First and formost, he is without a dought the greatest singer of all time. When I first heard, "I Will Wate For You" I was in love with him. Now that I know that he realy is married, my thoughts have never changed. he still is the most beautiful MAN, that ever lived. I am glad he married a beautiful woman like, Christian. she is very attractive, and a very good mother and wife. I am going to meet them some day, and give him something I have made. I'm also glad, he believes in the Trinity. He knows where his' talent comes from. I pray for him, and all people, that the Lord watches over them. I am getting a new cd that I didn't have. And that means I will have everything he ever did. Even when he had his' grupe Los Bukis. Thank you fo5r taking the time to read this, and may God bless!!!!