Tenor Bocelli says 'contaminated' by ...

Tenor Bocelli says 'contaminated' by temptation of money

There are 8106 comments on the Channels.netscape.com story from Mar 26, 2006, titled Tenor Bocelli says 'contaminated' by temptation of money. In it, Channels.netscape.com reports that:

Italian opera star Andrea Bocelli said he was "contaminated" by the temptation of money even if he already has too much.

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Hampton, NH

#8148 Nov 2, 2012
My heartfelt cndolences to you and our sister i the loss of your brother-n-law. No one should have to endure what she wen through what she did at such a time in their life.

I come from Canada and I'm aware that many Americans travel to Canada to obtain precription medicines. This is somewhat of a dangerous thing to do, however, as there's much dishonesty in that area and too often, those seeking a less expensive way to get the medicines they require are getting a "doctored" form, not what they truly think they're buying. The practice endangers the patients to a great extent.

I truly wish you and the US the very best possible outcome in your upcoming election on Tuesday. May the best man/woman win the office they seek. As someone else has already pointed out bfor eme, as America's fortunes go, so goes the world. What impacts the US also impacts other countries and all are, therefore, concerned and interested.

I, too, have enjoyed sharing ideas and opinions with you. It's refreshing to speak with a thoughtful person.

Mansfield, MA

#8149 Nov 3, 2012
I think it is wonderful to share ideas and people like yourself and Katy bring a very helpful perspective from different countries. Eventually -a few hundred years - we will all understand that we are citizens of the world and must figure out how we can live on this planet in such a way that all share in the cookies.

People always argue but I do think we go forward in starts in stops. There are very few moments, actually, when the arguing stops. In my mother's life time, it was the day Pearl Harbor was bombed, December 7th. In my day, it was the day JFK was assassinated and for my children, I am sure it will be September 11, 2001. Nothing brings people together like the common enemy. Should we be attacked from outer space, all countries would get that real quick - but, in the meantime, we argue!

Reading about Churchill the other day - when Germany attack Russia and Churchill addressed Parliament to gain support for Stalin, he commented to the effect that if Hitler invaded Hell, he'd have a few good words to say of the devil.

Another good quote from someone the other day - Government is always the enemy until you need a friend!

Mansfield, MA

#8150 Nov 11, 2012
Now that the election is behind us, I think, in years to come, we will view this as a clear indication that life has changed in America. It wasn't that Romney failed to get out his base; rather, that the demographics of this country have left his party stranded high and dry on an island of aging white men surrounded by a moralizing fringe of lunatics. Woman have spoken. Never again, I believe, will candidates preach their personal morality which attempts to limit access to planned parenthood and attack women's right to choose regarding abortion. Health care will not be rolled back to be held hostage to the inevitable greed and inequality resulting from privatization. People of all shades of skin color have just as much claim on the American dream as the white guys. Electable candidates will get this.

To be honest, I was a little afraid. Romney had his firework barge set up in the Charles to celebrate his victory. Along with the people of Belmont - where Romney owns a condo to support his residency and shows up once a year - where the fellow citizens of Belmont voted against him two to one - I believe we have seen the last of him!

Hampton, NH

#8151 Nov 11, 2012
Gert, don't hold your breath on that one. Romney supporters are already gearing for a 2016 run.

A good (if somewhat head-in-the-sandish) friend of mine commented to me about that on election night -once it became apparent that Romney had lost (his own confidence gave him momentum. I just couldn't believe he actually didn't have a concession speech prepared along with a victory speech) I don't know if that was confidence or arrogance.

Many do believe he'll be the Pat Paulson of the GOP - always a bridesmaid, never a bride. I guess folks will have to admit that he gave the opposition a run for it's money this time, though.

Hampton, NH

#8152 Jan 18, 2013
My husband happens to have subscribed some time ago to Bocelli.de and occasionally receives the newsletter from them, as happened this morning. Just out of curiosity, I glanced at the thing and found myself no little disgusted with what I saw.
Included were photos of Bocelli with that little baby on his shoulders at a concert, evidently. One wrong move on his part and that baby would have gone carreening off his shoulders to the ground! The man is clearly exploiting his own child (hardly a great surprise, is it?) Is there no limit to his shennanigans? Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if that money grubbing David Foster put this poor idiot up to doing something like that! And where's the child's mother, pray tell? Probably displaying her ample attributes elsewhere - not paying attention to what was going on with her fiance' and that baby! Good God! How can anyone admire people like this?

