OMG! Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston a...

OMG! Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston almost reunite

There are 26 comments on the story from Sep 11, 2010, titled OMG! Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston almost reunite. In it, reports that:

Washington, Sept 10 : Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston almost ran into each other last week.

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Grace Littlechild

Hobbema, Canada

#1 Sep 22, 2010
Yes I'Thing they would last if that home wrecker did,t come between them you could tell theres still a bond theres chance they will get back togather well we will just have to see what happens nexts.

Hyattsville, MD

#2 Sep 23, 2010
Grace Littlechild wrote:
Yes I'Thing they would last if that home wrecker did,t come between them you could tell theres still a bond theres chance they will get back togather well we will just have to see what happens nexts.
Cougar Town, last night?????

Here is a comment from

The most ineresting thing about Jennifer Aniston
is that Brad dumped her for his co-star.

She has limited range and people are tired of her.

Time for "plan B".
Marry billionaire, retire from acting,
divorce billionaire in ten years,
return to acting doing 1 movie a year in the "mom" role.

Hyattsville, MD

#3 Sep 23, 2010
type- caste?

Hyattsville, MD

#4 Sep 23, 2010
WAX on.
Wax OFF!!!

John on?
John OFF?

Well, which is it?
Are they on,
or are they off.

According to the gossip
over at

Search results for "Jennifer Aniston"
John Mayer & Jennifer Aniston
Had Intercourse Again

September 14th, 2010 // 37 Comments

While in town filming Wanderlust,
Jennifer Aniston was spotted sneaking backstage
to John Mayer’s show in Atlanta
and then later at a private party
in his hotel room, according to RadarOnline:

Jen was in work-out clothes and had a baseball cap pulled low over her face when she visited
with John backstage after his performance,
a source tells .

“She looked gorgeous and seemed to be
really enjoying herself.

She and John laughed a lot.”

Afterward, Jen and John and several people connected with his tour
all went back to her hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, where he rented a private suite for an impromptu party.

An impromptu party – in Icy Vagina Land.
Count it!

But, no, seriously, I’m sure they just caught up on old times and agreed to never speak about
that night they invited Jessica Simpson over.$8,000 on BBQ ribs for a 30-minute three-way? That’s not smart economics.

Just fun stuff?

Has every single last one
of Jennifer Aniston's found their way
over to the Jolie-Pitt side,
and burned all of their little pull overs
that said "Team Aniston?"

Is the poor little Sweetheart
deserted and all alone?

Nobody to walk along the beach with,
and excercise her three dogs.

Three Dog Night sings:

"Easy To Be Hard"

("One Is The Lonliest Number" was too easy.)


Enough. Gotta go.

Gotta go and see what the Jolie-Pitts
are doing....Living and loving,
and just enjoying life
on the sunny side of the street.

Hyattsville, MD

#5 Sep 23, 2010
The Jen fans, imo, are just plain
un-supportive, lazy, and rude.

They cause me to wonder
who it really is
that voted her
as "Best Dressed"
as reported on some old t.v.
Celebrity Gossip show.

I agree that she out did herself
for her "The Switch" premiers,
in what looked to me to be
Angelina rip off outfits, imo.

But, I am not here to judge.

(Wonder if Japan is ever going to let
Paris Hilton back inside.)

Is Japan asking:
Jennifer Aniston?
Who is THAT?????

Hyattsville, MD

#6 Sep 23, 2010
This is the kind of review that Jen will get
if she ever, ever decides to peel off her
Rachael mask, imo.
Finally, Ben Affleck Is a Movie Star Again

He's done it! He's gone and done it.
He edged out buzzed-about teen comedy Easy A,
and handily trounced the latest project cooked up (in a producing, story-writing sense) by M. Night Shyamalan. The Cambridge boy comes home.

1) The Town —$23.8M
"Did you see that movie The Town this weekend?
Oh you should have! It's so good.
A really great movie about Boston.

It was just so interesting to see such an authentically Boston movie.
It felt very realistic.

That Ben Affleck is very talented.

I felt really represented.

And go see The Town! As a Bostonian, it'll really speak to you. I know it did to me."
"Ugly Bosses" and "Wanderlust"
had better do well,
or it may be curtains for Jen-Jen, IMO.

It is time to

Hyattsville, MD

#7 Sep 23, 2010
All of this rambling
is merely for your reading pleasure,
and does not amount to anything
to be taken seriously.

I wonder what Lainey Gossip is talking about
or Perez Hilton
or TMZ....

Gotta go and find out.

Brad and Angelina
are the coolest.

The Apprentice comes on tonight.

I hope that you did not miss
America's Next Top Model.
It was soooo good, as usual.

I watched some of "Hell's Kitchen,"
before switching to watch:

"Cougar's Get Caught in
a Bear Trap!!!"

Hyattsville, MD

#8 Sep 23, 2010
Just in case their was
any other person on the planet
watching "Cougar Town" with me,
I have a question:

Do you think that Courteny's character
was acting like a six year old,
rather than a forty something, mature lady?

Oh. My. god.

IMO, there she was...Monica, from "Friends,"
but more nutty than a fruit cake.

