Grant's autobiography music to singer...

Grant's autobiography music to singer's ears

There are 96 comments on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution story from Oct 21, 2007, titled Grant's autobiography music to singer's ears. In it, Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that:

Britney Spears, take a hint: "The first time I was asked to write a book, I was 17," says Amy Grant.

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Goose Creek, SC

#21 Jun 14, 2008
Got news for you people--Gary's the one who's already had divorce #2 (and will likely have divorce #3 if he marries his 28-year-old Hooter's waitress model girlfriend)--Amy and Vince will be together for the rest of their lives.

Why does that piss you all off so much?

Since seeing Amy happy pisses you all off so much, I have to wonder how happy you yourselves are.
Big Love

Spring, TX

#22 Jun 14, 2008
From one of the tv shows I saw Amy on, she seems to be more of a loner these days. She and Vince seem to go their own ways which is understandable with the stresses of a mixed or blended family of yours, mine and ours and the fact that her LOVE OF GOLF was to be with Vince.
And have it look to be on the up and up.

It would be really great if they would do a reality show even if it was not a series.

It was nice that Amy quit playing the everything is fine game and finally admitted that blending families is tough sledding.

In the same vein, Vince doesn't share her love of skiing or seemingly of beaches or vacations with kids, so she seems to go it alone. I've seen this mentioned in chats with Amy and other places. He seems to be more of the homebody when it comes to vacationing with Jenny, Matt, Millie, Sarah and Corrina.

Both claim they don't fight because they fought all they wanted to in their previous marriages.

Have you seen how Jon and Kate plus 8 lose their tempers from time to time? Most everyone does. It's really naive to think that someone like Vince with an admitted ANGER MANAGEMENT problem is now as peaceful as a little lamb.

There's a lot of appearances to keep up.

How would you know how "happy" Amy is these days? There's been plenty of pics where she looked just as tired, depressed, out of sorts or even kind on the loony Paula Abdul train since she married Vince.

Lots of scuttlebutt that it's not all peaches and cream.

Not that it has to be.

At least this round Amy admits she doesn't have to do housework and that they eat a lot of take-out. Big beautiful kitchen and her oven doesn't look like it has ever been touched. Maybe she has a great cleaning team.

Maybe I'd be happier too if all I had to do was sit around & pick on guitars, pick boogers, scratch my booty and pass wind. What a life!

Goose Creek, SC

#23 Jun 15, 2008
Uh, Big Love, I'm basing my assertion that Amy and Vince are happy ON THEIR MANY RECENT INTERVIEWS AND JOINT LIVE PERFORMANCES. For whatever sick reason, you WANT them to be miserable. You NEED them to be miserable.

They are soulmates, plain and simple. They adore each other. Plain and simple. Anyone, ANYONE, who is their personal friend or family member will tell you the same thing. Brown Bannister will tell you the same thing. Her SISTERS will tell you the same thing.

And of COURSE blending families is difficult. Duh! Amy and Vince are human beings, just like everyone else--only they're NICER than most other human beings.

Gary Chapman has a reputation in Nashville of being incredibly self-centered and immature. He's been plain mean to many, many people. The stories of his contempuous behavior are legendary and legion. When some of the staff on his former TV show "Prime Time Country" found out that he had gotten the job of host, THEY CRIED. This is the no-sh*t truth. I do think he ended up being pretty decent to his then-staff over the years, and he did a good job, but when they FIRST heard it was going to be Gary, they were horrified.

He's petulant (or at least he WAS petulant) and childish (or at least he WAS).

Amy was just glad to partner with a nice GUY, for God's sake.

I wish someone could locate Jennifer Pittman and ask her a few choice questions about what it ended up like being married to Gary. I know his kids adored her...and he SAID that she was the greatest thing that ever happened to him. Now he just calls her a rebound relationship. How incredibly GROSS.

And then he has the nerve to talk about how sacred marriage is....Jeez.

Amy did the only thing she could do. If she hadn't done it, she'd be in a mental institution today.

Ask the good folks in Nashville (above the age of 30), and you might just get an earful about the righteous Mr. Chapman
Big Love

Spring, TX

#24 Jun 15, 2008
Do you mean the "I sleep with a scratch golfer" interviews?
Who gives a sh**, Amy?

