16./17.07.2011 - Amphi Festival 2011 ...

16./17.07.2011 - Amphi Festival 2011 - Cologne

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Mainz, Germany

#1 Aug 31, 2010
The date has been set, the Tanzbrunnen booked and the pre sale has begun. While the preparations for the Amphi Festival 2011 proceed with big leaps, it is high time to unveil the first batch of bands.

First bands confirmed for the Amphi Festival 2011

On 16. & 17. July 2011 34 bands on 2 stages, as well as a supporting programme in the seated Theatre, are awaiting you at the Tanzbrunnen Cologne. Starting into the new season we are happy to present a rich selection of fabulous artists. Among others, still to be announced, the following acts are entering the Amphi stages for you in summer 2011:


Limited 5+1 group tickets – only for a short time!

The strictly limited group tickets are back on sale! Order your 5+1 group tickets now and receive 6 Amphi Festival tickets for the price of 5. The group tickets are either available as weekend tickets or day tickets for each festival day. Also they are only available for a very short time and exclusively in the Amphi Festival Shop at http://www.amphi-festival.de/tickets.html .

Tickets are available online at www.amphi-festival.de/tickets.html , www.dark-ticket.de , on all nationwide Ticket Online and EVENTIM box offices and by phone on our 24h hotline +49 (0)1805- 568200 (14ct./ min. from the German fixed network).

Best regards
Your Amphi Festival Team

Since: Feb 10

Wiesbaden, Germany

#2 Oct 6, 2010
Dear AMPHI-Fans,

we had a furious start and it´s getting even wilder. While, shortly ago, DEINE LAKAIEN joined the circle of the Amphi Festival 2011, the next arrivals are already in the pipeline. Again we even have another seven bands to announce, offering a wide range from dark industrial beats to a heavy load of mediaeval rock, enriching the diversity of the programme.

Today we start with a band that ranked very high on your wishlists:[X]-Rx ! The industrial-rave gods from Cologne are burning to unleash their electronic behemoth in front of their home crowd and we are extremely happy to present this special highlight on the Amphi Festival 2011.

Not a single bit quieter, there will be another encounter with EBM legend Claus Larsen as the musical one-man-army LEÆTHER STRIP. Vanished from the stages for many years, the hard-working Dane returned with a heroic live-comeback in 2009. Encouraged by these celebrated shows Claus Larsen takes the Amphi Festival in sight again for 2011.

While FROZEN PLASMA continue to work on the follow-uo to their successful 2009 album „Monumentum“, we most recently received their confirmation for the Amphi 2011. So Vasi Vallis and Felix Marc are going to enrich the programme with an extra share of high-class electro-pop.

With their equally sophisticated and experimental compositions and their unique stage presence KIRLIAN CAMERA are without question one of the most fascinating acts in the electronic music scene. After forming the band in 1980, mastermind Angelo Bergamini looks upon a moved history that spawned countless genre classics, like the unforgettable „Eclipse“.

With its musical creations the swedish duo ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO explores the space between the poles of acoustic guitars, cyclic soundscapes, strings and percussions, creating a musical image of the impending apocalypse, combined with the orgies of the ancient Rome.

SUBWAY TO SALLY and SALTATIO MORTIS are two of a kind that need no further introduction. Their names are synonymous for folk- and mediaeval rock on the highest level. While SUBWAY TO SALLY have proven their reputation as a legendary live-band for almost twenty years now, SALTATIO MORTIS stormed the German album charts in 2009, peaking in the top ten with their latest studio album „Wer Wind Saet“. Let yourself be infected by the joy of playing and experience both bands while they are calling for a dance at the Tanzbrunnen.


For 2011 we are also preparing an interesting programme for the “Theater am Tanzbrunnen”. Currently we are working on different ideas that will be announced in the upcoming weeks and months and we even have two great acts already confirmed.

Following the tremendous success of last year´s performances, the forensic specialist DR. MARK BENECKE returns to the Amphi Festival in 2011 with another of his entertaining and informative talks. This time he is going to speak about „Vampires among us“.

In addition to that the Theater am Tanzbrunnen provides the perfect stage for PERSEPHONE. While performing, Sonja Kraushofer (L`Âme Immortelle), Martin Höfert and their band always create an incomparable atmosphere, by combining the intimacy of a chamber ensemble with the dynamics of a musical performance. Impressive and intense Persephone also know how to count the moment of surprise on their side!

With PERSEPHONE, performing at the “Theater-Stage”, the line up of the Amphi Festival 2011 will be enhanced by one additional band to a number of 35 musical acts, plus the upcoming artists, performing the supporting programme.

Since: Feb 10

Mainz, Germany

#3 Oct 18, 2010
Dear Amphi Fans,

a big chunk of the Amphi Festival 2011 programme has already been confirmed. Yet there is still lots of powder in the gun for exciting announcements. Since the last update we´ve already gathered two more top-acts to join the line-up and also the festival organisation department has some important news to share…:

New bands confirmed: Nitzer Ebb & Covenant

Ladies & gentlemen, the waiting is over! The godfathers of industrial, NITZER EBB, are coming to Cologne! In the luggage: brilliant fireworks of timeless classic tunes and their formidable comeback album „Industrial Complex“, by which Bon Harris and Douglas McCarthy had proven not to grow older but simply better and better!