Was she as silly as a pre-teen?

Was she as clue-less and Paris Hilton?
Was she as scrambled as an egg,
and I won't mention the one with
the powder in her shoe, for fear
that she would take me to court
and win my ragedy car, that has no air-conditioner.

(I baked in this awful heat, and almost died
about 8 million times....Jen's Box Office
number, on opening weekend for "The Switch,"
if my gossip reading is correct.)

I think Jen has about three films floating
out there.

I am going to see every last
stinking one of them.

Hyattsville, MD

#9 Sep 23, 2010
There...not their.

Hyattsville, MD

#11 Oct 1, 2010
Well. I have to run along.
Who wants to wait until Adam Sandler's movie comes out, before we get to chuckle about Jen.

I really do not think that she likes it
when nobody is talking about her,
good, bad, or does not matter, imo.

O.k. then....

What movie are you guys going to see this weekend?

I have to finish seeing "The American" if it
is still out. Oh, and Wall Street. And whatever
I can sneak into seeing without paying....that is

I will try to check back on Monday or Tuesday.

Keep smiling and keep laughing.

"Oh, the rain did poor, didn't it????"
Old Puke Puppy is really on a roll.
Maybe the rain washed away all of the stink bugs.

Oh, and Tony Curtis, with that handsome face,
has passed away. What a handsome, talented man.
And that Brooklyn accent. Those eyes. That nose.
That mouth. Those eyelashed. That jaw. That hair.

I just loved looking at him. I was entertained
by him, and I enjoyed his work. I love his daughter
Jamie. I want to see her movie that is out.

Hyattsville, MD

#12 Oct 1, 2010
"You Again" is the name of the movie
that Jamie Curtis is in, with Segourney.
I know that it is full of laughs.

The question is, do I want to see
"Let Me In?" This is rated "R"
and is a thriller, fright movie.

Can I handle it???

I do not think that Rene Zillwegger
and Bradley Cooper's movie is out yet.
I want to see it veery much.

"Salt" is still getting an audience
at the theatre, where I am going.

Hyattsville, MD

#13 Oct 1, 2010
Remember Abbott and Costello?

I'm A BAD BOY!!!!!
Please don't start up reruns on those two....yikess,
with the slapping and the fat.

I have to send out a love song dedication
for Jennifer and her secret honey,
just in case there really is some
special person that Jenn hides from us all:

"Just Call My Name"
by Alyson Williams


Good luck to them

Hyattsville, MD

#14 Oct 1, 2010
I’m so happy Maniston latest movie bomb hard !!!

Can’t believed the final tally is just 8 million , less than Nanny. and more disappointed than ” Sh.t happen”.

So now they try to spin it was just a 16 million budget movie, who are they kidding.

I might believed it, if they shot the entire film in China or some third world countries.

Puh-lease, JLO Back up plan cost 35 million,
which is more reasonable.

JLo paycheck is several million less than Maniston, JLO costar is a newcomer
which I’m sure is cheaper than old dog Jason Bateman, I think the major star along in that film should have cost around 12 million,

and what about those extras in the set, the entire movie crew, the daily shooting location payment , the costume.,. This is at least a 30 -35 million budget movie.

And suddenly it become a Jason Bateman and Juliet Lewis movie not Jennifer Aniston movies,

although we only saw X all over the place pimping this movie.

It’s just like when “Derailed” floped,
it became a Clive Owen film,
coming straight from the fug face X horse mouth, which she told one inteviewer once that she was so happy to be in a Clive Owen film.

I almost puked when I heard that.

Read more:

copied and pasted

Hyattsville, MD

#15 Oct 1, 2010
copied and pasted:

Well, definitely I am not surprised JA failed
to impress.

She is not an actress.

She is a celeb.

Her movies are crappy.

She can successfully promote a movie
only when she is flirting with her co-star, assuming her has his own fans base.
As per Gerard’s case.

But now, honestly,
she already dated all the male actors
she had the chance to work with,
and many others that will never work with her.

This time she tried really hard:
perfume, staged papz opportunities, TV shows, interviews, naked pics, miniskirts, Barbra pics, covers.

I can't even imagine how much she did pay to her Pr agency to have this media coverage.

And the result? Embarassing.

Dear Jen, why don't you understand that your movie career is over?

You tried, your fans spent a lot of money to crowd the theatres and give you the opportunity to show you have some talent.

Well, you dont have any.
So please, be kind and just disappear with your bank account, and let's try someone else with some talent and, possibly, some brain potential.

Read more:

Haaaaa haaaa ha

Hyattsville, MD

#16 Oct 1, 2010
Copied and pasted

The Switch –$US4.6 million

Ohhh dear.
Week two, an even worse disaster.

Sometimes now when she wakes up,
she feels a kind of spidered clottiness
in her brain.

She worries that it’s a tumour and calls Courteney to tell her she’s dying.

Court laughs it off and says “Remember Dirt? Remember how I thought I had stomach cancer back then? It was just nerves and anxiety, hon.”