Or the realization that Vince is such a slob that they need a cleaning team to keep up with him and the kids?

Or that Vince admitted he eats when he is unhappy and there have been lots of stretches in their marriage when he looked like he could keel over from a heart attack due to his sheer weight?

According to Vince, Amy has the self discipline and bicycles, treadmills, and does whatever it takes to keep her body where she wants it to be even after having 4 children.

My point was that many women have to juggle car duty line in the morning and afternoon, make lunches, make breakfast, help with homework, keep up with laundry, cooking, organization, etc.

All Amy has to do (now that she has access to Vince's money) is snap her fingers or pick up a phone and it is all done for her. The point is it's a little easier to be happy when you have no money troubles, can hire everything done, etc.

I think Vince's constant stream of songs about doing it with his baby are redundant and seem like he tries too hard to stick it to the exes that they find each other irresistible sexually. Gee, wasn't that the case as well while they were still married. Maybe they didn't act on it, but it was simmering below the surface with the fire down below.

How do you know where Amy would be if still married to #1?

I don't want them to be miserable. I don't want anyone to be miserable.
I want them to be REAL and I don't see that. They are so busy proving to themselves and their fans that this was a soulmate kind of deal.

Maybe if they did a reality tv stint and we saw a little of what really goes on, might believe. It's easy to place words in an interview.

Look at Julia Roberts. She uses words like perfect to describe her husband and amazing to describe her kids. You know that with three kids, there are some hair-raising times. She is very good at acting.

When people take someone who is married, it seems there is more of a
need to keep up appearances. They don't want to hear "I told you so."

So, the Vince that Janis describes with the temper, the slobbish habits and propensity to see other women while married just evaporated? Amy cured him? Quit an amazing feat.

I've been in Nashville and guess what, no one was talking about Vince, Amy, Gary, Janis, Jennifer, etc.
Big Love

Spring, TX

#25 Jun 15, 2008
p.s. And even though I'm on this board, I was in Nashville and did not look for Amy & Gary's old house, Gary's new house, Vince and Amy's House or any other celebs.

I did see lots of Waffle Houses, one of their supposed places to go. I don't see Amy enjoying that, but then again, I don't know her.

I see where Vince, Amy and Corrina are doing something with family golf month. What about Jenny, Matt, Millie and Sarah? I guess Corrina doesn't have a choice and the older ones do.

If Gary wanted to, I'm sure he could spill and spew quite a bit about Amy, but he doesn't. It is called restraint and respect. I have heard Amy say she is glad to be married to Vince because she can trust him and then she moos and goos about how cute he is. Maybe she still sees him as the man she met or got to know in 1991.

I was glad to see Vince isn't totally whipped. He wasn't above or beyond staring at Sheryl when they played together without Wifey #2.


Goose Creek, SC

#26 Jun 16, 2008
Big Love, you are so jealous and bitter. It drives you apesh*t that Amy's hot for Vince. You can't imagine how she could love someone who's overweight.
Well, a-hole, it's because he's A NICE PERSON.
Oh, a nice person who doesn't drive drunk!(Or should I say drive after dragging on a few blunts.)
Oh, and a nice person who isn't eaten up with jealousy over her success!
Maybe if Gary Chapman could have let go of his venomous jealousy, and not been the kind of guy to operate a vehicle under the influence, he'd still be with Amy. And Jennifer!
Do you think Amy Grant NEEDS Vince Gill's money? Really? You REALLY think that? It seems to me that she has enough money to buy Gary Chapman's helicopter and airplane, his BMWs and his Hummers and his other SUVs! She has enough to pay for his vacations and his 11,000 square foot house on a hill! And his artwork! And his guitar collection!
I have a feeling that Big Love is actually Gary Chapman.
In which case, his nom de plume is truly ironic.
I find it pathetic that Gary Chapman would even BE on these message boards. You'd never find Amy Grant on these message boards.
And come to think of it, I don't have to defend someone like Amy Grant...She is a class act and needs no defending from bottomfeeders like shapelmnl (who also can't keep a wife, apparently)and "Big Love."
So, actually, I'm going to stop wasting my time giving you tools one bit of my attention.
Be well in Jealous and Bitter Land!

