Oliver Stone: Jewish-dominated US med...

Oliver Stone: Jewish-dominated US media misrepresents Hitler

There are 15 comments on the NY Daily News story from Jul 26, 2010, titled Oliver Stone: Jewish-dominated US media misrepresents Hitler. In it, NY Daily News reports that:

Oliver Stone claims that the 'Jewish domination of the media' is the reason the U.S. cannot put Adolf Hitler and the Holocast in 'context.' Take our Poll Stone on media Do you think that Oliver Stone's statements about the U.S. media are true? No! That guy makes controversial statements all the time, none of which are based on fact.

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Saint Petersburg, FL

#1 Jul 26, 2010
Oliver Stone is a fool. If the media was dominated by Jewish people, public opinion abut goings on in the Middle East would favor the US and Israel. Quite to the contrary, our country is abandoning our traditional values and alliances because of the liberal-progressive media.

United States

#2 Jul 26, 2010
i guess he's trying to lure mel gibson into doing a film with him?

Powhatan, VA

#3 Jul 26, 2010
Poor Ollie forgot the 11th Commandment:

"Thou shalt not Question ANYTHING Marketed by Holocaust Industries Inc."

Remember, it's not about the Money......
No Amount of Money is Enough.

There are Two Enormities that Exceed those of the Holocaust:

1. The Same Behavior of the Holocaust's Descendants Toward their Non Jewish Victims

2. The degree to which Deserving Holocaust Survivors have been Cheated by Jet-Setting, Multi Millionaire Holocaust Industry C.E.O.s

"Where did the Shoah money go?"

and the Exploitation of Survivors by Today's Zionist Butchers with the Same Naziesque "Values"

......And Heaven help the Holocaust Survivor who stand's up for Tormented and Slaughtered non-Jews which costs them their "Marketing Value"

Why is Open, Honest, Scholarly and Fair Minded Discussion of this One of many Instances of Man's Inhumanity to Man anathema to a Profit Driven, Selectively Outraged Few?

Perhaps "..........He doeth protest too Much" ???????

Since: Jun 10

Kfar Saba, Israel

#4 Jul 27, 2010
It's about you.
Read it.

The next Commandment.

"Thou shalt not forge unscrupulously, fake and distort history ....... in order to make a point."

Fraudulent comments like your last message ..... come a dime a gross (hoping that you know what a gross is - 12x12=144)

Kung-fu muhfugger


#6 Jul 29, 2010
Zionic Abomination, more commonly known amongst zionists as israel is a peace of plague. Oliver Stone apologising by the way, was not sincere but himself demonstrating the very point he made the day before. That jewish media is powerful and on top of every negative comment. And if any are made they immediately hit back with every thing they've have. His apology is a sly way of telling everyone, "what did I tell you would happen". I salute you, Sir Oliver.

The word anti-semitism is a complete joke when you hear a jew saying it. It's become a built in defence mechanism. They've even go so far as accusing their own of it, when someone disagrees with right wing policies.

Like I don't agree with the siege in Gaza: Jewish response: Oh I must be anti semitic. I want more than just jews in jerusalem, Jewish reponse: Oh I'm anti semitic.

Look at Mel Gibson, the guy said one thing about jews, after having made a the most jewish movie of all time by the way,(not counting schindler's list) suddenly the jewish media machine makes everything he's done since age 2, about hating jews.

I don't agree that the zionic abomination has a right to kill whoever they want wherever they want and make an entire population suffer to preserve it's disgusting existence: Oh I'm Semitic.

Well let me tell you, I'm not anti-semetic. I love some jews out there. Superman was my childhood hero, Alexi Sayle, Sasha Baron Cohen, Krusty the Klown, i all find absolutely hillarious. I still want to bone Natalie Portman. So don't label me. Just because i hate the idea of zionicism (yep i just invented that word just like Islamist was invented)doesn't make me a racist. I hate a good vast majority of you, for what you are and what you seek to be. But not all of you.

Don't label me because I don't accept your labels. If you really want to impress me and other readers, the most astonishing thing you could do is not retort. Let there be a criticism for what you are. But we know that's not going to happen, because of how pathetic your existence is.

I'll simply end this by saying "Let there be peace!"

Since: Jun 10


#8 Jul 29, 2010
Hajj, you are entitled to your opinions.... and on this country the law protects you so you can voice your opinions publicly.

