Obama sets no example for servicemembers in our Armed Forces.

Seventeen year-old recruits and academy officers have far more integrity than the person in the White House who decides where and when they are at war and missions them in situations where people die.

Politicians can become president. Only leaders can serve effectively as commander-in-chief. Obviously this president is incapable of setting an example and providing honest, credible leadership our children serving at war can have confidence in. He set the groundwork throughout his campaign and now through his chief executive time by evading all tests of authenticity on many issues, not just transparency on his eligibility status.

Lakin's legal team needs to push for disclosure of all Obama's records, not just birth records. That's the journey everyone in our national State, Justice, and Defense departments are required to do. Why should the supposed leader of America be exempt?

It would be interesting to see if Obama even had a national security clearance background investigation for classified, international security work he did in committee as a Senator.'Probably never see that application either.

The President's Example and the Military's Moral Dilemma http://www.wnd.com/index.php...

There is no irrefutable evidence regarding Obama's birth or most of his past up through adulthood. There is not one piece of evidence that would even allow Obama to join the FBI as a field agent if he tried.

The reason the FBI and INS can't take action on Obama are: 1) He signed an executive order right when he was sworn into office making it illegal to investigate his records. 2) Eric Holder.

'Need anyone say more?