Mr. Skelly - We would love to have you come to McLoones Supper Club Feb. 6th to see our 'Blues Review'. We are 'Juke Joint Jonny and the Usual Suspects' along with Sandy Mack and jazz/scat sensation Chelsea Palmero, we cover old Jazz and Blues favorites in their original acoustic style.
We are a true acoustic Blues group playing Blues in the old Juke Joint style, except it is a beautiful Supper Club. The response has been getting stronger and we would love your support.
Mr. McLoone has taken a chance with the Blues and it is turning into a very good scene. Other New Jersey talent joining us on stage there have been Gina Fox, Ron Rauso of the Tonemasters, and Dave Post of Swingadelic.
Our next show is Feb 6th at 8pm. This is new, it's real and itís good. Please come by.
Thanks you,