Minot, ND

#27 Jun 17, 2008
Amy did not "do the only thing she could do". We never have the choice to disobey the creator of the universe and love of our souls who has the best ahead for us, or "end up in a mental institution". Think about that one.

I have another question to ask anyone out there. What is a soulmate? Who makes that definition? I know I'm in the safest place by standing on God's Word and letting my perceptions be shaped by His absolute truth. According to Him "He makes one of two" (I think someone wrote that in a song also- haha). Now that's what I call "soulmates". Or, do we choose to "lean on our own understanding" and feelings.

There are alot of needy, hurting people out there who are looking for hope. When a Christian is asked on national television,"What do you do when you meet your soulmate and it's not your spouse?" this is a great opportunity to shine the truth, heart, and ability of God to people who desperately need to hear and see it.

I choose to fall completely into Him. It is because of His mercy on my life and miracles He's done in my own marriage, because I chose to trust in His ability and obey Him. It's taken 18 years, but God is not so interested in how long it takes or how "happy" we are in the process, just that He gets the chance.

People are watching us. They have their own questions. Is God real? Is He big enough for their hopeless messes?

Let us be a people that really walk in truth. Let us submerge ourselves in His Word to know Him and what is true, give ourselves completely to the possession of His Spirit, and to the best we can do what He says. We would "turn the world upside down". Isn't that why He came, died, and left His Spirit? We are to be extensions of Christ shining truth and hope to people He cares so deeply for. But then we would be hated as He was. But do we want the praises of people- or of God?

Minot, ND

#28 Jun 17, 2008
An addendum...Amy answered the "soulmate" question probably the best she could have being in the position she put herself in. She referred to the mercy of God. It is the same mercy that has done miracles in my own marriage. I just denounce the implication their lives have communicated that when life gets too hard and too long we can take life in our own hands and reap the best. God's mercy and goodness turns out much beauty from our ashes and failures, but all ends are not equal. With surrendered hearts and lives, God's best was ahead for Amy and Gary's marriage as well as Vince and Janis'. I will stand by that with all my heart. This is not to go down the useless "what if" road, it is to speak to all of us where we are right now, the choices we face today. To look to Jesus the starter and finisher of our faith. To leave what is behind and reach to what is ahead, to walk in love and forgiveness, to put up with one another no matter what our complaints, doing it before God and not people, knowing that we will be repaid for wrong done and receive reward from the One we really live in front of.(Col. 3)
iamHis-muddy chunks

Minot, ND

#29 Jun 17, 2008
hi gary. i am shanna's husband. (iamHis). through the years we have both enjoyed your music. it is so much better when people like me can get to know the artist as the person. it has only been through your music and marraige to amy that i have come to know would be cool to have some kind of dialogue that is beyond the 'music'. in the past i have had the pleasure to have a little connection with the singer from king's x and am trying to contact neil morse through facebook. i will try to sign up on this page soon be well gary...muddy (w. james anderson)

Spring, TX

#30 Oct 14, 2008
Oh, Gary, one just never knows what will find at the end of the fishing pole here.

It is kind of ironic that Stella comes in from Mt. Pleasant.

I'm wondering if she sucks a whole bag of lemons before she posts.
Or downs a bottle of vinegar.

As for myself, I can only be young once, but I can be immature forever.

I don't think the way some people were acting during their marriage was exactly mature, two married people making googly eyes at one another for years on end and then getting married before the ink is barely dry.
I honestly don't know why she didn't break it off in the mid 90's when she knew where her heart was. That would have been more humane.

Spring, TX

#31 Oct 26, 2008
And Stella-hole, for the record, 300 lbs. as in VG's approximated weight is not overweight, it's obese, in the heart attack drop dead range. I can't even imagine what having sex with someone that size must be like. Then again, maybe he sings about it because he can't do it anymore. Bad knees, bad back, no golf, separate tours, etc. Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it?

And by the fact that you are reading even post and knit-picking over tiny typos, could you by chance be another teacher? Your life must be so full, with correcting posts and all.

You take the bait every time.


Thanks for the laughs!

