Celebrity cases fill criminal court d...

Celebrity cases fill criminal court dockets

There are 6 comments on the LA Daily News story from Dec 30, 2009, titled Celebrity cases fill criminal court dockets. In it, LA Daily News reports that:

After more than six years of legal wrangling and two high-profile trials, legendary music producer Phil Spector was behind bars at year's end following his second-degree murder conviction for shooting an actress to death in the foyer of his Alhambra mansion.

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Bloomington, IN

#1 Jan 3, 2010
Howard Stern has had a busy 2009. If there's any justice in 2010, he'll be found guilty in the criminal case and his claim against the Marshalls will finally get thrown out!
Kelley Lynch

Claremont, CA

#2 Jan 4, 2010
Some information on the Phil Spector set up that I have asked the DOJ, IRS, FBI, Treasury, Immigration, and others to investigate - five major forensic scientists concluded that Lana Clarkson (who mixed alcohol and vicodin) shot herself. That's precisely what Phil Spector personally told me after the incident. Steve Cooley had to nail a celebrity and is now thinking about running for Attorney General. There's a frightening thought. He makes the Duke DA look like an amateur from my perspective.

Kelley Lynch


Bill Pavelic’s Allegations that he, Dr. Henry Lee, and Dr. Michael Baden were set up in the Phil Spector matter - by LAPD's Robbery-Homicide Unit in retaliation for the OJ trial:

Kelley Lynch

Claremont, CA

#3 Jan 4, 2010
An Open Letter From Phil Spector To A Good Friend.
Sunday July 26th


I had no voice the day I was sentenced in court on May 30th 2009 due to throat papalomas I had removed 3-days earlier on the 27th.of May. It left me with no voice. I was indeed very upset because when I was asked to address the court, I could not speak for I had no voice. What I wanted to say follows: Be it known that I, Phillip Spector had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the death of Lana Clarkson. And irrefutable science and five of the greatest, most famous forensic scientists all swore under oath that Ms. Clarkson died of a self inflicted gun shot wound, a suicide. They swore by irrefutable science. And while juries and judges lie and make mistakes, science and DNA do not. When their scientific findings and words were ignored is a mystery to me, and hopefully will not be ignored by the appellate court. And I shall return.

But let it also be known that there IS a murderer in the court room and it is NOT Phil Spector, it is Alan Jackson. During the trial he murdered the truth,,he murdered the constitution, he murdered the law, and he murdered my reputation, and he should not go unpunished for his dastardly deeds. He used his five little "groupies" women, one of whom recently overdosed and died from drugs, and could not be here to testify to slander and lie about me, and victimize me so that he could get his conviction without any scientific proof whatsoever. That's because he had none. He lied and cheated and double crossed that before along with his cohort Truc Doe whenever they got to it, yes my friends, HE is the real murderer. But, what goes around comes around. And the appellate court will see through his chicanery and smoke and mirrors, and false law and overturn my conviction, and then I will be back stronger than ever, a free man as I should be. Until then, POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

Steven, I would like this published verbatim from the beginning of this letter to the end. And tell Chris Paven to also put it on my website.

Kelley Lynch

Claremont, CA

#4 Jan 4, 2010
Dr. Lee on the Phil Spector matter: He publicly stated that no one is interested in the truth. That's obvious. See Phil Spector's complaint against Robert Shapiro - an unearned retainer in the amount of $1 million was deposited into Shapiro's personal account. He apparently did little work while giving the prosecution a year to prepare their charges/case against Mr. Spector. It's on LA Superior Court's website and it's as transparent as the day is long.

Text of statement from Dr Henry Lee: Dr. Henry Lee is currently traveling abroad on a lecture tour in Italy. He has made the following statement regarding the recent slanderous and incorrect news reports of him removing and withholding evidence related to the Spector case. 1. Numerous police officers, detectives, crime scene investigators and forensic scientists from The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and L.A. Coroner's Office conducted detailed searches of a small area in the foyer of Mr. Spector's house on February 3rd and 4th, 2003, for about 38 hours. It is impossible for that large of a group to have missed a fingernail or a tooth. Dr. Michael Baden and I arrived at Mr. Spector's house at approximately 9:00 pm on February 4, 2003, after the police had left and released the scene. 2. One prosecution witness, a former L.A. detective, accused me of finding a red-colored fingernail and putting that nail in my handkerchief. A second witness said Dr. Baden and Sara Caplan found a tooth and took it from the scene. Sara Caplan said that I found a white-colored object, similar to a fingernail-size object, and subsequently placed that object in a test tube. There are obvious and major discrepancies related to conflicting observations among the witnesses. In addition, there is no evidence that anyone involved in this case lost a fingernail. Lana Clarkson only has a small chip on one of her cream-colored, acrylic artificial fingernails. The minute size of a potential chip and the color of her actual nails are completely different than what the witness said about the alleged fingernail located at the scene. 3. As I stated several times before, I did not find a fingernail nor did I take any fingernail-like material from the scene. What I found was two small bundles of white thread-like fibers imbedded in blood. These two pieces of fiber were documented in my notes and photographed before and after collection. The materials were packaged, labeled and sealed in an evidence bag. Copies of my notes and photographs were sent and reviewed by four sets of defense lawyers and members of The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office over the past four years. What I have collected, the so-called "evidence" from a "released scene" has also been turned over to The L.A. County Sheriff's Crime Laboratory for examination. My original notes, photographs and even the negatives were all given to the L.A. District Attorney's Office. There is no basis whatsoever for anyone to accuse me or Dr. Baden of concealing evidence in this case. 4. I do not know why my Chinese accent has become an issue in this case. I am proud of my heritage and certainly see no relevance between it and the matter at hand. I have always believed that our justice system is committed to seeking the truth and all of the relevant facts. The fact remains clear that there was no fingernail at the scene. It is clear the motive for this slanderous attack is a tactic to kill the messenger before the message is delivered. I have all the documentation and records pertaining to what I did and what I collected at the scene. If necessary, I can and will make it public to protect my good name and my professional reputation. I have also contacted my personal attorneys to look into the legal issues regarding these unjustified, slanderous, false accusations, and the damage that I will likely incur as a result of these unjust misrepresentations.

Chantilly, VA

#5 Jan 5, 2010
Yes, because of the media attention that they recieve, it does appear that celebrity cases are crowding our courts- however, that may not exactly be the case. in fact, i would venture to guess that there should be MORE celebrity prossecutions as they seem to break the law in higher porportion than Joe Six-Pack- because they think that they are above the law. In order to correct this imbalance, we need MORE trials like those of Howard K Stern and those that provided ANS with drugs. However, I agree 100% about the disporportion of celeb litigation- see Anna Nicole Smith fight to over turn her husband's will.
Kelley Lynch

Claremont, CA

#6 Mar 21, 2010
How about politicians and law enforcement that frame innocent people? Should we see them on trial? That might correct some imbalances.
Kelley Lynch

Saturday, March 13, 2010
Phil Spector’s Murder Trial Was An Absolute Sham
Los Angeles, CA—I wrote extensively about legendary record producer, Phil Spector’s first murder trial that ended in a mistrial when jurors could not reach a unanimous verdict.. I was not able to do much with the retrial because of other commitments, but it was even worse that the first trial.
Both trials were as unfair, and as outrageous as I’ve ever seen in my 40 years of experience inside the criminal justice system. During the trials I compared L.A. Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler to Roland Freisler, the President of The People’s Court of Germany’s Third Reich. I don’t think that was an exaggeration because of nearly every ruling made by Fidler.

Read the rest here:


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