Home-schoolers learn to critique evol...

Home-schoolers learn to critique evolution

There are 156 comments on the The York Daily Record story from May 14, 2008, titled Home-schoolers learn to critique evolution. In it, The York Daily Record reports that:

About 13 percent of Americans say they believe in evolution, and 11-year-old Nathan Tasker was feeling ready to take them on last week.

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Las Vegas, NV

#1 May 14, 2008
I think the kid needs to learn to look at his faith critically--as well as the people he trusts to tell him the facts.

There is no evidence in support of any of the creation myths humans have been inventing over the eons. The evidence for evolution is overwhelming, though it's a bit difficult to understand when you believe your salvation depends on not understanding it.

Darwin never saw DNA. He never saw the fusion of our chromosome number 2 from two ancestral ape chromosomes nor the vitamin C pseudogene we share with our primate kin. His theory has been proven in stunning clarity and opened the door to the fact that every cell of every living thing contains it's entire evolutionary history in a code that we humans have finally pieced together--without any scriptural help, mind you.

Really, really believing something, doesn't make it true. Making children ignorant for unverifiable promises is immoral. Facts trump faith when it comes to the truth. I hope this kids brain isn't too softened by his indoctrination to one day learn those facts. We are the first humans who COULD know the information of our origins. Shame on the adults who are keeping this child from reveling in such a wondrous understanding.

Houston, TX

#2 May 15, 2008
This is one of the saddest things I have ever heard. Lying to children to promote your view of religion...that is just terrible. Most of those kids sound like they really want to learn about science but they are listening to this guy fill their heads with lies and distortion.

Rome, GA

#3 May 15, 2008
"Evolutionary scientists say there are no credible scientific critiques of evolution..."
Evolution is an antiquated belief as proven in The Quest for Right, a 7-book series on origins, based on physical science. Things will never be the same after this.
Man in Black

York, PA

#5 May 15, 2008
Hmmm "About 13 percent of Americans say they believe in evolution..."

where did that number come from seems kinda low doesn't it?

Perhaps the same people who are trying to subvert the science of this are CREATING the numbers

"The church says the earth is flat, but I have seen the shadow of the earth pass over the moon and it is round. I have more faith in a shadow than in the church"

Guess who said that.
Lee Jay

Golden, CO

#6 May 15, 2008
Filling kids' head with lies is child abuse, and these creationists should be arrested for it. Hopefully, these kids can recover from the dishonest indoctrination they received from their parents, and go on to lead productive lives despite their parents wishes for them not to. Don't forget, evolution has been a known fact of life since before the time of Moses. All Darwin did is provide some insight into how and why it happens. *That* it happens was never in question, and certainly isn't in question now.

Atlanta, GA

#7 May 15, 2008
Uggg..... Ignorance is... well ignorance.

United States

#8 May 15, 2008
Good gods. What next--- critiquing rain? Maybe they should be taught to criticize sunlight, gravity, and the heliocentric Solar System. That's the chief problem with so-called "home schooling:" children end up as ignorant and uneducated as their parents.

San Diego, CA

#9 May 15, 2008
I think everyone is looking at this the wrong way. My children will be well educated, and they will need less educated people to mow their lawns, serve them food in restaurants, and clean the toilets in the buildings where they will someday work.

Whose children will perform these duties? Yours, Rod? Yours Desertphile? I think not. We should not condemn these homeschooling parents; we should praise them for the sacrifice of their children for ours.

High Point, NC

#10 May 15, 2008
I think that several people who have posted here are simply looking for an excuse to bash people who don't agree with them. My child has been raised in the public school system and he has learned the evolution THEORY simply so he can pass the science test but he has also learned that there is a God who created us all, even the ones who choose to reject Him. There is no proof that there is NOT a creator, but most of you don't want to admit that because that would mean someone is smarter than you. It is easier to believe that "In the beginning God created..." than that live started from a rock or from primordial soup.

High Point, NC

#11 May 15, 2008
sorry...life started...After all, I am educated.
Lee Jay

Golden, CO

#12 May 15, 2008
> It is easier to believe that "In the beginning God created..." than that live started from a rock or from primordial soup.

> sorry...life started...After all, I am educated.

Believe whatever you want, but you don't sound educated. Evolution isn't even about the origin of life (those hypotheses are called "abiogenesis" and haven't risen to the level of theories yet), Evolution is about the origin of *species*- how populations change over time and how speciation occurs. How can you argue against a theory you obviously know nothing about, especially one that's been observed, utilized and validated for a century and a half?

