Svetlana Nalepkova
Sings the most beautiful love songs from the 1920s to 1950s
One woman show
Songs of Marlene Dietrich as sung by Svetlana Nalepkova with 20 famous songs of the legendary Hollywood star Marlene Dietrich and a story about her life and lovers.
Accompanied by: Blue Angel Memory Band.
Svetlana Nalepkova is a well-known Czech singer and actress with a special gift for musical comedy and swing era singing. In her one woman show Marlene which is highly regarded for rich musical feeling and delicate theatrical form, Svetlana Nalepkova presents twenty famous songs that Marlene Dietrich sangin her Hollywood films and stage shows and on her wartime records. The songs are in English, German and French and narration is in English. Svetlana Nalepkova appears in five different costumes made after those Marlene wore. Blue Angel Memory Band consists of five musicians playing piano, violin, bass, saxophone/clarinet, Leben ohne Liebe, Lola, Quand L’amour meurt, The Boys in the Backroom, Lily Marlene, No Nothing, La vie en Rose, You go to my Head, Give me the Man, Mean to Me, Johny, Ich habe noch einen koffer in Berlin, Symphonie, etc.