Do not be mad at me Amrikanci.Do not let it.I'm not asking for money from the Americans.I'm not asking because I was afraid that someone should kill him.How am I 2>?Nice 2 For the whole show.Do not be nervous.People think it's all set up.Well it is not!They'd have ours.Nobody pays attention to stream MC.Just me.If you kill someone there to realize the wishes of terrorism!!Terrorism that haunts me.I live like Americans.Terrorism haunts me.They're after me.I can not say anything.If they kill me America has to look forward to.This would be a perfect act of their existence.Greatest desire, pity it was not a new year and getand a package of chocolate.hahahhahah ...Do not take offense.On the Internet, all sorts of things and talk about the FBI and the JLO.They write that the former director (Robert S. Mueller) FBIhas the largest collection of pornography.Then, the newspapers write anything.Oh, all sorts of things ...I braked with the terrorists and if it kills me that America willbe an incredible event for them.It falls to a parallel world.And they would wait for the kill STEREO MC and JLO.Probably.We are a major topic of terrorism.Write that Jennifer wants to become president of USA.And that's it.Jennifer made a scandal.Heh ..I perceive it differently.Terrorists open mouth follow what is going on and believethat their Allah is killing our.Trust me.Terrorism haunts me.FOREVER IN FILE.That is obvious.And that success is just what I did not like, so it turned out.About that ...Do not be nervous.I'm not going to write anything here if you're nervous.I thought I was interesting.I thought that I could earn more than your money.And to come to America.To hang out with gangovima but ...I can become a reality.Or would fail.No one has anything to lose.