But that doesn’t make her feel better.
She walks out onto the terrace, poking at the dark spot in her skull, and she looks out over the sweeping-yet-dull Los Angeles vista and she thinks about wrapping herself up in a blanket made of money, lying down on the chaise, closing her eyes, pulling the blanket tight and never moving again. Just sleeping and humming and not thinking dark thoughts for the rest of time. Even in the rain.

But then the phone rings and it’s her agent and he’s consolatory but stern in that odd parental way he can be and he tells her what’s next on the slate and she sighs and watches a fly bang against the window, over and over and over again, trying to get out of the house.

“I need a change,” she says to her agent, who chuckles darkly and says “You need a switch?” The joke falls dead flat and she hangs up on him. She needs wine and bed, not necessarily in that order. She presses the smooth white button on the intercom and calls for her assistant.“Judy? We’re having one of those days. Meet me upstairs with the foot massager, will you?” But Judy doesn’t answer and she wonders if Judy even exists, if she just made her up. Just then the doorbell rings and she stands, very still, and wonders if she should answer it. She wonders. The fly, in the background, finds its way out and disappears into the smog.

Hyattsville, MD

#17 Oct 1, 2010
Maniston can’t even hold on to B-list actors these days!

According to an insider, Jennifer Aniston wanted to take her fling with Josh Hopkins to the next level, but the Cougar Town actor flatly rejected her.

“[Hopkins is] a player and is into meeting younger girls," the insider says. "He definitely lies to girls."

Apparently, Josh just thought of Maniston as a friend with benefits — he even had a nickname for her: "Josh calls Jennifer his 'sport f–k.'"

The insider said not to feel too bad for Maniston. She "likes her life the way it is.[Her type] is really good-looking a–holes."

Ha! Don’t worry, Maniston, you’ll find someone eventually. As they say, there are plenty of assholes in the sea!

Read More: Maniston Rejected By Cougar Town Actor |
Celebrity Juice, Not from Concentrate

Hyattsville, MD

#18 Oct 1, 2010
Song dedication time:

"Don't Walk Away" (1992)

by Jade

This song is for Jen and John,
and the one's that walk away.

Vince Vaughn seemed to have started a trend.

Hyattsville, MD

#19 Oct 2, 2010
This little item is copied and pasted

Gorgeous Angelina
@ 09/27/2010 at 12:42 am
@queen bee:
Thank you for the updates on
the Hag Jen and the wonderful reviews
she has been receiving.
Could not happen to a more deserving person.
The trolls are gnashing their teeth
because the Hag Jen is flopping
no matter in which direction she turns.
Movies, TV, stinkwater perfume, etc.
She is a one woman self destructive atomic bomb!
She needs to give it up and disappear.
I am stunned some reviewers think she still has a career in TV. They are not listening to the Public OUTCRY!
There is a new generation of TV watchers now
who do not give a fig about ManFace Aniston.
They know nothing about her and could care less that she considers herself a “victim” and deserving of endless, unwarranted public sympathy.
And the older generation of TV watchers
have had enough of the Hag re-playing
Rachel Green. They are not tuning in to see
the Hag play the same worn out role any more. Plus - the woman CANNOT act!
Maybe she needs to follow her own idea
and go to Broadway. Now there is a place she will get a REAL education about acting.
I DOUBLE DARE you Man Face Aniston
to take your Lame non-talented rump on the road. The bright lights of Broadway are calling you to come and get the verbal thrashing you truly deserve.
Theatre reviewers are merciless with the untalented, especially when they try to put themselves on a stage they definitely do NOT belong on.
Here’s a thought - maybe Huvane can buy them for you. Oh, but you’d better be able to buy off the audience too. They can be more ruthless than the reviewers.
Hope your pockets are still deep. But I doubt it since you have spent so much money trying your best to destroy Angelina’s reputation.
Funny, the more you spend attacking her, the quicker your fall from fame is. Makes one wonder if you will ever learn. Maybe when you are broke, you will finally see the light.

Read more:

Hyattsville, MD

#20 Oct 2, 2010
Copied and pasted

Well good Jen,
be thankful that Brad recognized a dead end, loveless marriage and ended it.

Now you are free to let go finally,
thank gosh…of the the Jolie-Pitt of gripping those JP’s coattails (bet you’ve got some major palm burns) and stop all the nasty passive-aggressive references to this family. Go stalk John Mayer and ride his coattails, we already know his feelings about being stuck in 1998, talking to dogs and thinking of other women (or men) that were better in bed, when a man says he is only 32..he just told you that you are too old at 42. Run, Mayer, run!

Love live the Jolie-Pitts!

Read more:

Hyattsville, MD

#21 Oct 5, 2010
Most eligible 41 and a half year old,
Greekish, blondish, female-ish, quirky,
stuck in the past-ish, three dog owning,
John Mayer hovering, egg freezing, movie-bomb-delivering, outfits of Angelina copying,
person that goes on talk show and tries her
darnedest to come across as being interesting/
but not quite getting there.....phew!!!

What were we talking about?

Most eligible?
Here is a comment that I copied and pasted:

She'll still be single
when she's eligible for Social Security.

Read more:

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