Wolverhampton, UK

#8153 Jan 19, 2013
@Fallon, I was there that night and that baby was not in danger. He was calm and so was she. It was clear he does this a lot and since he has two other unharmed children who are now adults I do not think you should stress too much. I've got to say that you sound like a scary, nasty individual; if you have such a loathing for him, his ethos, his fiancee and his management, why do you sign up for a newsletter? As far as admiring him goes, he is just a person like the rest of us and I'm sure he has his faults, but I'm not bothered about his private life, I just love the voice. I certainly have admiration for an inspirational individual who is out there doing something with his life rather than an embittered soul like yourself sat behind a monitor spewing seriously weirdly obsessed hatred, talking of which where does your spite towards fiancee come from? Oh, wait .........

Bradford, UK

#8156 Jan 20, 2013
Hear, hear Arianna! I'm looking forward to seeing the movie coming out of the concert held in beautiful Portofino.

Mansfield, MA

#8157 Jan 26, 2013

FYI - People who criticize Bocelli are, more often than not, labeled as nasty and deranged. I hope you dismiss all of that.

In his life Bocelli has, at times, put others at risk to prove his normalcy - like driving a motor scooter. I don't think he will change, especially when there is publicity to be had. However, I am sure there were many hands at the ready if the baby should have toppled. What I think is far worse is to have a baby traveling all over the world, adjusting constantly to pressurized cabins, exposed to all sorts of germs and never having a routine. I think this baby, as adorable as she is, is second fiddle to his career. It must be noted that Amos and Matteo do not seem any worse for it and seemed to actually enjoy all the hoopla.

Aberdeen, UK

#8158 Jan 26, 2013
I feel that there is lamost a sense of defiance in in showing this baby to the world a every opportunity. I don't know whether this is onhis part to show that the baby is important to him and accepted by his soms after his marriage fiasco and the fac hat some fans disapprove of his having a child out of wedlock or a genuine desire to ry to show that he is successfully integrating his children or whether he is trying to demonstrate that veronica;s child is as important o him as his sons.
he may just be behaving as an Italian. They love to show off their Bambini1
Yes it is publicity as it was when his sons were small . We later found that all was not asit seemd.

I feel he does have a genuine desire - for whatever reason - to share a great part of his famiy life with he world.

In his ircumstances I think it particularlty incumbent upon the child's mother to ensure hat her daughter's immediate interests come firs.
Once or twice it has seemed that the child has been a prop to demonsrate howandrea's sight is of no consequence in his hndling of the baby.
It reminds me of the shots in "A night in Tuscany" of Andrea walking on the beach with Amos astride his shoulders. Amos was older than the babe though and enrica had a vice-like grip on her son.
We shall see,

Hampton, NH

#8159 Feb 4, 2013
Thank you both, Gert and Katy, for your comments in regard to my wife's post. She realized that the Arianna person was a bit on the
disgruntled order when she posted - not our problem, but thank you, especially, Gert for your support of what Fallon had to say. Neither of us "hates" Bocelli at all - as a matter of fact, it wasn't my wife but was, actually, I who originally subscribed to Bocelli de - more out of curiosity than most anything else. At this point, we have a small baby ourselves, born late last year, and I would no more endanger my son, either deliberately to prove a point or simply out of grossly poor judgement, as evidently Bocelli did - or not, as one may see fit to believe. I agree with you, Katy, that Bocelli's children are, on occsion, used as props to make him appear like the average Joe who loves his family, Which I've no doubt at all that he does! But he does choose a rather bizarre way of demonstrating that fact. But isn't it just possible that, given the fact that Bocelli, himself, has been exploited by numerous of his handlers, he knows little else in terms of how to conduct himself? As well as how to deal with this beautiful little baby publicly. In any case, to each his or her own, I'd say. If this is what Mr. Bocelli and his heart throb wish to do with their child, as long as nobody in civil service such as a person from child welfare or some such type comes forward to object to what they do I suppose the rest of us "embittered and nasty" people don't need to worry about it. So far as I can tell from pictures I've seen, she's a happy and well cared for child.

Inverness, UK

#8160 Feb 5, 2013
I really wouldn't worry abou the child's welfare.
I am sure she has evry attention and is loved by everyone. Why wouldn't she be?
I thin we always have to bear in mind the cultural differences too/
What one naion may see as as "using " a child may be perfectly acceptable elsewhere.
Its all subjective too. parents do the bes hey can
but someone else may see their way of bringing up a child as abusive.
there is also the fact hat Andrea cannot see others ineracting wih heir children . It has ofen been said that in some ways , as it it is many years now since he lost his sigh , he is unaware of how people behave. there are some hings which would be considered oo rivial o point out o him .
He can' ask because he doesn' know htere is a question.
others around him have o take hat responsibility.

