Memo: Don't mess with 'the Bauer way'

Memo: Don't mess with 'the Bauer way'

There are 59 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Mar 25, 2007, titled Memo: Don't mess with 'the Bauer way'. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

One of my favorite movies is "The Untouchables," which tells the story of federal agent Eliot Ness and his work to bring down 1920s-era mob boss Al Capone.

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We The People

Indianapolis, IN

#43 Mar 25, 2007
Some are comparing Pat to Mitch...the differeince is that Mitch is at the mercy of the legislation for funding of projects that are not self-generators. Those against the Toll Road lease do not appear to have a real argument except that they don't like the Gov. What I do not like is either party stopping good legislation. I would like to see the line item veto in Indiana...that way when strings are attached, the Gov. could get rid of the junk; and if he didn't veto the junk, we would definately get rid of him.

Indianapolis, IN

#44 Mar 25, 2007
Deadeye wrote:
Bauer's dream career: Feudal lord of Indiana, the Mississippi of the North.
Are you not being a little hard on Mississippi?


#45 Mar 25, 2007
Another bright comment. If memory serves me correctly, the dems were in charge for about 16 out of the last 18 years......
Go Bauer wrote:
Pat's tactics are just what the Statehouse needs. The Republicans are screwing things up so badly right now that they need someone who will stand up and call them out on it. If they can't play nice then they should fully expect to have Pat Bauer get his revenge, maybe this state wouldn't be so backwards if we had more people stand up to the idiot Republicans in charge.

Lima, OH

#46 Mar 25, 2007
Adding insult to injury is that the taxpayers pay for his day job at Ivy Tech too, along with a lot of other Indiana legislators. What great job security, Speaker of the Indiana House and employed by a state college that depends on taxpayers dollars, raised and distributed by the General Assembly. When are the voters going to put an end to this? By the way, I expect my driver's license will get mysteriously suspended soon. It is the Bauer way.


#47 Mar 25, 2007
Balance is very important. However, in Bauer, the Dems have chosen someone who uses his power for personal gains vs. for public enrichment. Little good has, or will ever, come from this man.
Hilljack wrote:
Bauer is an idiot, but he provides a counter balance to the other idiot who wants to steamroll everyone. Unfortunately, all he is is a counterbalance. Nothing good will come out of his tenure.

United States

#48 Mar 25, 2007
Tully, you sounded gleeful writing this article about your hero.
Brett Naum

Carmel, IN

#49 Mar 25, 2007
Ole Whitehare wrote:
Ah yes, the name calling has begun! It's so good to see checks and balances back in Indy. One can almost tell who the Mitch puppets are by reading their posts. Come on Americans, you all know we've needed checks and balances in Indy since Ole Mitch started governing. Remember the "sale" of the tollroad really means lease? At least those smart folks in the state's center knew how to bring the people together and fight the invasion of outsourcing. Good job people!
I agree that there always needs to be "checks & balances" in place. Saying that, Pat Bauer has done absolutely nothing to improve the lives of Hoosiers either time in office. This isn't about Mitch so quit dodging the issue and that is: Pat Bauer is incompetent and is not making ANY effort to represent the everyday needs of Indiana. It is all about party and power with him. Nothing else.
Brain Drain

Lexington, KY

#50 Mar 25, 2007
I just accepted a job in another state. It's unfortunate to see how Indiana has changed over the years from a modicum of Midwestern common sense to outright petty bickering "East-Coast" style. At this point in time, anything that Indiana does to restore the sanity will be too little, too late. The state is becoming a haven for low-wage call-center jobs and non-union Japanese-run manufacturing. I'd like to stay in the state, but the pay is so much more (~$20k) than anything offered in Indiana. Before the arguments start about Indiana's alleged low cost of living, it's actually right about average but with below-average incomes and above-average taxes.