Elegance and style, paired up with the distinctive voice of Eskil Simonsson, are the trademarks of the swedish electro stars COVENANT. The men in suits are moving fans worldwide with their driving beats and innovative sound, transforming the coldest floor into a boiling dance extravaganza in no time.

Booking start: official Amphi Camp @ Jugendpark Cologne

Festival and camping…for most festival fans these two got together like horse and carriage. The community, the sociability and spending the nights in the nature are creating the true festival spirit! Thus we are very pleased to announce the renewal of the official Amphi Camp at the Jugendpark Cologne for 2011.

From Friday 15.07.2011 16:00 o’clock till Monday 18.07.2011 10:00 o’clock all Amphi Festival visitors, owning a camping ticket, have the opportunity to spend the night at the beautiful Jugendpark Cologne. Beside the camping area itself, the Jugendpark offers a service facility, accessible 24 hours a day, providing showers, clean water toilets and washing opportunities. Also you can buy additional food and beverages on the present catering stands.

Camping tickets are now exclusively available in the Amphi Ticketshop at www.amphi-festival.de/tickets for 18,00 € plus charges.

Please note: camping tickets are valid per person and only for the official camp at the Jugendpark Cologne, Sachsenbergstraße, 51063 Köln. For environmental reasons motorvehicles of any kind must not be taken to the camping ground! More information about the Amphi Camp and parking facilities for vehicles are following soon at www.amphi-festival.de/2011/camping.html .

Festival merchandise now available at reduced prices:

Special promotion at the Amphi Merchandise Shop! From 20. October you get to buy festival merchandise at radically reduced prices. Offered among others:

t-shirts season 2010 (various designs): 25% reduced
t-shirts season 2009 and older (various designs): 50% reduced
jackets and blouses (m/f): 50% reduced!

Secure your own piece now at www.amphi-festival.de/merchandise.html .
This offer stands as stock lasts!


Original festival tickets, 5+1 group tickets and gift-boxes can be booked in advance exclusively in the Amphi Ticketshop at www.amphi-festival.de/tickets . Festival tickets are further available online at www.protain-ticket.de & www.dark-ticket.de , at all nationwide Ticket Online and EVENTIM box offices and by phone on our 24h hotline +49 (0)1805- 568200 (14ct./ min. from the German fixed network).

Best regards
Your Amphi Festival Team

Since: Feb 10

Wiesbaden, Germany

#4 Nov 18, 2010
Slowly the year 2010 is nearing its end. While the first holiday lights are lining the pictures of the inner-cities and the annual excitement takes its course, our preparations for the silent days around Christmas have begun as well. With the festive days getting nearer, the lines of the Amphi Festival 2011 are further closing. Following the recent confirmations of Nitzer Ebb and Covenant, another four top-acts signed up, to take part in our next summer extravaganza.

New bands confirmed for the Amphi Festival 2011:

The first new entry not only offers a profound measure to give the chills to your neighbour at the next traffic light, AGONOIZE are in any respect on top of their game! Especially in providing adrenaline-pumped electro sound, there are very few to teach the heavy machinery specialists from Berlin a lesson. Reinforced by visual splatter effects AGONOIZE are infamous for their rough-edged stage performances and nothing for the faint-hearted!

All quiet at the Amphi-front? Not in the slightest! The industrial-bombers FEINDFLUG always enjoy to deliver an action-packed show. After literally laying the Amphi stage in ashes in 2009, Felix and Banane are returning with a sonic thunderstorm, to commemorate the horrors of the World War II.

Being our third addition to the pack, we are fond to announce CLAN OF XYMOX. Since their last Amphi appearance the iconic Dutch goth band, led by mastermind Ronny Moorings, not only passed the magic mile-marker of their 25th band anniversary. Following the footsteps of countless classic tunes like „There´s No Tomorrow“ and „Jasmine & Rose“, CLAN OF XYMOX will have a new album ready in 2011, setting the best premise for an inspiring show in Cologne.

SAMSAS TRAUM will release their upcoming album in (early) 2011 as well. Following a strong appearance at the Staatenhaus this year, Alexander Kaschte and his band are picking up the momentum again. So look forward with us to another round of ingenious dark rock by SAMSAS TRAUM.

Amphi Festival 2011 – official videotrailer online!

To commemorate the wonderful festival 2010 and to attune to the forthcoming Amphi we composed an exclusive and brandnew video trailer, you can now watch on our homepage www.amphi-festival.de on YouTube, following this link
. Tune in and enjoy!

5+1 group tickets running low!

The contingent of the limited 5+1 group tickets is running low. If you are to secure your bundle, buying six tickets for the price of five, you should place your order as soon as possible, before the remaining stock runs out and the offer expires.

5+1 group tickets and original festival tickets can be booked exclusively in the Amphi Ticketshop at www.amphi-festival.de/tickets . Festival tickets are further available online at www.protain-ticket.de & www.dark-ticket.de , at all nationwide Ticket Online and EVENTIM box offices and by phone on our 24h hotline +49 (0)1805- 568200 (14ct./ min. from the German fixed network).

