Reflections on the Life of Whitney Ho...

Reflections on the Life of Whitney Houston on Her Birthday

There are 11 comments on the Broward-Palm Beach story from Aug 8, 2012, titled Reflections on the Life of Whitney Houston on Her Birthday. In it, Broward-Palm Beach reports that:

There's no other way to describe it. Whitney Houston's sudden passing in a bathtub at the Beverly Hills Hotel this past February was a horrible waste of talent and a tragic loss for the world.

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White Lion

Schenectady, NY

#1 Aug 9, 2012
Reflections of a cracka wacka doe,
Her eyelids clipped,
Her flat of nosed honker pinched,
And bruised...
Her pimpled ass violated by the force of fate,
Her mouth sucking like a hoover,
Her wide eyeballs popping out,
With pumping shafts of the grand dragons,
The exploded lava in her toothless mouth,
Her barbarian mug sticky with pulsing milk seed,
Her gobbling throat torn with blood and spit,
Her head hung low in the forest of strange fruit,
Her brown nips skinned by imported hand,
Chicken legged wish bone of sexual fishy stink,
The hooded roar and cheer of celebration,
Her dangling feet and curled toes in roasted fire,
A reflection of a worthless stain...
Veronica Beckford-Tongs

Stevenage, UK

#2 Aug 10, 2012
On your birthday we remember your contribution to world culture and the power of the christain god in the gift he gave to the world.
White Lion

Schenectady, NY

#3 Oct 5, 2012
Into the void of darkness,
Satan waiting with presence of death,
The hooded priests riding on the blazing glory,
The barbarians slaughtered one by one,
Faithful hands of the birth of a grand new nation,
The powerful lords of domain across the flat lands,
The doom has come for the beastly apes,
Their brains taken from their worthless skulls,
Their faces peeled back and packed with cocaine,
The terror of the wrath within the gates of Hell,
A promise of victory from the mercy of the sainted,
White knights of the Dragon and firestorm,
The rising of the fearless beasts in the pits,
The bodies burning from the touch of holy water,
The clowns shown their fate in crystal electricity,
The falcon has flown to the top of the mountain,
The watchful eyes of clouded paradise awaits...
White Lion

Schenectady, NY

#4 Oct 5, 2012
Her shattered steamed head hung on the door,
A reflection of her twisted mug in the mirror,
The rope burning through her throat and windpipe,
Her broken honker smashed in by pounding fists,
The boiling water steaming the dark chicken meat,
Her eyes removed from their sockets with pride,
The secrets of the hooded priests of the industry,
They tied her torn arms to the shower rod of light,
They skinned her raw with blades of silver steel,
Her dangling knees bruised with fierce blows,
Her scream silenced by filthy duckbuttered cloth.
White Lion

Schenectady, NY

#5 Oct 24, 2012
The untamed lions,
Roaming in the forests,
The hunting,
The death of the two legged beasts,
Hanging the slaughtered,
The fate of the barbarians on high,
Their throats cut from ear to ear,
The clowns of the recording industry,
Their tongues carved out of their bobbling heads,
Their ape eyes ripped out and put in jars of jelly,
The stink of burning grease of lard,
The pink palms of their fingertips,
Dipped in the melted mold of the boiling cheese,
The curled toes of flaming bonfire in secret coven,
The hooded knights on horse back riding free,
The celebration of the headless toad,
The beheaded held high over the graves,
The souls of worthless in pitched darkness,
The cross of the serpent united in forceful glee,
Speak within the book of the holy,
The respected history of the guided wing of angel,
And the truth shall overcome the wicked sloth...
White Lion

Schenectady, NY

#6 Oct 29, 2012
White pearls of everlasting fruit,
The victory of Orion in flight,
The Eagle has landed in the fields of grass,
The figure of eight bobbling heads,
The broken honker of the bruised eyes,
The guiding fist of the barbarian mate,
Arthritis of their tiny brains inside skulls,
Their beheaded twisted mouths held up with glee,
Their tongues skinned for leather for all infinity,
The lonely grave of the second murdered ape,
Her ribcage filled with the fruited plums of Ka,
Her gold coffin melted with the sloth clown beast,
For the children of the sea unite in celebration,
The wicked music has stopped in the years of war,
The call of the holy knights of silver steel,
All hail the spoken passage in the book of giants.
White Lion

