How can this judge sit in the court and tell Lindsey Lohan or any other citizen that they are in a different situation now that a felony has been filed. He is practically calling her guilty before the trial even begins. This statement if it was made is grounds for an appeal in any court. You are innocent until proven guilty by your peers. It has began to bother me that these kind of statements are being made more and more by officers of the court. Perhaps they have watched the movie Judge Dred too many times. Lindsey your lawyer is either a dufus or a lot smarter than the Judge. And why did it take this store a few days to report the necklace stolen when they watched her walk out with it. Anyone else would have been stopped right outside the door and arrested on the spot. After all statements have been made by the store that she was being waited on by their employee. A 2500 dollar necklace and she just walks out the door in a store with security. You guys are very funny. Lindsey Lohan is being attacked in my opinion and I wish I knew why and who was behind it. Nobody Should be allowed to attack someone because they are supposedly popular. Who is it that is trying to capitalize on this girls niativity. Mr. Schwartz this girl was let to walk out of that store with the neckalace. I hope that it was just that her assistant forgot to pay or the store employee was so hung up on the fact that Lindsey Lohan was in the store and forgot to ring it up. But if you think the citizens out here believe that a high end merchandise store would let someone walk out of their store without trying to stop them you have got to be nuts. Even Walmart will stop you over a one dollar item, and their security is a lot more lax than a high end jewelry store. So to everyone involved in this case I don't believe a word of it. And as for the prosecutor why did it take so long for charges to be filed. This young lady is so high profile that she can't leave her house without a small army following her.