Spring, TX

#32 Oct 26, 2008
gary chapman fan wrote:
Jenny, the very rich daughter of Gill, rich by future inheritance only of course, seems to me to be a hanger-on. For Amy to actually infer she is "her" child, is such a diss toward Janis, Jenny's biological mom. I heard Janis and Jenny are very close, so I can't understand this - well of course I can - it's another one of AG's spins to make everything look like paradise.
As for Jenny, she has no career of her own, isn't talented enough to make it on her own as a country singer, and it seems her full time job now is backup singer to the Gills. Shame on her. That girl needs a life of her own. Butt-kissing doesn't pay very well, except of course unless your last name is Gill.
Another hahaha moment. Someone lurking must be seething over this one.

Spring, TX

#33 Jan 8, 2009
Everyone sing along, "Love Will Find a Way"...Gary, not to denigrate your ex-wife, but I heard her "trying" to sing some of the old tunes and her vocals were not there. Maybe her fans don't care. She says she and Vince sing in the same register. And the hula-hooping thing. Have you seen some of the you tube footage? Oh, well. Don't let the past get in the way of the present.
Brad Pitt supposedly got caught perusing pics of his ex in a bikini.
It happens.

San Jose, CA

#34 Jan 8, 2009
We all know by now Metro that AG is washed up!! Her voice sounds like crap, she's done, she should retire and hang up that guitar and mic for good...Her singing days are long long over, say g'nite Amy!!

Spring, TX

#35 Jan 13, 2009
All I'll say is that I'd love to hear more of Sarah C.

Spring, TX

#36 Nov 18, 2009
Finally wrote:
We all know by now Metro that AG is washed up!! Her voice sounds like crap, she's done, she should retire and hang up that guitar and mic for good...Her singing days are long long over, say g'nite Amy!!
I don't think Mama Duggar is ever going to voluntarily give up having babies (Grandma Michelle is pregnant again, will deliver at 43 and has a new grandbaby born in October 2009 and I think it is just as unlikely that Amy will ever retire. Marrying Vince took her a lot of new places and probably opened up a lot of opportunities although she had a pretty rabid fan base IIRC. Maybe she and Michelle can
collaborate on something, maybe make some MUD PUDDLES. Amy keeps herself looking good and can strum and sing, so she will be in the spotlight or at least in the shadow of her chubby hubby.
Not trying to be mean, just calling it like I see it.

Spring, TX

#37 Dec 27, 2009
stella wrote:
shapelmnl, isn't it "one could deduce," not "one could deduct"?
Instead of spending your time obsessing about how flaky Amy Grant is, why don't you take a developmental grammar course at your local juco?
Thanks for paying attention. One day, I will get ShapeImIn to correct this and "sned" it back to you.
Ever heard of a typo?

Spring, TX

#38 Feb 7, 2010
Finally wrote:
We all know by now Metro that AG is washed up!! Her voice sounds like crap, she's done, she should retire and hang up that guitar and mic for good...Her singing days are long long over, say g'nite Amy!!
I don't think she will ever give it up. She is releasing something else. I don't buy her music anymore and it's not because of her divorce. It just doesn't speak to me anymore. I heard her Hallelujah song and felt nothing. If it works for others, that's great. Same thing when I thumbed through her autobiography. It just seemed like a rehashing of old stories told many times before. She probably could have really reached an audience of people who went through the same struggles she did.

I was also raised to believe that if you feel really strongly about a person, that you should marry them and love will conquer all. It's unfair to tell young, immature girls this. You marry too young and then have a divorce to regret the rest of your life. Wouldn't it be better to have an affair (if you must) and then move on? Of course, ideally the first person you are intimate with might be your life-time mate, but that doesn't seem to be the norm anymore.

She makes it even worse by pretending she and Gary have reconciled differences and that the divorce has made the family stronger. He begs to differ. Someone needs to pull her out of the FOG, but it appears to be too late.

United States

#39 Feb 7, 2010
The fog will clear when the light of truth pierces it.

Spring, TX

#40 Feb 21, 2010
Finally wrote:
We all know by now Metro that AG is washed up!! Her voice sounds like crap, she's done, she should retire and hang up that guitar and mic for good...Her singing days are long long over, say g'nite Amy!!
That's what pro tools are for
sung to the tune of "That's What Love is For."
I've seen/heard the process and it's amazing.

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