For Bill Maher, religion is a joke

For Bill Maher, religion is a joke

There are 801 comments on the CNN story from Oct 1, 2008, titled For Bill Maher, religion is a joke. In it, CNN reports that:

Bill Maher has taken his crusade against religion to the big screen. Bill Maher traveled the world to make "Religulous," his irreverent look at religion.

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Melbourne, FL

#1 Oct 2, 2008
Bill Maher ?Who? Oh yeah, that no talent hack/DNC ass kisser! maybe someday he will find some talent. Probably not.





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United States

#2 Oct 2, 2008
never heard of bill maher ! I have heard of God, Jesus, and church. lets see where bill sour is in 2000 yrs? and who remembers him.

Fremont, CA

#3 Oct 2, 2008
The first two comments are mindless attacks against Bill Maher rather than arguments against his point of view. Bill injects some fresh air and levity in what would otherwise be "faith-based close mindedness".

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#4 Oct 22, 2008
Is it better to be remembered, or to be right? Bill's point is that religions look to the structure of the creation and blame US for the inadequacies like death, and mainly all they have to back it up with is fantasy and wild stories. Maybe it would be healthier to have the mind set that this is the best God can do. Some of these people trying to represent God should get off their high horse and admit that they don't know!

Taylors, SC

#6 Dec 24, 2008
lol badbob who will remember you in 2000 years? And who cares if they do?

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#7 Jan 7, 2009
2000 years from now, long after humans have destroyed themselves in the struggle for pissing ground, natural resources and why their silly beliefs are right and your silly beliefs are wrong...intelligent beings will probably say "Wow get this!...So these humans believed in magical gods that promised to save them if they followed some bullshit manual made by their own kind."
Why don't people question religion? They question everything else their parents made them swallow. Sad.

Newton, NJ

#8 Jan 8, 2009
Well, manmade religion IS a joke!

“Religion is Superstition”

Since: Aug 08

Location hidden

#9 Jan 8, 2009
What religion isn't man made?

Newton, NJ

#10 Jan 14, 2009
Christopher Pearsoll wrote:
What religion isn't man made?
You're correct - they're all just myths added and added to by humans. God is not religion.

“God is an atheist”

Since: Jan 09

Anywhere i wish to be..

#11 Jan 14, 2009
In 2,000 years the Cubs still wouldnt have won a world series,NYC 1 bedroom apartments will be $10 billion dollars to rent for a month and abrahamic religions will promptly be displayed as cheap cartoons on liquid tvs floating around in the house as cheap entertainment while our children read Voltaire and Dawkins novels in their cribs.Stupid superstitious people learn how to die while intelligent folks learn to live.
Born in the USA

La Crescenta, CA

#12 Feb 8, 2009
DoctorButcher wrote:
In 2,000 years the Cubs still wouldnt have won a world series,NYC 1 bedroom apartments will be $10 billion dollars to rent for a month and abrahamic religions will promptly be displayed as cheap cartoons on liquid tvs floating around in the house as cheap entertainment while our children read Voltaire and Dawkins novels in their cribs.Stupid superstitious people learn how to die while intelligent folks learn to live.
You could be right...but,you seem to forget that maybe not all of us want to go in that direction. I think some of us want to find our own religion on an island somewhere,cold beer in hand,fat jiont in the other,a nice bowl of fruit,suntan lotion if I need it and my fishing pole nearby. I like Buddhism because I don't have to listen to a bunch idiots tell me that I won't go to heaven. Heaven is all in what you make it.
Is there a point to my post? I wonder myself,then I read yours again for the third time and not really seems to be the answer to both,lol.

New Malden, UK

#13 Feb 9, 2009
If religion is a joke, then explain this:-

“Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth (meaning the universe) were joined together (ratq) in one piece, then We (meaning God, the Creator) rent them asunder (fataqa) and We got every living thing out of water. Will they then not believe?”
Qur’an - Surah al-Anbiyaa (The Prophets) 21:30 See also 24:45 and 25:54.

Jacksonville, FL

#14 Feb 23, 2009
I could come up with something threatening like that if I wanted to.

I'm just not ridiculous. Like religions.

Pittsburgh, PA

#15 Feb 24, 2009
He doesn't make religion out to be a joke. He just questions it and questions the hypocrisy. There is nothing wrong with that. Like most of us, he is looking for answers. I saw Religulous and I think that it is excellent.
just me


#17 Feb 25, 2009
if Bill Maher wants to point the things that he sees as BS then by all means do, but why does the show incorrectly translate other languages into what people will find funny. Is it to get more audience, the part am taking about is the part where the guy in the mosque in Jerusalem is not happy about them being in the mosque. the translation in that part says that he hates Bill Maher show and that he is not funny but the guy was saying that the visitors usually come for 5 minutes and go and that they are disturbing the prayer.

As a religious guy i don't have anything with his movie but if you do so plz be honest about it, not misinforming people.

