Message for J.Lo FUNS,and Jennifer.

7:30 PM 11/20/2012
I need to calm the terrorists information that
Every 40 seconds someone commit suicide and
all that clutter has no meaning.

Jennifer A popular women in the world.
What is the world ... Jennifer Lopez.
I listen to the instructions but I can not believe
I'm just one ... just one ... just one ...
And Priam with Jennifer and she helps me.
Police chasing me for no reason, or simply
game called "That one."
Yes I am that ... hahhaha ...
A shock.
Jennifer knows about me.
Against the police man can not fight,
It's impossible.
But I am.
I have these videos and the film that no one
I'm trying to make money.
I asked the FBI to help me with earnings, we find that
customer and they have set up what they set.
I could not calm down.
I calmed down only when he told FBI MOST WANTED.
But that has nothing to do, I'm not a criminal.
What samsve posted here?
I could not calm down.
Again, trying to get J.Lo to help me.
Jennifer was in Belgrade today, at 70 kilometers from me.
For a few hours it will start the concert and I did not
there ... I'm not at a concert.

I'm just among the billions of people who
a weird video.
People understand me wrong.
I have no peace.
Terrorists are just annoyed me.
Against the FBI can not fight that man.
And I sort of calmed down.

LINE ...
As soon as the police to be there to hear me
deported to the hospital.
I do not plan to be involved in prostitution.
This is going to send someone into space, this is what I write.
I do not plan to be involved in prostitution,
Listen to what I will continue to state ... hahahah ...
I am going to return again onto the streets and dealt in hard
DRUGS ... but ... if ... if the police catch me
I neu end up in prison than in a hospital.
madness.madness.madness.madnes s...
Greetings to all fans of Jennifer Lopez.
She's the one.
It's the most beautiful in the world, the most attractive ...
The FBI said a few months ago

This goes into space.:)