask dora for a map
yo you a dope you cant even cope all you do is mope your worse than the pope you think you good come visit my neighbour hood ill show you somthinnd and how to get a girlfriend now is that so hard id win you in a game of cards
thats how you rap its not that goood but still i like yours aswell but you could do better ??
Yo, No disrespect too you, But if you want the truth I can see striaght through you. For real man no-one will ever take you seriously, They'll just get the strange looking at you mysteriously. So if you don't believe then fine, But don't expect to survive when you're out in line.'Cause I'm a soldier, I carry a pretty huge bolder. I thought I told you, That when you cross me I get an awful lot colder. You go get back on your high horse, This time don't go off course. Because I will battle you face to face in Dublin, I think the people were right I am too hot and the water is bubbling. You must think you're a beast and be getting out your seat and 'Jumping Around' like the House of Pain, Quick warning when it rains it pours so next time it'll be Acid rain.

Aye, HaHaHa Well Peace Out Sister!!!

United States

#23638 Jun 19, 2012
rapSwipe wrote:
<quoted text>
there ain't no judges so i don't give a f&#920;ck i am just havin fun.
and did you read my latest.
Yup and it didn't even rhyme. You are frickin' terrible. My Sister wrote better stuff then you when she tried rappin' to me on my B-Day, lmao.

Booneville, KY

#23639 Jun 19, 2012
SomeRandomDude wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm in the mood to wreck the new when I smack the few
That grasp the view that downs whole crews who knew
Startin' somethin' with you would screw the truth
Out of the light and 'cause the whole Government to lie
That's right the fight is like the fly on the wall Ty
It shouldn't be bother with, iight but I'll bite the night
An' create a black whole to get rid of you tactful
Like gettin' a hat full playin' music naturally
To hire a hit bashful I'm not when I hack fools
You are soon to be bodied so don't taunt me
This isn't what you want see set fire to raunchy
Sicker then a fire cr@tch Gee with red wings it's naughty
You full of hot air man, you bout to get deflated
You can't body me cuz I come back to life like I was reincarnated
walkin the streets dead, but still alive like zombification
You look up to me like I was yo inspiration
Battle me, thats just another reason for me to dominate
I'll do it all accross the United States
You sicker than fire crotch, it burns when you pee
you've been spendin way to much time with Seanny T
now you're all like "F_ck another STD
I shouldn't have fucked him cuz now I got H.I.V."
sayin you naughty, b!tch I can be naughty-er
"Ty hold up is that even a word?"
I don't give a f_ck it means I'm more perverse
I got SRD sweatin like a whore in church

“Horrocore-Tourna ment 2012CHAMP”

Since: May 11

Calgary, Canada

#23641 Jun 19, 2012
^not sure if small diss for me or using my name to diss him lol. hmm. and rapswipe, your terrible man, heres a complete list of what you are: an idiot (ya i said it, whatcha gunna do about it bitch), terrible with rap battling, sore loser, poser, and ignorant. come at me, i wont reply...unless you make a song dissin me then ill make a song back at u. prove ur more than a one bit rapper and do something more than post some shitty "freestyles". i just laid down the challenge, up to you to decide whether or not to reply.

“Horrocore-Tourna ment 2012CHAMP”

Since: May 11

Calgary, Canada

#23642 Jun 19, 2012
this comment here is just a filler because.....

“Horrocore-Tourna ment 2012CHAMP”

Since: May 11

Calgary, Canada

#23643 Jun 19, 2012
THIS COMMENT IS THE 20,000th COMMENT! lol i had to. couldnt resist.
Big Trixxx

Durham, UK

#23644 Jun 19, 2012
Hit me with your best shot, hit me with your best shot,
Hit me with your best shot, hit me with your best shot,
Hit me with your best shot, hit me with your best shot.
Hit me with your best shot, hit me with your best shot,
Hit me with your best shot, hit me with your best shot,
Hit me with your best shot, hit me with your best shot.
Come on hit me with my best,
Come on hit me with my best
Come on hit me with my best

Aight, here's where I come in at...