Honolulu, HI

#19 Mar 10, 2009
I saw religulous, and bill maher enjoy it because he is single, doesn't have any responsibility but him self, so being stubborn or clueless is just fine.

try that if bill has children need to take care off, he probably will start to pray to not to die in sudden so he could watch them grow up and alright.

the one of several reason for being religious is because human doesn't have a control on anything, so he need something to comfort him, and for sure he will not get crazy if something bad do happen.

Hoboken, NJ

#20 Mar 16, 2009
To the 2000 years from now comment.

2000 years ago people believed in sun gods and sacrifices from tall temples, decapitations to please the gods, etc., you get the picture.

Fast forward 2000 years from today 3/16/2009 to the year 4009 and who knows what "religion(s)" will be around looking back and shaking their head thinking "savages, rubes and mislead people".

2000 years in mankind history is but a blip in the radar of the planet's existance. Just because the story survives does not make it true. Religion is a security blanket to people today. In many ways it continues to also be a means to scare people into submission or suffer the eternal flames of hell.

All of the writings make for great reading but they are nothing but a set of tall tales aimed at showing you the "path" so that you can walk it or suffer the consequences. It's the same theme over and over. A pattern maybe?

I believe there is a force that binds us. Some call it god, others universe, alah, whatever. We try with our human, centuries-old books to describe this power and then prescribe the rules using man-made laws to enforce membership or again, you guesed it, suffer the consequences. PATTERN.

I believe in my family, i believe we are all part of this great thing we call a universe, i believe it was created. I do not believe in the set of religion cookbook's in competition with one another dictating conduct and allegiance. baptize or suffer, attend or suffer, dont eat meat, pork or at all... or suffer.(psssst. pattern.)

I believe people find it easier to believe in something when everybody else around them is doing it. I believe it infinately harder yet more rewarding when you can believe in yourself and be at peace with your OWN understanding of the world. Read all of the books and come up with your own conclusion. Write your own bible. If we are all children of God, surely God will bless all of us with this understanding. I don't need to get ashes smudged into my forehead to be part of god and/or universe.

Where do we all go when we die? The same place, wherever that may be. There are no virgins waiting for you. No pearly gates with a reservations book. There is no hell to punish you for you sins as a human regardless how severe your crime. That's right. no hell. Why the heck would you need a hell? To punish souls for eternity? For something they did out of mental instability, bad upbringing or just down right crazy? The concept of punishment and reward is man made as they come. God is not a man. If he were anything earthlike, god would be a woman since only woman can give birth to life. But i dont believe god is a woman either.

We chose god to look like a man because of our abundant egos. If we were highly intelligent lizards, we would probably think god was an omni-potent lizard. The concept is just ridiculous. God is a force and it is not humanoid. IT IS: a force that binds us all, the universe, the trees, you and me, the water, the fish the air and everything in between.

God is not watching and judging. God is unfolding every moment with us and our intentions. We, as humans, judge these actions. Not god. God does not chose sides, defend the needy or punish the bad guys. The force we call god is not going to bless our troops, punish the infidels or send locust. these are things a very powerful MAN or WOMAN would do. Being neither, and having not stake in either side, we see the evidence of it every day on CNN.

Wow i can go on forever.
Holy Shyst

Columbus, OH

#21 Mar 16, 2009
Wow! Truly a compelling argument BaddaBoom. If more people in this world treated things like you just treated religion, we would be in a much better place right now. Religion has, and will continue to, HOLD THE HUMAN RACE BACK!
I have a story to demonstrate... a very good friend of mine told me about the time she lost her virginity. Bear in mind this is a sheltered girl with a strict Catholic upbringing. As soon as her boyfriend left, she burst into hysterical tears and huddled on the floor sobbing over and over again "I should have waited till I got married." Now say what you will about her personal beliefs on sex,(everybody has a different policy, I know) but I can guarentee why she did this. She had been brainwashed by her faith that sex before marriage was a mortal sin and worthy of eternal damnation in hell. Of course, she would never admit this but, her fears were completely religion based. So I pose this question. Why would you let some invisiable man in the clouds, whom their is NO PROOF of existence, ruin one of the best moments of your life that you can never repeat.
That's all I have to say now, but this argument goes on forever and always ends up in the same conclusion.

Normal, IL

#22 Mar 19, 2009
Religion is just fantasies made up by people who want to believe there is a purpose to their life and they dont want to be scared to die. I dont blame those people for what they believe because they have all been brainwashed for thousands of years to believe that, most people follow what they have always thought to be true. I hope in the future scientists and just normal people stop taking what their ancestors have told them is true and use science and fact to make their own desicion. i grew up in a religious household but I was taught about scientific facts as well and my family said I could make up my own decision. I chose to believe in what their is proof of and I believe in facts not fantasies. If you do the research on scientific theories and evidence and still believe the bible is fact than that is your decision and it should be respected I would never want to force my "Darowinistic" approach on anyone so please people dont force your "God" beliefs on us either because you dont know the truth, science doesnt know everything yet but if we continue on the path we are on hopefully we can come up with all the answers..
No Cigar


#23 Mar 21, 2009
Does anyone really care about an Atheistic barking dog?

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