But since I am also entitled to my opinions ... we have a clash.

I don't give a zhit about your list of Jewish heroes. It means nothing.

I live with Muslims Israeli Palestinians.
I get their respect and they get in return mine. We get invited to their weddings and they get invited to mine.

We play shesh besh and we barbeque. We drink coffee and talk women, politics, football ... and play lotto in partnership, hoping to get rich by doing nothing.......

None of you knows better than we do, what's going on in our area.

I care for my neighbors and they care for theirs,.... us included.

I am betting that if my neighbor has to save me or save you .... you will be in trouble.

You have done zhit for the Palestinians .... and you won't do much either because you despise them. You consider them an underdeveloped society. When they visit your country or go work there, you treat them like second class people.

Kung-fu, cut the zhit.
Roll up your sleeves and think two or three meaningfull things that you can do for your brothers.

And do them a favor, stop acting like an hypocrit.

Ohh, I almost forgot ... I don't give a zhit about what you wrote about Israel, Zionism and the Jews.


Zanesville, OH

#9 Jul 30, 2010
hes right you always here hollycost this hollycost that but not a pep of the mass murder of ukrainians by stalin or the pack of jews behind roosevelt who kept pushing for war which is the reason hitler was so hard on jews he warned jews in america and england not to provoke a world war
Mel Gibsin

Colonial Heights, VA

#11 Aug 24, 2010
You tell them Ollie
It all makes sense


#12 Jan 31, 2011
Oh man, all Tyrants are truly related to one another. Since the dawn of time every tyrannical society that has existed has paid the price for it's behaviour. And yet thousand of years on after ceasing to exist to the delight of 95% of the world it helps orchestrate a mass cull of it's own people by assisting its enemies then manipulates another mass extermination of innocent people to once again exist. I am of course talking of the vile parasitic organism that steals organs and body parts of orphans, that murders women and children, rapes and pillages - yes that jewish place!(i can't even say the name, it disgusts me so).

In a strange, i actually want to see them do even worse than they have (how is that possible i know) but it's the way nature works. So in that way i know nature will wipe them away, the only question is how long to we have to even acknowledge them as an organism. Well we can look at the bright side, the end is nigh.

Also consider the following:

During the world wars did any allied forces bat an eyelid when the french in all sorts of manners were killing nazis - no. Now, also would anyone have batted any eyelid if mass bombs were dropped on the families of Nazis back then?- No. So therefore, i look at it this way. The zionist women and children who are by their so called laws have to join the army (are legitimate targets). Therefore the civilised world need not think twice about bombing, shooting, drowning them in bathtubs. The women and children are not actually your average women and children. They are future murderers. It's in fact self defence, or as the Americans like to call it, preemptive action against a filth that continues to taint the planet.

“Act Interdimensional ly”

Since: Jan 08

Location hidden

#13 Jan 31, 2011
Kung-fu muhfugger wrote:
....Look at Mel Gibson, the guy said one thing about jews, after having made a the most jewish movie of all time by the way...
"Lethal Weapon 3"?


#14 Mar 7, 2011
Oh what a surprise.
Charlie Sheen gets drunk and arrested - no problems. Takes drugs, gets caught and goes to rehab - no problems. Beats up his wife and threatens her - no problems. Swears at TV execs and god knows who else inside the Hollywood machine - no problems. But calls a Jewish man by his real jewish name which some took to be him being my favourite term:'Anti Semetic' and FUCK ME - he's been sacked. Well there's a big fucking surprise!
If I were Oliver Stone, I'd hire Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen and make a film
athiest infantile

Los Angeles, CA

#15 Mar 7, 2011
What a wonderful world it will be when Israel is gone and all of the Zionist Parasites are dead

Dubai, UAE

#16 Jun 12, 2011
uh oh, Russel Crowe said on twitter that he disagrees with circumcision, i'll give it a couple of more days before the Jew media machine start to make comparisons of him to Hitler and then probably to Mel Gibson, saying both came from Australia, and linking that to some deep Australian Anti-Semitism. Next in line will be an 'E' program on great hollywood directors and stars who turned to anti-jewry.

Your patheticness never ceases to bring a smirk jooz!

Calgary, Canada

#17 Jun 14, 2011
...maybe so...eh...

Calgary, Canada

#18 Jun 14, 2011
athiest infantile wrote:
What a wonderful world it will be when Israel is gone and all of the Zionist Parasites are dead

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