Best regards
Your Amphi Festival Team

Since: Feb 10

Alsheim, Germany

#5 Dec 6, 2010
Dear Amphi Fans,

the first break of winter literally caught us by cold surprise. Even as we write these lines the weather-god charms us with a snowy coat all over the land, letting us dream of a white Christmas. To keep you warm at these freezing sub-zero temperatures we prepared two warming St. Nicholas' Day surprises for you:

1. New band confirmed: HOCICO

When a certain German hit-singer intoned his Song about the „Fiesta Mexicana“ way back in the 70's, he surely didn´t have HOCICO on the bill. Being the hard-edged electronic antithesis that they are, HOCICO orchestrate their shows with burning souls and hearts ablaze, just like „Fiestas Mexicanas From Hell“- hot-tempered like a volcano. After rocking the Amphi Festival in 2009 Erk Aicrag and Racso Agroyam don´t miss the opportunity to bring their latest album „Tiempos de Furia“ to the Tanzbrunnen in 2011.

2. Special Christmas offer: Amphi Festival desk calender for free

As of now a great exclusive offer is waiting for you in our official Amphi Shop. As a Christmas gift we add an Amphi Festival desk calendar for free to all ticket- and merchandise orders. The calendar has a size of 14,8 x 14,8 cm, includes lots of photo-impressions from previous festivals and is strictly limited to 500 units. Also the calendar will only be available within this special offer, as long as stock lasts! Order now to secure your copy of this cool collectible at www.amphi-festival.de/tickets .


In addition to the Amphi Ticketshop at www.amphi-festival.de/tickets festival tickets are further available online at www.protain-ticket.de & www.dark-ticket.de , at all nationwide Ticket Online and EVENTIM box offices and by phone on our 24h hotline +49 (0)1805- 568200 (14ct./ min. from the German fixed network).

Best regards
Your Amphi Festival Team

Since: Feb 10

Mainz, Germany

#6 Dec 15, 2010
Dear Amphi Fans,

with the holy fest straight ahead it´s only a few days until the busy preparations for Christmas turn into a quiet and peaceful celebration. Joining the circle of the pre-festive excitement we are also bringing our act together at full blast, though with a slight difference. We won´t let you wait till Christmas Eve to unwrap the gifts. We just hand them out today, as we have to share some marvellous musical surprises for the Amphi Festival 2011:

Amphi Festival 2011 – Line-up almost complete!

Joining the league of Nitzer Ebb, Covenant, Feindflug, Hocico, Agonoize and Leæther Strip Belgium´s supreme hard-electro ambassador Johan van Roy expands the meeting of the finest to an electronic G7 summit with SUICIDE COMMANDO. Equally enthralling, though in a different way, the synth-pop veterans DE/VISION take it on a little more gently. Also IN STRICT CONFIDENCE have confirmed their appearance at the Amphi Festival 2011, while the new 80´s-influenced all star project FUNKHAUSTRUPPE, featuring members of Welle: Erdball, Die Perlen, Hertzinfarkt and Sonnenbrandt, will climb the stage with an exclusive festival performance.

Synth-pop in a different „mode“ awaits you with pianist Lars Arnold. Under the motto CLASSIC & DEPECHE the artist will give a classic piano concert with some of the greatest hits by the legendary Brits at the Theater am Tanzbrunnen. ROME from Luxemburg are on their part about to enchant you with an acoustic version of their folk noir. Beside these aural pleasures the music theatre genre enriches the experience of the Amphi Festival 2011 as well with a true masterpiece. Based loosely on a tale by the Brothers Grimm the SALONORCHESTER WEIMAR plays "Hänsel & Gretel - ein Schauermärchen (a horrific tale)“ with music of Rammstein, Mozart and Bach.

After these confirmations there are only a few positions to remain, about to reveal more earcandy anytime soon! For further information about the Amphi Festival 2011 please head over to www.amphi-festival.de .

Original Amphi Festival Tickets are available at the Amphi Ticketshop www.amphi-festival.de/tickets . Festival tickets are further available online at www.protain-ticket.de & www.dark-ticket.de , at all nationwide Ticket Online and EVENTIM box offices or can be obtained by phone on our 24h hotline +49 (0)1805- 568200 (14ct./ min. from the German fixed network).

Merry Christmas 2010

The entire Protain Concerts and Amphi Festival Team wishes you merry Christmas and a happy new year. Enjoy the peaceful hours in the circle of your family, let yourself be richly provided and collect new strength for another great year full of exciting experiences.

Bringing this year to a close, we want to thank all of you once more for your phenomenal support in 2010 at the Zita Rock Festival in Berlin, the successful debut of the E-tropolis Festival and for the Amphi Festival that was sold out for the second time in its still young history with 16.000 people attending.

Looking forward to 2011 it will be a pleasure to meet all of you again next summer. Perhaps we also see us at one of the Eisbrecher shows or Christmas Ball Festivals!

On that note: All is Amphi!
Your Protain Concerts & Amphi Festival Team

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