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“Nastia Liukin inspires me.....”

Since: Feb 09

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#1 Mar 29, 2009
I can't keep a secret:



Sonny:What exactly are you doing??

Tony:Putting on my make-up.

Sonny:But your bending down.


Sonny:Are you hiding something from me?

Tony:No it's not like I hid your fan-mail in the couch.

Sonny:You what!?!

Tony:Nothing!I gotta go to rehearsals!

Tony Runs Out.

Zora Comes In.

Zora:Whoa whats up Sonny?

Sonny:Things aren't going so good.


Sonny:Tony starting up again hiding things from me.

Zora:Uh-Oh that can't be good so where is she now?

Sonny:She is down at rehearsal.

Zora:Then get your butt down there and talk to her.

Sonny:Zora,I can't it's not even a rehearsal I'm assigned to.

Zora:Well look the time I got to go!

Sonny:Bye Zora


Zora says Boom Bam Bop and Claps and dissapears.

Sonny:I should go to talk to her she is on her lunch break right about now!

Sonny Runs Out The Door,

Tony:Me want more food!!!

Sonny:Then go to the snack table and get some.

Tony:Sonny,since when you do you go to the Baby More Food skit?

Sonny:What are you hiding from me?

Tony:Nothing just gloss!

Tony Puts Her Hands Over Her Mouth.

Sonny:You've been hiding my Glossy Gossip Magizines from me??

Sonny runs to the dressing room and finds them.

Covington, GA

#2 Jun 3, 2009
tawni:hay sonny um your kinda a bit tardy

sonny:to what

tawni:to rehersels

sonny:no i got to get in there.

tawni[on the phone]:hay make sure she eats the tacos[then sonny does and she throws up]

United States

#3 Jun 25, 2009
yea ummm sexi lexi nooo and u spelt tawny wrong u spelt it tony and that says tony sooo yea and u may wanna think over the sexi lexi thing over cause it is sooo not true.

Fort Collins, CO

#4 Jul 9, 2009
Im sorry buut this is the worst script ever
Miley Cyrus

Fort Collins, CO

#5 Jul 9, 2009
Hey guys its miley cyrus

Naugatuck, CT

#6 Jul 10, 2009
guys learn how to spell(:

Doylestown, PA

#7 Jul 17, 2009
daaayuuum neva hear from these bro anymoooe
i misss my bros:(
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#8 Jul 24, 2009
Miley Cyrus wrote:
Hey guys its miley cyrus
yeah right as if miley would waste her time reading stuff like this. your not miley so stop impersonating her.

“Nastia Liukin inspires me.....”

Since: Feb 09

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#9 Jul 26, 2009
alexis wrote:
yea ummm sexi lexi nooo and u spelt tawny wrong u spelt it tony and that says tony sooo yea and u may wanna think over the sexi lexi thing over cause it is sooo not true.
u spelt it wrong to its tawni and i just found that out so bam!
Demi Lovato

Kodak, TN

#10 Jul 27, 2009
Hey that script is great why don't you send it in to disney channel Tiffany agrees with me.

Marysville, WA

#11 Jul 27, 2009

South Bend, IN

#12 Jul 27, 2009
Part 1:

Tawni: Chad what are you doing here ?
Chad: Well of couse,I'm chad dylan cooper!
Tawni: And i'm tawni harrison!
Chad: seriously Tawni just go away!
Tawni: no you need to go away this is the so random set!
Chad: it is?I thought it was the random people set!
Tawni: GO!
Guard: Aren't you Tawni Harrison from so random?
Tawni:of cousrse I am are you a fan asking?
Guard: NO!Now get off this set!
Tawni: Fine!(leaves)
(At Their Hideout)
Zora: I can't believe Chad!
Tawni: OUR guard wouldn't let me go in our set!
Sonny: well lets just hope for the best!
Grady: how can we hope for the best?
Nico: yeah sonny i heard chad is trying to shut down So random!
Tawni: WHAT!?!your saying my fame is gonna end!?!
Grady: possibly!
Tawni: NO!!!!!!!!!!
Sonny: i know what we're gonna we're gonna do were gonna shut down mackenzie falls!
Chad: yeah right!
Sonny:(stepping to him)it's ppssible that we could shut down mackenzie falls just like it's possible for you to shut down so random!
Chad: i already got back up!
Tawni: ha as if!
Chad: i got fake videos of you guys saying i want to shut down so random as well!
Everyone: WHAT!?!
Chad: yeah oh yeah see ya at the ending of so random!
(chad leaves)
Zora: we have got to do something fast!
Sonny: we gotta talk to marshall about this he's the master of this place there is no way in the world he'll let chad shut down so random!
Tawni: well duh!
Nico: let's go!!
(In marshall's office)
Marshall:shhh important call!
On the phone: yes mother!
Tawni: oh come on!!
Marshall: okay what?
Tawni: chad is trying to shut down so random!
Marshall: really?
Sonny: yes!!
Marshall:then why does this poster he gave me says mackenzie falls giving thanks to so random?
Sonny and Tawni:UGH!!!!NO HE DIDN'TT!!!!q

