Robert Newman - The Mozart Myth

Robert Newman - The Mozart Myth

There are 299 comments on the TruthSeeker24's anti-N.W.O. corner story from Apr 12, 2009, titled Robert Newman - The Mozart Myth. In it, TruthSeeker24's anti-N.W.O. corner reports that:

Monday, April 06, 2009 Robert Newman - The Mozart Myth March 29, 2009 Robert Newman has been researching Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for 15 years, we talk about the Myth, PR campaign and lies surrounding Mozart life.

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Robert Newman

Swansea, UK

#245 May 6, 2012
Hi P.A.S.

Thanks for the invitation. I receive quite a few invites to discuss the (alleged)'history of music' and would be glad to be interviewed if you have a rough idea of the subject.

Mozart is just one example of the pagan myth that has become 'musical history'. There are MANY others. But he is perhaps the most famous, the most highly documented and celebrated. That is the reason why I have focused on his life, career and achievements to show how massive the fairy story is. The basic questions go unanswered because the Mozart story is not designed to be questioned.

Beyond fair and reasonable doubt the evidence shows virtually everything about W.A. Mozart was a fraud. Invented and managed by the pagan ruling elites of Europe. His iconic status proof positive that people like fairy stories.
Robert Newman

Swansea, UK

#246 May 6, 2012
I have posted you an email to the address you gave.

For the benefit or readers here I will post details of any interview we may make.


Robert Newman
'The Manufacture of Mozart'
Mike O

Pasadena, CA

#247 May 29, 2012
Robert Newman wrote:
Readers of this thread will see how the subject of Mozart and his giant musical status are marginalised by those who cannot and will discuss the subject. Who are forced to attack those who do. Who throw mud, hoping that some sticks. Who want you to be deflected from the subject.
Bloggs, I have as said many times been researching and writing on Mozart for almost 15 years. I have a track record of posting on the subject of Mozart on the internet alone for over 6 of those years. Have also been in touch with literally dozens of libraries and dozens of writers on his life, career and musical achievements for most of that time. Have contacted in this time some of the great music libraries, librarians and archivists in Vienna, Prague, London, Paris, Rome, Modena, Florence, Frankfurt, Berlin, Vienna etc. etc. in all of this time. And am in correspondence with many teachers and writers who have written on the subject. In addition, I've read MANY biographies of Mozart, have studied the Mozart family correspondence in detail over this same period and have in 2008 helped in the writing of a detailed study of the opera 'Le Nozze di Figaro'(written by two experts in 18th century opera) and have contributed dozens, even hundreds of articles on the subject of Mozart and his myth in this same time.
It does not matter to me or anyone else if you are a truck driver or a musicologist. What we want to see are details of the subject including Mozart's musical and academic education. But it seems you cannot provide any such details because they never existed. The Mozart myth is rarely examined in any detail. And so you want to divert us from our subject. As you have also tried to divert us from the interview given on the Swedish 'Red Ice' programme.
Please provide us here on this thread with some details of where Mozart studied music, when, and under what teacher. And provide us please with details of his schooling. If you cannot after numerous requests let readers decide for themselves who is interested in discussing the subject of Mozart and who is not.
We want to examine the evidence. Do you have any evidence on Mozart and his education or are you just an agent of misinformation ?
Thank You
Mozart didnt need to go to music school. Why do you insist on bringing that only fact up to support your argument? There is no way anyone fooled the whole music community with scores Mozart didnt write..Beethoven would laugh at you.
Mike O

Pasadena, CA

#248 May 29, 2012
Who cares that Mozart didnt have a "music" education?.. It was because he was a freakin genius that studied on his own. Ive studied everything Mozart ever did, and I can assure you most of the works have many hints they were written by the same man. There is a style, and also a Mozart "musical trademark" that showed Mozart would put a hidden stamp in his works. According to studies of Mozarts "music trademark", there was only one other composer who used the trademark phrase: Johann Sabastian Bach. Only one man could have identified this phrase and use it in his own works..and that is a genius. The genius of Mozart...Calm down my friend..You know you are living a lie..You just keep repeating the same things to justify your theory. Beethoven was the greatest copier of Mozart in the history of music and he wasn't fooled. Its about time to just realize your theory does not hold water.

Rochester, MI

#249 Jun 13, 2012
Who is W.a. Mozart???
Robert Newman

Evesham, UK

#250 Jun 14, 2012
Let's play a game and pretend that we are educated and cultured on music.

Name 50 composers of the 18th century and tell us you have heard their music.

OK, how about 30 ?

No ? OK, how about 20 ?

Or 10 ????