I came in this game with, bad intentions,
and I ain't budged, not even an inch since then
I'm stubborn, evil, and insensitive
I'm like nothing you ever seen, pencil in
hand, it's like I'm holding the insulin,
so you might wanna button it like Benjamin
I ain't frightened of nothing, I injure men
step right in this mark with my henchmen and
walk, straight to the stage,
I ain't here to cause trouble, get the fuck out my face
fall back, little cocksucker, I ain't A&W
don't get your cold mugs in my way
get 'em? Shattered, fuckin' A
been this way since B.C., what can I say?
I'm stuck in my ways like double stick tape
don't get turned to a vegetable dick face
you ain't Superman, stay in your lane, Lois
D-12 spittin' flames like flamethrowers
spit 'til we get sprained jaws with metaphors
that cut with the same force as chainsaws
hope you're coming with your A game,
'cause things have changed in this game, isn't the same game, boys
the stakes have been raised, better make lemonade
when they give you lemons, if they want us, let 'em aim for us

Triple L (Big Trixxx): As soon as I stepped up to the Mic I knew I had to make it count, So without a doubt. I make a story show them what I'm about, Just so I can here the crowd, Scream out loud, But now I'm alone Homeward Bound. So as I look up in the clouds, To see if I can meet God to give me some direction. But when I found my Town don't get the wrong impression, I wish I was there to risk my life and save people from the 9/11. So like it or not. I can't help it you ain't got what I got, Plus that previous line was never meant as ignorance, I'm just trying to say we're all bought to the world with certain differences. Some of us just sit back dealing drugs, While the rest of us are just around the corner arresting thugs. I know what I'm saying is pretty demeaning, Next thing you know you'll be in the Pin cooking and cleaning. I'm not being my regular self, Going in HMV buying every possible CD from the shelf. Talking about my stupid Gibberish, Or how I like to get inside a Clitoris, No, I'm here to educate, Yo.
Big Trixxx

Durham, UK

#23645 Jun 19, 2012
I'm still trying to Technical Rap, I don't know but I'm finding it quite hard. If you can help me then I would really appreciate it.
Big Trixxx

Durham, UK

#23646 Jun 19, 2012
Shinigami wrote:
I hold it down, wear a molded crown
Take this Bar Exam, I'll slow ya sound
Call these throwaways, catch a body
Call me mister throw a way
Or a southpaw way I throw a hay
maker on a boat they just stowaways
Get high in a glass house
You'll get stoned today
F!@# a gang of rap kids
I'm insane in pratice
don't write gangster rap shit
This abortionist maims and wraps kids
I don't use a keyboard, my sets are C-4
You get bodied before there is recourse
Words alone are heavyweight
Minds always in a heavy state
So sorry for the heavy wait
I'm chasing that heavy cake
Need to make pace for that heavy weight
But I when I eat a MC I put on heavy weight
My mind, you can never penetrate
My rhymes, are penned with hate
My mind, you can never pen this state
My Rhymes will penetrate
Netcees want to start advancing what they fancy
But they always lose cause they just fans see
But they choose to ignore what other fans "see"
That deep inside they just not that fancy
My craft gets replayed like Minecraft
Got rhymes that will bury you inna mine shaft
Test this nonsense get your spine tapped
Rest on this content get yo spine cracked
Nice dawg, You got some clever skills on display right there homey!!! Keep it real!!!

“fam on my hand for a lifespan”

Since: Nov 10


#23647 Jun 19, 2012
SomeRandomDude wrote:
<quoted text>
Iight, so it's a diss, but I don't get the end on it.
I didn't wanna battle him, so I just played it off, lmao.
got bored an yea its a diss, an the end with the cha cha part? haha its the cha cha slide cuz of the "clap" punch
Big Trixxx

