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Alex could be a COUSO. Alex Jones is an opprotunity for somebody. Of course it is mostly about the $$$. Ron Paul and the the rebublican party and all of the good zionist whom believe that Israel will rule the world in the end, coming out of a preachers mouth, because God expects it according to the Christian Bible, and Jesus will desend out of the clouds expecting us all to be waiting for him in church with suits, neck ties, and long dresses, no mini skirts, and we will learn Gods plan to be the servants of the Jewish people (Gods choosen people) and learn why God hates animals, his creation, and why he expects us to mock the family of animals, mom and pop, and kids would be a good start to start. And why killing is right, and why God needs everybody to own a gun.
Alex does not broadcast on saturday. I believe Alex Jones takes his wife and kids to their Synagogue.
Alex Jones admitts being a member of the Republican party.

Alex Jones complains about censorship.
Aex Jones is Mr. Censorship.
Alex Jones believes if a privately owned business like youtube disapproves of his videos it becomes censorship, but if Alex does it , it is because he owns the site, that not making it censorship, In other words...He is King. Alx Jones has banned me from commenting on is site, and blocked my word press account dozens of times, but I'm not offended, heck. I don't like the Alex Jones site anyway, amd who cares if he muffles and smothers out differnt opinions and free speech. Who is going to know?

WingTv knows http://www.wingtv.net/

Hall of Shame knows http://www.wingtv.net/shame.html

Alex Jones-FBI Connection knows

We know it Alex.

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