Tallahassee, FL

#51 Mar 25, 2007
WOW wrote:
I like the way Pat Bauer gets things done. He has added checks and balances to That Man Mitch. Those of you who are complaining...Did you like last session better with Mitch lobbying the chamber floor and pressuring reps to vote for his legislation?
Just look at todays newspapers in whatever city you live in. Mitch's gal is not leading Ivy Tech.
Mitch's Highways may not come to fruition. Stop and Think!
p.s. and the Lottery has NOT been
sold.(As far as we know!)
WTF has Pat Bauer got done this whole entire session? Nothing!!! I want property tax relief and it may look like we are not getting any this year.

Pat Bauer needs to go and idiots in South Bend need to vote someone who has the citizens of Indiana best intrests at heart instead of some fat slobs ego.

Indianapolis, IN

#52 Mar 25, 2007
I find it interesting no one can defend Pat Bauer without mentioning Mitch Daniels.

And you'd think if Tully was wrong, someone would be pointing out the good things about Bauer.
just a citizen

Latonia, KY

#53 Mar 25, 2007
Your column would have been amusing about Speaker Bauer if it were not that Indiana is trying to do "catch up" with our economy and working together on economic development is one of our strengths as a state-- except where Pat Bauer is concerned. His strength seems to be politics; knock-down, rough-and-tumble politics. It's sad that the Democrats aren't offering "leadership" this year. I believe with Mr Bauer that's off the table. Leadership and doing things that generate jobs are a lot harder than just blocking new ideas that come from the governor's office.
bernard shakey

Bowling Green, KY

#54 Mar 25, 2007
Only a couple of people have hit the toupee on the head here--Bad Hair Bauer is at once a total embarassment because of the hair(piece).

An aside from that, the dude is a total fraud, along with a few other legislator/Ivy Tech admininstration dudes, pulling down 100K+ from Ivy Tech for doing...? Anyone remember the Channel 8 story a couple years ago?
dr m

Indianapolis, IN

#55 Mar 25, 2007
This Democrat will vote all
Republican for the first time, and
from now on, until that pathetic
moron with the laughable toupee
is out of power and out of office.
Timothy Bradley

Montgomery, IN

#56 Mar 25, 2007
So this guy Bauer; who exactly does he serve? The people or his own ego? Reminds me a little of our President. Men who really don't care what others think or believe, can not serve others, because they only serve themselves. Wake up you voters in South Bend!
Pat Bauers Raccoon

Fort Wayne, IN

#57 Mar 25, 2007
We Hoosier's are the fools because Pat Bauer, Julia Carson, Monroe Gray, Dan Burton, Baron Hill, Glen Howard, Bart Peterson and Mitch Daniels are the best we can come up with.
Vernon Smith

Indianapolis, IN

#58 Mar 26, 2007
The two bills he killed were good policy, one bill was voted out of the senate 47-0, now tell me how that is bad legislation. Bauer is a bafoon, and needs to step down. Old school politics not what is the best for Indiana is a sad day. Bauer must go, BAUER MUST GO>>>>>>> >>>

Indianapolis, IN

#59 Mar 26, 2007
We can do better.

United States

#60 Mar 26, 2007
Speaker Bauer represents all that is wrong with our government. His behavior and actions call to mind the question asked of Benjamin Franklin about what kind of government we were to have, and his reply "A Republic, Madam, if you can keep it" rings as true today as it did when the Constitution was ratified: as Mr. Tully noted, it's either Speaker Bauer's way or the highway.
I cannot bear to hear his voice on the radio or television: all he can do is find fault with every one else, both outside and inside his party. He may be Speaker of the House, but to use the honorific "Representative" is highly questionable, as all he appears to represent is himself. The man is a boor and an embarrassment to the citizens of Indiana; it's time for him to find a new job.
Mark in Carmel

Carmel, IN

#61 Mar 26, 2007
Bauers last original thought?

" Yeah baby,, this dead cat on my bald head makes me look Realllllll gooouuuuddd"!

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