Schenectady, NY

#7 Oct 30, 2012
The drooping face,
The melting of the dead barbarian,
Her flat of nose honker,
Her cocaine hole,
Full of snot at death,
Her empty brain,
Rested on her final pillow,
The coffin closed tight,
Holding trash of her worthless remains,
Her voice box was removed,
Her inside guts on the steel table,
Her ape mug peeled back,
Pulled behind her dried scalp,
Her glazed dead eyes,
Left behind lids of crazy glue,
Her dark skin,
Shaven with the expert skill of imported hand,
Made into leather bags and sold,
The female pocketbook,
Bags of gold, silver and diamonds,
Her coffin was robbed of her precious gems,
Sliced off her dead fingers,
Removed with care by the brave White Lion,
Her body was steamed and beaten,
Degraded in the boiling tub,
Diarrhea between her twisted and shattered toes,
The hotel room silent after her unheard screams,
The secret new order of the music industry CEO's.
White Lion

Schenectady, NY

#8 Nov 7, 2012
The lizard tongue of dried spit,
The barbarian of the neon jungle,
Her voice box removed by gloved hands,
Her mug peeled back over her shaven scalp,
Her eyeballs popped out of their sockets,
Stuffed up her fishy hole of diseased tang,
Her legs strung up on wire on a steel sink,
The fluids of boiled flesh pinched and bruised,
The popeye of the White Lion squirting the lotion,
The stink of death of cocaine infected honker,
Smelling wetness of wig on the moisture of lime,
Ring ding a ling,
Ring ding a ling,
Ring ding a ling,
Ring ding a ling,
Answer the phone, you twisted, steamed hag,
The pounding fists of bobbling brown,
Diarrhea leaking from her empty skull,
Her brain of deformed ape sold to science...
White Lion

Schenectady, NY

#9 Nov 8, 2012
The everlasting fruit,
The decay of bobbling plums,
Their twisted mouths,
Their chins spilling the juice,
The four horsemen of death,
Ghosts riding through endless skies,
The clouds of the mountainous Orion,
The rain and thunder in the mist,
The boiling of ape tails in the sea,
The salt below the tide,
The angel of death in the hooded white robes,
The pearls of the sweet flower of jasmine,
The secret of passage reveals,
The September of her years,
Her aging of white in the guiding light,
She picks the fresh purple heads from the trees,
The barbarian of dead eyes,
The token of glazed frightened terror,
The guts of the seed of Joseph,
The lily in the fields of Ka,
For whom the bell tolls,
In the moonlight of forests,
The celebration of the one eyed crawling lizard,
Its tongue in the reflection of the mirrored glass.
White Lion

Schenectady, NY

#10 Nov 12, 2012
The wonderful burnt hills,
The dead grass of winter's calling,
The bare branches of swinging scalped heads,
The slaughter of the barbarian,
Their graves dug with strong hands,
The white robes of ivory and pearls,
The thundering horses under the full moon,
The swords in proud salute of celebration,
The ape beheaded and its tongue in crystal,
Its head placed on the round table,
Eyeless and bruised by the kick of beating,
The blood drunk in glasses of the kingdom Ka,
In the forest in scattered laughter in light,
The soldiers of night fall on the path of glory,
The electric eye of the falcon hunting monkey meat,
Boiling the skin to hardened black leather...
White Lion

Schenectady, NY

#11 Nov 25, 2012
Petals of dead flowers,
Blowing in the wind,
Their hung heads,
The fruit bobbling in the trees,
Frozen twisted mouths,
Terror of barbarian sloth,
The open graves,
The last rites of the decaying stink,
Their dark skinned pubic scalps,
Skinned and peeled back,
Cocaine packed in their brainless skulls,
Fingers poking through the dried and frosty grass,
The tombstones of worthless monkey meat,
Her gold casket ripped out of the ground of flies,
Her death pillow rotted,
Moldy by the faced down drooling spit,
Her voice box removed at autopsy and jarred tight,
Cut from her throat with imported hand of skill,
The celebration continues in the hidden forests,
Far above the mountains of grand Orion's gate,
The eagle watches with electric eye...

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