Durham, UK

#23648 Jun 19, 2012
@Mr. Stupendous

Yo, I can't believe I'm now up against Mr. Stupid ass,
Better start talking quick because the time is ticking on the hourglass.
See me as retard I couldn't care less,
I guarantee you'd care if your Girl started to f-ck you less.
See me and her been getting it on,
Listing to our favourite Jodeci song.
Plus a lot of Soul and New Edition,
You see me as the worst in the competition.
You're the worst because you say you think you're as tough as a specially baked Cookie,
I find it funny how you're laughing at that poor young King Rookie.
Well you should count yourself lucky,
Because He'll make you into a Chip Butty.
I guess it's safe to say you and that other choke artist @2 Sikk both work in Kentucky,
Goddamn man burned too much food as well as your ridiculous lyrics.
The first time you tuned in your Mic,
You were hearing all sorts of strange atmospherics.
I rhyme as tight as you Girls clit, See that Whispering Eye of hers would be so, so legit.
When I was in the bed with her I tried not to quit, But it was only as soon as I pulled out the 8 inch Blade so actually decided to open it.
It brings a tear to my Eye when I look into your Eyes when I see you Ginger, You ain't even affected by that line damn you must be a binger.
Plus when I do see you out on the street, I don't know whether to look at you're head or your feet.(Both Disgusting).
When you meet girls who are really feisty, Go up to her ask for her number go ask if she wants some Ice Tea.
Then when you face to face with a real idiot, You say damn Girl you're talking that Cypriot.
That ain't impolite, That's just she at night, When reaching for the night light, Asking if I want a decent sight.
So it looks like I'm paying for your Bus Fare, Want to land me in court for all the verbal and physical abuse man who in the hell cares.

By the way that proves you're over, I'm back and ready to do a million more of these. Also you were so poor you might as well of said 'Sting Like A Butterfly, Float Like A Bee' Just Saying This Makes Me Laugh But Damn Man Raw Cookie, I can actually take a bat like Rocky Balboa on raw meat, See I told you I was lucky. B-tch!!!

Halifax, Canada

#23649 Jun 19, 2012

smoke in my dome, flames in my brain, sh!ts off the chain
unleashed monster trained to take aim and bring pain to the lames
how you gonna play the game when you don't say a thang?
i'm not a gangster, but I did go through some shit
skrew the crucifix, I was born in Hell's dunes, consumed the lit fumes now your doomed ya b!tch
wait a sec, I just gotta go to the bathroom and sh!t
so grab a broom ya b!tch,
or get back slapped, thrown in a nap sack, and packed in a tomb of bricks
I think of myself as the top competitor
My raps kill, lines injure, sh!t even my letter hurt
I'm writing 16's (bars) like internet child predators



#23650 Jun 19, 2012
this ain't know mesolithic period
i've been the greatest
fu*king with the godfather
better watch your mama
caus tonight a soul is gonna sleep with the fishes
okay the times now
i have to excise these pidofiles
masturbatin little kids d!cks
you would be executed for child abuse
now you wrong in the cemetry
you made a grave mistake
i abuse rap so call me rap abuser
that makes me rap insane
like shady said
critics never asked how your day
but your days are numbed like
real rap recordnaize by envys
all i do is rap
all you do is wack
and when i write i got you dogs
going testicles
but shinigami if you bite me it's
good for you like a vegetable
am changing the decimals
somerandomdude- 4.8
if you play sick we can all get ill
why is bodin important to you
okay you can be chis
shinigami will be ace
and perform the song over again
after you are done
you can chap it up deuces.
rapswipe hotter than raw steam.

“Rap like its UR last !”

Since: Jun 12


#23652 Jun 19, 2012
rapswipe and tysane are two bitch's tht can't sing//they tryin 2 be rappers and gangsters// but deep down there' jst dirty hamsters// tryin to get out of there cage and come in visit me on stage //i have 2 say these two have aids// and it's fuckin disgrace it's destory tha human race// coz one of them is a sucker and the other is a bummer and these two gays love eachother//i hate all gay in all ways am, so glad i have better taste// love biches with small ass n big boobs and if she's rude thts a bonus// am going to bone her then own her//these two gays will never be straight and i will always will be 1st place..