Mozart is a manufactured idol of the elites. Invented by and patronised by the Babylonian controllers of the academic and cultural world. Created by the music industry of that time, and consumed wholesale. With the full support of the secret fraternities, of music publishers, editors, Freemasonic and Illuminati at every stage of his life and ever since. While the lives, careers and musical achievements of over 3,000 18th century composers are simply ignored. Fact. Get used to it. As for 'Mozart's musical style' it never appears till the 1780's and it's totally false to say otherwise. In point of fact the style of late Mozart is shared by dozens, even hundreds of his own contemporaries. Fact. Get used to it.

More than 500 of 'his' works were not even known during his lifetime. Fact. Get used to it.

There is nothing true about Mozart. It's all fake. It's not 'musical history'. It's NWO mythology.
edward n

Rochester, MI

#251 Jun 14, 2012
18th century only? or all of classical music, barouque, romantic, rennasiance etc.. altogheter?

I'll just start gonig off the top of my head

1. handel 2. J.S. Bach 3. C.J Bach, 4. Joseph Hyden, 4. Antonio salieri 5. Gluck 6. Pacheba 7. Antonio vivaldi, 8.Leopold Mozart 9. P Telemann 10. Beethoven (he counts, he was born in 1771 and composed starting in the 1790s there are 10. I can do more, but so what.
Namwen Trebor

Rochester, MI

#252 Jun 15, 2012
This stuff is great. LMAO

Bristol, UK

#253 Jun 23, 2012
Fin wrote:
<quoted text>
I am certainly NOT a 'Newman stooge' or his 'aler ego'. Having read many of the posts, and although I don't entirely agree with Mr Newman, I find it amazing you engage yourselves in mud-slinging and personalised insults. just like the many bully-boys of these various music forums. What I don't understand is why the existance of a different view on Mozart draws such venom from people whose entire posts are filled with abuse? Why are you so enraged over some cock eyed composer who died over 200 years ago? The tale-telling nature of such posts(about how many forums Mr Newman has been banned from, etc. etc - many at the hands of the same sort of people)hardly justify your view he's a lunatic.
Very well said, i don't know why mr Newman bothers trying to convince the faithfull as they will never change their minds even if mozart arose from the dead and told them himself.i would bet that most have not even heard what he has to say, as soon as they see where he is coming from straight away the ear mufflers and blinkers will be in place.

Bristol, UK

#254 Jun 23, 2012
Ps Mr Newman, i at least have heard your interview on Red Ice and thought it was Very Very interesting indeed, Thank you so much for all the time you have spent researching, if a few more took their heads out of the sand this world would be a much better place.
edward N

Inkster, MI

#255 Jul 2, 2012

Did you ever do that interview with that PAS studios or whoever it was that offered it to you in late spring? you were going to post the output of the interview here for us. What's the status?
Robert Newman


#256 Jul 8, 2012
Hi Edward,
I have made no interview of that kind recently.
I can only repeat that in my considered view 'The History of Music'(so called) is a product of insitutionalised charlatanism and falsehood, the fact of which is long overdue for wider recognition. This will no doubt be responded to by its defenders as 'an impossibility. The subject has at face value enjoyed such an impressive track record despite the fact that it provides, in fact, no history at all. Indeed, that ‘history of music’ tends to be presented in only the most superficial, exaggerated, and highly eulogised and falsified ways. The most well known examples being consumed wholesale but never subjected to criticism. We are encouraged to believe such things as the products of a musical ‘science'. Matched by the inability/unwillingness of authors to encourage serious criticism of its principal teachings. This is the ‘musical history’which has risen largely unchecked to elevated status in the minds of professors and music lovers over those past two centuries despite becoming ever more dogmatic in virtually all its chief propositions. Indeed, the highly sanitised lives and careers of a small group of musical individuals known to have been influenced by men such as Anton Mesmer (the founder of hypnosis) and other later occultist writers and ‘assistants’ such as Madame Blavatsky are only two cases in point with influence on most of the leading characters of that same ’history’. The subject shows every sign of having been deliberately concocted in numerous other ways by the input of cultural patrons, elitists and political, empirical, and commercial interests. So the eulogised musical individuals (on which the whole edifice of a pseudo’history’ has been built) are the ‘great musical composers. Each of whom were recruited, influenced, informed and controlled throughout their careers by patrons and managers. Even to the extent that each was dependent upon fraternal patrons and managers for public success throughout their lives in terms of their biographies. Each being grossly invented and posthumously elevated to become the musical icons we know today. This process of transcendental mystification being posthumously and cynically commemorated in statues little different from those made of the pagan gods of ancient Greece and Rome. The most obvious means by which this was achieved being attribution to each of numerous musical works they never composed. These credited by a string of sympathetic biographers, publishers, musical editors, patrons, fraternal individuals and commercialised interests. It is because of largely unrecognised wholesale false musical attribution (itself the most giant fact of ‘classical music’ as a whole) that Musicology and its account of musical history, so called, provides so grotesque and inaccurate a picture of music and musical achievement (often at the expense of the lives, careers and achievements of hundreds, even thousands of musicians whose names and careers are today virtually unknown). We may accurately describe this insitutionalised nonsense as a specially virulent form of ‘pseudo science’ designed, dressed up, managed and consumed wholesale for the credulous in virtually all its forms from the time of its inception. With the most outrageous examples being unquestioned publications, lectures, concerts and broadcasts on the lives, careers and musical achievements of these same 'great' composers.