Harrisburg, PA

#13 May 15, 2008
Believe most of what you see and nothing that you hear.Ever been to the Smithsonian Institution,it is hilarious to see how many people believe in a fairy tale story book and use it for an excuse.

York, PA

#14 May 15, 2008
May the Force be with you.
Super Troll

Halethorpe, MD

#15 May 15, 2008
"Evolution is an antiquated belief as proven in The Quest for Right"

Look, if that was true, then the author would receive a nobel prize and academic journals would monkey fight to death for his articles.

See, in academia, journals gain prestige based on the quality and revolutionary nature of their articles. The journal that was to publish the article that destroyed the evolutionary paradigm would become so prestigious and so wealthy from subscriptions that its editors would live in gold houses and drive to work in rocket cars.

"There is no proof that there is NOT a creator, but most of you don't want to admit that because that would mean someone is smarter than you."

Well, there is no proof that Allah is not real. Or that Odin is not real.

Minneapolis, MN

#16 May 15, 2008
Snavely should go to jail for fraud. People like him are ruining the country, and deserve a slow, painful death. Keep those stupid brats away from your own children, because they'll pollute their brains with lies. Better yet, get those homeschooled kids all sterilized, so they won't be able to reproduce any more.

Brisbane, Australia

#17 May 15, 2008
Homeschooling is child abuse. To deny a child the joy of school friends is an abomination. And all of out ignorant fear. The people who do this barely have an education themselves let alone the ability to teach anything to a child. Unless you have the teaching qualifications it should simply be not allowed.

High Point, NC

#18 May 16, 2008
"Believe whatever you want, but you don't sound educated."

My apologies, Lee Jay, my degree is in Communication...not science or the stuff that is foisted upon the children of the world that is called science. I am sorry that my education does not suit you, but thank you for allowing me to believe what I choose to believe.

I am even intelligent enough to recognize that microevolution (changes within a species) is indisputable. I refuse to believe, however, that macroevolution is anything more than science fiction. There is absolutely no tangible proof that man evolved from anything other than man.

If you want to call my Bible fiction, that is your right, but as an American, I have the equal right to choose to believe your evolution theory is fiction. We should agree to disagree and that would be OK and we could still be friends. The problem is that so many choose to think that Christians are stupid and uneducated. I'll put my faith in God before mankind every time. If I am right, there is an eternity in heaven waiting for me. If I am wrong, and I do not believe for one second that I am, then when life is over it is simply over. If you're right, you win. If you're wrong...

Berryville, VA

#19 May 16, 2008
So one type of evolution is acceptable but another isn't?

Since: Aug 07

Tallahassee, FL

#20 May 16, 2008
Wilson wrote:
There is no proof that there is NOT a creator,.
So if you can't prove something doesn't exist, it does? Cool, I'm looking forward to seeing those unicorns, oh, and some intelligence.
John Coffee

Buffalo, NY

#21 May 16, 2008
"I am even intelligent enough to recognize that microevolution (changes within a species) is indisputable. I refuse to believe, however, that macroevolution is anything more than science fiction."

Well Wilson, you are almost there. The fact that you accept microevolution is commendable. Now, if you take a species and make one small evolutionary change in every generation (reasonable assumption considering observed changes in species), the changes over thousands and millions of generations add up to be a "macro-evolutionary" change over time. This is where the disconnect with the young-earth (especially) creationists really manifest itself. IMHO, it is the creationists' inability to see accumulated changes over vast periods of time that impedes with their ability to accept macroevolution.

Did you know that chimps possess 24 pairs of chromosomes and humans only possess 23? Did you also know that when you take two of the chimps' chromosomes (23 and 24 I believe) and fuse them, you get a perfect match with one of the chromosomes (No. 23 I think) in the human genome. At some point in the past, macroevolution (by your definition) most certainly happened in our own species as unlikely as it may seem. This probably happened at least 200.000 generations ago (one generation being 25 years)! That is a long time. Plenty of time for many other changes to take place.

Does this mean that a cat will all of a sudden change into a dog? No, and that is not the scientific definition macroevolution. It would benefit creationists to learn what the scientific definition of "macroevolution" is versus what they think it is.

Home-schooling often doesn't get to the science of biology and the scientific theory of evolution except to find the contradictions in science versus what is written in the bible. Co-incidentally, all major sciences are incomparable with the bible and this is the biggest reason people homeschool.

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