“Horrocore-Tourna ment 2012CHAMP”

Since: May 11

Richmond, Canada

#23653 Jun 19, 2012
Rapswipe...half that shit didn't rhyme haha ur weak

“ .tru”

Since: Nov 08

Yo Mom's Mouth

#23654 Jun 19, 2012
Killah wrote:
@ Hip Hop Hero
my pen's disease sends heavenly tendencies when the ink in my pen's released
I'm trendin' these hot raps reckin G's indefinitely
battling me is suicidal, what you do is vital
stab you with horns through the bible
I can flow longer than boatin' through the Nile with a few of the tribal's
writing scripts before Jesus's two disciples
My pen's friction has only writin' non-fiction
and what you write is fiction
I can beat you easier than writing a test on grade 2 addition
my Styles too dope, that's my deadliest addiction
critics witnessin' a lyrical fix in them
your life is on the line and your grips slippin
^^^^in case you mised this^^^^
I like your rhyme scheme in this one..some decent multi's too..
Im always busy but i know theres no hate so I'll answer..

ayo i guess your..
fly like birdies,puttin white balls in ya hole
plus ya bars aint ever up to par they sink below
i bet you think you spit it!!?
The hero brings the Antidote guaranteed to KILL ah killah cold(a killer cold)
Nice multi's but a filler flo..ill leave ya chokin dude till ya face's tone is blue..indigo
give you an open mind sharp rhymes rip ya dome..
nothin personal.... i chop tops to convertibles..
cut a killah so surgical..
then ill stitch him... this kids conditions terminal..
leave ya hangin from a curtain pole..this B!tch is Fawked n Laid out
straight bleeding like a virgin hole.....OUCH!!
ya styles old school like a teacher in ya mommies cooch..
ill punch ya head and lean ya to the Right..Mitt Romneys Crew
got wraps on my mind like a turbin on me Dude..
some Brainy rhymes thats why ya tryin to bitem like Zombie Food..

lmk who won?


#23655 Jun 19, 2012
rappin ain't all about ryme like
it will be listed under literature
and it is about following the beat
and the ain't no beat

Seoul, Korea

#23658 Jun 19, 2012
Time to rap circles around you
I want to knock this waste of space
Into space cause it is sound proof
Teleport and make you taste the blades that surround you
For me to dumb this down
Not gonna ever dumb this sound
Want me to not use bad words
Lemme numb this clown
Mic check 3-0 numbers down like a password
I'm sorry if the past hurts
Play with me will get those past words
Back front and center I'm the master
Get hit with a blaster
This is me holding back
Rapswipe quit smoking crack
Talking about making my diss simple
Ok I'll make this simple
Otherwise I'll pop yo head like a pimple
It's simple, your getting disassembled
In other words I'm breaking you down
You're not taking this crown
I can drop another 8 bars using that scheme
But honestly, since you're handicap that's mean
Your content lacks substance, it's like they're fasting
Rapswipe don't have food for thought, so he goes bashing
Talking about my penis, now I ask why man
Girls be wishing for more stamina way I stuff a hymen
They be dancing on my pole giving it a grindin
With just the tip I can send them high man
I have to be a gentleman make them come first
Penis jokes just lead to a dumb verse
I treat a lady like royalty, not a dumb jerk
I grind this game like women, I've done work
Man your battle rap is cancerous
It is worse than Vendetta's Canibus
I only hope that you seriously didn't write that on a notepad


#23659 Jun 19, 2012
festival or mabye party
prom night and am feeling naugty
lirical assasination
chalee you must never stop me
cause am liricly emotional
is a track and am talking
saying am the best
put your hands up yeah
i was born with the fire
blessed with the heat
but when it comes to rap
am the beast of beasts
verbal agression
the pens got the passion
after a twelve bar
i change all the action
stop punchlining and i hit
metaphorical phases
that put's me on diffrent stages
that amazes all these
little crazy faces
cause they tought that i could never make it take it
inspiration from the lord
to my verse like bibles
headlining the shots
like riffles
come on you for feel these verse
like iphones.

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