Wells, UK

#257 Aug 1, 2012
Hi Robert.

Is your book published yet?

If not, can you enlighten me about the likely date.
georgie porgie

Detroit, MI

#258 Aug 1, 2012
Mango, mango mango.

my dear friend, don't you nkow what Robert is going to tell you? seroiusly, the topic is the life and times of W.A Mozart the fraud and the actor. ASking about some published book is not on topic, that is exactly what he will tell you.

Wells, UK

#259 Aug 5, 2012

I'm still looking forward to hearing from Robert Newman himself about his book.
Robert Newman


#260 Aug 11, 2012
Can a history be invented ? By its patrons and those loyal to their agenda ? Yes, it can. Can idols be erected and myths of their life, career and achievements be perpetuated in the name of science and culture ? Certainly, yes !! The history of music is a fairy story. In Musicology (whose chief and most celebrated product is 'the history of music' our subject is dogmatically defined as 'an account of music and musicians down the ages'.

But what sort of 'accountant' or 'account' of a large enterprise would provide us only and exclusively a Credit but never a Debit side of his accounting ? Delivering to the adoring masses (without exception) statements on 'achievement' or of 'enlightened patronage'. Which, in point of factalways brings us full circle to the 'attribution' to these heroes of works whose history is literally riddled with musical and more obvious problems. All ignored. The case of Mozart's actual achievements (hundreds of works published which clearly are not his) being a case in point.

The bank system survives because we give it credit. It extorts us in doing so and it is usury, plain and simple. But so does the 'history of music'.

Have you read OE Deutsch's 'Documentary Biography of Mozart'? Now, there was an honest man ! And what thanks did his work receive from the Mozarteum in Salzburg when it provided many of the more inconvenient biographical facts of the 'genius's' life and career ? Again, what was the fate of theatre manager Giuseppe Afflisio who was exiled and imprisoned for life in Italy for daring to describe Mozart and his father as stage managed 'fakes' during the time of the ill-fated 'La finta semplice' in Vienna in 1768 ? The case of the Requiem and the silence in Vienna at the time of Mozar's death there in 1791 is another example. Since nobody, it seems, had actually heard of him. And hundreds of masterpieces (we are told) lay under his bed during his last years of poverty. None of which he tried to sell. No, you must wait half a century for the list of 'his' musical achievements. And you must, in the meantime, believe this 'genius' was a musical superboy and musical superman.

'There will be no whitewash at the White House', right ? And as the Babylonian statues of the western musical pantheon are erected you find yourself applauding them yourself. Trapped within the bubble of fakery, falsehood and academic/cultural control of a fake history. There were no 'great' composers. There is only a 3D hologram coming to cinemas near you. The thing to do is remove the glasses and tell yourself,'I am fed up with manipulated fiction'. Music deserves better.

Wells, UK

#261 Aug 12, 2012
I see you have totally ignored my question about when your book is going to be published.

Have you any answer?
Robert Newman

Stowmarket, UK

#262 Oct 5, 2012

I never think of publishing what I am doing. It has no place in my thinking. None. But, since you ask, I hope to finish it in the coming year. I really do. It might surprise you.

That is my answer.
george butler

Ann Arbor, MI

#263 Oct 5, 2012
You have talked about this book for years and years. you will never publish it.
BTW, to everyone on here, I bet you Robert Newman can also show us how Barak Obama actaully won the debate the other night. I can't wait to hear this.

Telford, UK

#264 Oct 7, 2012

Thanks for your reply. I had given up expecting one. On closer inspection of your reply, I'm left wondering exactly what it is you're intending to publish, as you don't actually say it's the long-awaited book on Mozart's alleged fakery. Can you confirm that it is this book, or is it something completely different?

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