John Wayne is the Jesus Christ of the...

John Wayne is the Jesus Christ of the Right Wing

There are 5 comments on the American Chronicle story from Jan 12, 2009, titled John Wayne is the Jesus Christ of the Right Wing. In it, American Chronicle reports that:

Bill O Reilly was on TV interviewing Patrick Wayne about his father, the late actor John Wayne.

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United States

#1 Jan 13, 2009
Holy Cow! I've never read so much hearsay, lies, half-truths, misinterpretations, and general BS in my life! Where to start!!?!! Obviously this knothead is a devoted leftwing, Jane Fonda "point-of-view" worshipping, Republican and President Bush-hating, would never have had the guts to say these things to Duke's face liberal. The revisionist diatribe and altered story telling have got to win the annual Liars Club contest! Duke never met Wyatt Earp. John Ford did. The films made during his time were what the public was buying, the studios were making and there were a few other actors out there making films also. Though Sammy Davis Jr. was a fast draw, perhaps you might look up Arvo Ojala, Rod Redwing or Andy Anderson. It's true that Duke was an anti-communist and did help to run communists out of the film industry; however, he was one out of several hundred actors and actresses that were involved in that honorable effort and were so successful, that the Soviets sent a team of hit men after Duke that were caught by the FBI. What proof do you offer that many were not? Just idiotic rambling to support more of your fairy tales. The communists run out of Hollywood during that era were in fact run out by House of Representatives in agreement with the studio heads and that is very well documented. Wayne was not a promoter of political intolerance, again what proof? None. He was an invited guest at Jimmy Carter's inauguration. Emporer Hirohito and Kruschev asked to meet him on official visits. The US would not have allowed that if it were true. He was cheered and celebrated by students at Harvard University. That bastion of liberal education certainly would not have reacted in that manner if the lies you spew were true.

United States

#2 Jan 13, 2009
As far as the Alamo? Nope, he never took out the ad you describe. There was an over-the-top campaign conducted by Russell Birdwell (hired by Duke) that backfired (though no ads like you wrote). There also was the infamous Chill Wills "Cousins" ad that Duke was forced to repudiate in the press. One award? Yes, true Hollywood even today is made up of many of your ilk and so is the East Coast press, which hated Duke's politics and extended that to him. It invaded their thinking and reviews of even his good work. Played loose with the facts? You're right. Based on new historical facts and information that weren't available then. Additionally, the studio liked that story. It is so terrible though, that it still is shown on T.V. today. This is getting laughable. Your hatred for a man dead 30 years is so obvious. Duke never did serve. Gable served only after Lombard died and he wanted to bury his grief. He never flew combat missions and did training films as did Reagan. Duke was told that he would not be sent to combat either. But, you're right. He had a bad eardrum from Men Without Women that would have kept him from combat. He accepted a deferrment for his wife and number of children as thousands of others did (unless you believe he was the only one). He did try to get into Ford's Field Photo outfit though Ford never helped him to get in when he'd tried. Ford did help the other members though. Duke did several USO tours to combat zones in various wars and conflicts though he did not advertise it. He also worked at the Hollywood Canteen, but, the actresses got all of the publicity. "Everybody who could went into World War Two. Except Duke." That is such a load it's beyond description. Duke was the only person to stay out of WWII. Darn right he took advantage of his situation. The studios and public did not paint him as you are trying to. Pretty obvious that he did not like blacks? Where do you come up with this crud? You are calling him a racist now? What, did he shoot Kennedy too? Then you say he attributed Dr. Martin Luther King's Freedom March and the Black people's fighting for their rights as Communist in nature. OMG!! You're a nut!! Certifiable to be sure! Where were your keepers?

United States

#3 Jan 13, 2009
In Liberty Valance, I recall Mr. Strode as more than a bit player. The info you quote of the confrontation with Woody comes from his autobiography and is unsubstantiated and even refuted in other auto-bios from others including actors, producers, asst. directors who were on set and stated the Duke and Woody got along great and Duke read lines with him even. By the way, that sequence was part of the script. Pick up a copy of the script on eBay and see for yourself. You focus on Sean Penn's (no place at the) Oscars speech where he said "No WMD's". However, the intell available to EVERYONE at the time (including IRAQ's neighbors) supported that Saddam had them. Saddam publicly said he had them. Said he would use them. He'd gassed his own people before and KILLED them. If you look up the weapons we did find, it more than fulfilled the description for WMDs though that is not broadcast. Then, President Bush was accused by the Liberals (including you) that he lied about intell and authorized the invasion. Again, he had the same intell as the Liberals and they (including Hillary and Kerry) voted to invade too. I'll bet you were as proud as can be then, calling yourself a Patriot, flying a US flag from your car and watching how our boys did on TV like it was the SuperBowl. Only when the WMDs weren't found quickly did the Liberals start to blame the President. Since the Liberals own the press, it's been anti-Bush stories ever since. Now how do you equate John Wayne with all of that nonsense? Withdraw his medal because YOU DON'T LIKE IT?!! President Carter signed it you dolt! Tell you what. Make a list of all of the other Presidential Medal of Freedom awardees that you don't feel are deserving like Tenessee Williams or Beverly Sills, or Martha Raye and Joe Dimaggio, and how about Arthur Fiedler and James Michener and Georgia O'Keeffe and Norman Rockwell. Hmmm, maybe Lucille Ball, or Johnny Carson? OoooH! How about Richard Petty? No? How about Isaac Stern then? Walt Disney? Edward R. Murrow? Lunt and Fontaine? Well, too many to mention. Then, you can start with military medals like the Congressional Medal of Honor. You can review all of these records too since you have qualified yourself and decide who of these should be returned. Then how about college scholarships? Your life's work would be endless. Oh, oh! More lies. No, the Shootist is not loosely based on Wild Bill. Duke said in the film that was his name to allay the fears of the owner of the boarding house. Watch the film, knucklehead. O.k., now I'm really tired of all of your drivel. Perhaps, one day you'll wake up and smell the coffee, though I seriously doubt it.
John Sammon

Chualar, CA

#4 Jan 14, 2009
Dear Right Wing Nut Beatle Bailey - You're a close-minded Republican fund-raiser.....Pilgrim!
Enjoy the next four years.

United States

#5 Jan 14, 2009
John Sammon wrote:
Dear Right Wing Nut Beatle Bailey - You're a close-minded Republican fund-raiser.....Pilgrim!
Enjoy the next four years.
Not at all. Just someone who prefers the truth. Too bad your parents didn't teach you at least a nodding familarity with it. I will enjoy the next four years, thank you. Just because President-Elect Obama will be my Commander-In-Chief doen't mean I have a problem with that. You seem to believe that because I exposed the untruths in the article, I somehow am against our new President. Congratulations! You've just outed yourself a a "closed-minded wingnut". Keep up the good work, "John Sammon".

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