Birmingham, UK

#13 Jul 28, 2009
Miley Cyrus wrote:
Hey guys its miley cyrus
oh yeah i am beyonce

United States

#14 Jul 28, 2009
Marshall: Tawni sonny is this a joke?
Marshall: but he's giving thanks!
Tawni:*under hear breath*oh he's giving thanks all right!
Sonny looks at Tawni.
Sonny: this isnt funny!
Tawni: marshall fine we'll talk to you later!
they run out.
Nico: so did they get help?
Tawni: nooo!
Sonny:*faking* we have got to hope for the best!
Everyone but sonny: OH SHUTUP!
Zora: great this is just great we should just pack our bags and say goodbye cause no one cares about so random but us!
Tawni: i do and i want to keep my fame!
Zora:*drags her feet on the carpet and shocks her*would it kill ya to think about anyone else but yourself!?!
Tawni: oww!
Grady:This is just great and you know what lets all spilt up and im going to deal with chad at mackenzie falls!
Everyone: okay break!
With Grady.
Chad: grady what's up?
Grady: yo uh i just saw jesse mccartney outside he said he wants to see you!member he's on your banned list?
Chad: no he's not coming anywhere near my set!*goes out to the parking lot*
Grady:*pulls out a walkie talkie and tals to nico*Mission accomplished!chad is outside looking for "jesse"of course he'll go to the old dog kennels meet him over there and lock him in and don't forget to lock all the doors and turn on all the Electric fence switches.....and put'em on HIGH!
Nico: roger back!and after we'll meet back with the group so we can get a plan going!chad's not going anywhere for awhile!
With Chad
(Nico comes up behind him and puts his hands behind his back)
Nico: haha!*puts him in and and locks all the doors and turns all the electric switches on high*
Nico:*tuns away and talking into his walkie talke*GET THE GROUP!
With The Group
Tawni: yes!we are so awseom!
Sonny: i got an idea we can all just go and do stuff to keep him from doing stuff and make his show go all messed up and people won't send them fanmail or watch it and then we'll be safe!
Everyone:lets all make our plan sonny you do yours!
Sorry it's so short look at the next episode

Clydebank, UK

#15 Aug 11, 2009
Ummmm Tawni's second naym iz HART NOT harrison!! haha lol joka !! xx =]
Jim Bob


#16 Aug 13, 2009
tht was craap
miley cyrus

Lebanon, PA

#17 Aug 21, 2009
i liked it

Austin, TX

#18 Aug 23, 2009
Demi Lovato wrote:
Hey that script is great why don't you send it in to disney channel Tiffany agrees with me.
yeah it is really good and should be an episode! You know Demi there is some really good storys on that when I read them ( the ones that seemed more what would likely happen on the show) I thought they would be perfect episodes for the show so you should check it out!

Minneapolis, MN

#19 Aug 24, 2009
Miley Cyrus wrote:
Hey guys its miley cyrus
Haha yeah right. Miley isn't as shallow as that. Wannabe
selena gomez fan and demi

Lebanon, PA

#20 Sep 4, 2009
sonny:hi tawin how is your new bf james
tawin:fine we broke up
sonny: why
tawin:he was kissing another girl
tawin:did you kiss him sonny
sonny:yes but when i was getting fan mail he kissed the crap out of me
zora:is this a chick fight if it is i get the the popcorn and nico and grady
sonny:zora this is not a chick fight
tawin:to me it is zora get nico and grady

scene 2
in the hallway

chad:nico grady i will never let you on the set of mackenzie falls to talk to the girls they don't like you only me and me only okay
nico and grady: okay chad you cant get a kiss from sonny
chad nico and grady: yes zora
zora:sonny and tawin is having a chick fight and you guys should see it even sonny is afarid of tawin beating her up
chad nico and grady:lets go

scene 3
sonny and tawin room

sonny:i dont want to fight
tawin:well i do
zora chad nico and grady rushes to sonny and tawin room
nico:what we miss
then sonny and tawin starts to fight but marshell comes in and says
marshell:why are sonny and tawin fighting
zora:well sonny kissed tawin bf james and tawin did not know that sonny was kissing
marshell:zora how did tawin see them kissing
zora:don't know ask her yourself
marshell: stop sonny and tawin tawin how did you see them kissing
tawin: well i was going to his house when i saw them kissing
marshell:did this guy have blonde hair
marshell:well that was sonny and chad kissing
tawin:sonny im sorry i thought that was what you kissed chad in the lips ewwwwwwwwwww we dont like chad but james said the chad said that you were cute
sonny:really chad thats true hold on wait tawin this is your first time saying sorry im so sorry to and i did not kiss chad marshell i was in james house kissing him
sonny:im sorry im in trouble
tawin is chasing sonny while thw others laughed and walked out the room
the end

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