Mansfield, MA

#8163 Feb 26, 2013
Because so much of the nation's economy depended upon slave labor and because the specter of an emancipated black population - nearly one fourth of the South's population - was overwhelming for the entire nation, the practical and constitutional end of slavery was held as impossible for years. Let's take a lesson from history.

Institutions can change through revolution or moral collapse. The Catholic Church is an institution, created by man and for man. It is a foul-smelling, unwholesome stew of greed, hypocrisy and misogyny. All the red satin sashes, all the pomposity and intimidation these clerics can muster cannot stifle its stench.

Anything I needed to learn of life, I found in my garden or learned from my dog. Respect nature - there is no other way that does not lead to disaster. Any nation, institution or creed that dictates behavior based on gender is doomed in the age of enlightenment.

Have a nice day!

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#8164 Mar 2, 2013
well whatever happened to him he looks so much better,more confident and better dressed.that beard made him look like a ill. must be doing something right.the best to both of them.
Maria Z

Natick, MA

#8165 Apr 7, 2013
Gertrude Pieper wrote:
<quoted text>
Enrica's public comments describe Andrea as "autocratic, stingy and negligent". I felt she soon realized, as fame took over his life, that she mattered not at all. He used her for image and she soon tired of that, refusing to appear in public with him long before their misery became public. Whatever "destiny" Andrea regards as his, I am sure Enrica regards hers as freedom from him.
Andrea's religiousity is all to his own liking since he is flagrantly living against the rules of his church. He could easily seek and receive an annulment and marry his young girlfriend. He has stated many times that he will never marry her although he looks forward to having children with her.
Veronica Berti, according to both their personal reports, met him at a party, left with him, spent the night and never truly returned to her former life. She is just what the doctor ordered, so to speak, for Andrea. She is his sexy arm candy, travel agent, nanny, photographer and, all round, cheerleader. She often appears cheap, advertising her considerable assets, though her dress may be just in keeping with an Italian way of presentation. Certainly, she does not have the class of Enrica. Veronica is young (23 years his junior, Enrica, 12 years), totally accommodating, stroking his male ego at every turn. He will never marry her because, once humiliated publicly by a woman, he will never put himself in that vulnerable position again. It has nothing to do with religion although he would like his public to believe so. This deal, apparently, is okay with Veronica who is well paid and given a place on the world stage. They are a couple made by their public; Enrica and Andrea appeared to be a couple in truth.
Andrea is a talented man with a unique story who has gotten very lucky. His attitude towards woman is typically European - money buys sex and image. He coats the whole story with religiousity, moralizing and pseudo-humility arising from his mannerisms which are typical of the blind. Women around the world buy this package, never fully grasping that he is anything put the ideal man.
I have to agree. I love Andrea and his immense talent, however, being born in Italy myself, I agree there is a certain chauvenistic attitute still today with some Italian men that they are superior to women. Bocelli brings such joy to all with his marvolous voice, I must say I admire his first wife Enrica just a bit more for standing by him during the rise of his career, and raising their 2 wonderful boys pretty much on her own while he was always on the road. Sadly, that is the price of fame.

Since: Jan 08

Litchfield, Connecticut

#8168 Dec 12, 2013
I was just wondering if anyone else ever checks here..

Spalding, UK

#8169 Dec 13, 2013
I think they just wait for alerts.

Oldham, UK

#8171 Dec 15, 2013
A very merry Christmas to you both and a happy and prosperous New. Year

Since: Jan 08

Litchfield, Connecticut

#8172 Dec 15, 2013
Merry Christmas Katy & Sally. I was wondering if anyone still followed AB...I have to admit I haven't. Has any one heard from Gert? I often wonder how she is,,,what has everyone been up to?? Maybe its been long enough that the trolls forgotten us...

Boston, UK

#8173 Dec 16, 2013
Yes indeed. Merry Christmas to anyone who checks in here.
God Bless Us . Every One..

Oldham, UK

#8176 Dec 18, 2013
I went to see Love in Portofino and I did enjoy it. It was a lovely evening out on a cold night. I thought Andrea was in fine form and looked quite well.

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