Day Trips: Elvis comes alive at Littl...

Day Trips: Elvis comes alive at Little Graceland

There are 22 comments on the story from Apr 1, 2007, titled Day Trips: Elvis comes alive at Little Graceland. In it, reports that:

“When I retired in '93, I decided I was going to do something for Elvis. Something to keep his name and music going”

Little Graceland may be more than 1,000 miles from Memphis, Tenn., but at this shrine and museum in Los Fresnos, Elvis Presley has not left the building. via

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#1 Apr 7, 2007


#2 May 19, 2007
WANDA wrote:
armywife fort hood

Temple, TX

#3 Nov 10, 2008
yes,i just call you,the owner one time.yo te llame.y me contastes un poco.estuvistes aqui en fort hood.quiero visitar,little graceland.
Norma jay Bertrand


#4 Mar 30, 2009
I visited Little graceland Museum in Los fresnos Tx.
This past year has been wonderful.
Thier were several Elvis Impersonators I enjoyed listening too.
Renee Davis does a wonderful impersonation of Elvis.
We were treated like royalty.
I also enjoyed the variety show with the Dixie darlings and Tribute by Asa landry.
Mr. Landry sings as he sways his hips and curls his lips. His voice when he sang Kentucky rain,and My way brought tears to my eyes as I closed them and actually hear Elvis in thier.
The museum had alot of memoriabilia to see.
Mr simeon vega Elvis army buddy from Ft Hood has put alot of hard work and effort in thier.
He never meets a stranger.
I got to meet Danny Lee as well, who was friendly and did a great job at impersonating Elvis in the Earlier Years.
Also the music sounded better because thier was some sound techs with Mister Asa landry who monitered the sound this time at the museum.
You bet were looking forward to going back again this year.
Single handivly Simeon vega, Danny Lee, Rene Davis and Mister Asa Landry and the Dixie darlings have put this place on the map.
My son Little E wants to be an Elvis impersonater and hopes to sing this year at Los Fresnos, TX.
We Love You Simeon Vega! Asa landry !The Dixie Darlings and You All!


#5 Apr 9, 2009
Hi I am agnes and I travel all over
I am retired and from Canada.

Last August I took a trip to south texas to Little graceland, in Los Fresnos Tx.
The home of Simeon Vega, a former army Buddy of None other than the king himself.
It was here that I not only visited the museum in honor to Elvis, I had a chance to see several impersonators.

I want to bring this to light of day
I met many impersonators thier, most of which was wrapped up in themselves.

What they wear, where they bought what they wore and the cost. Some of the outfits looked ridiculous.
Thier was only one impersonator who was friendly and thats the only reason Im going back thier this August.
he was not arrogant or up in himself, but friendly.
A middle aged man who made me feel welcome.
His name was Asa Landry formally from Biloxi Mississippi, and now lives in eastern Texas.
He was so down to earth, and kind.
The others just walked on by me and a younger Elvis kept handing out scarves and roses to the younger women, Why Not Me?
Well Mr landry said I will be back in a few minutes.
he returned with a scarf, a flower and a teddy bear and said to me now dont let anyone take this from you honey, dry those tears.
Mr. asa landry even personally asked me what Elvis songs your favorite and I said Love me tender
and he persoally sang to me.
Me! a retired older woman, he took time to make me feel special
He said in the words of elvis Thank you very much

I come to the conclusion that listen all you elvis impersonators
Its not in what you wear or how you dress,
Its in the way you treat your fans, and how you sound by voice.
Some of them had costumes that cost thousands of dollars and those did not impress me.
Its not in how stright your teeth are or how many
teeth you have left, or if your thin or fat

I heard impersonators running down other impersonators whats up with all that?

You must be humble the way Elvis was.
He was giving and kind.

I plan to return to hear Asa landry sing and
The Dixie Darlings are precious.
Dixie went out of her way to make us all feel welcome.
I agree with the writer above the music this time
sounded so much better and looked so professional with the Dixie darlings monitering the sound.
Asa Landry i hope you read this
Thank you for taking the time, to see that one fan did not go away disapointed.
keep up the good work Simon vega!!

mary martinez


#8 Aug 18, 2009
love it there thought gi gi of the dixie darlings had retired from singing she is in her 50ty now she is a star a big star she was a singer with willie nelson in the eighties the good old day she still has the golden voice she sang back up for willie so its good to see professional at little graceland this year also she dated shawn cassidy you know the teen idol of the seventies david cassidy brother so you made my day worth coming to little graceland loved the elvis impersonator danny lee,rene Davis,asa landry,joe,etc.keep on singing look forward to seeing the dixie darlings in january hope there back i will tell my friends you finally had a real star there
geena publicist


#10 Aug 22, 2009
hi its me again
I really enjoyed the show this year

I try to write entertaining interesting articles
so this year
I picked out dixie of the dixie darlings and tribute to Elvis show to follow around.

I learned from her theres more to being a singer than just singing

This Professional group took time to meet and greet people from the audiance.

Gee Gee, of the dixie darlings,
Who bears a striking resemblance to Gladys Presley was shaking hands, hugging people from the crowd and taking pictures with fans
She is a professional back up singer and sound tech.I learned she used to sing back up with willie.

Dixie a janis Joplin Impersonator,
Was also greeting fanns in the crowd.
They loved her, and youy could not miss her in that pshycodelic clothes.
In this business I learned theres more to it than getting on a stage.
You have to prepare for anything about that time a local valley impersonator approached dixie with a problem with his shoe what was glued together with bubble gum,
I followed them to her bus where she banished a large glue gun and glue sticks in a matter of minutes she heated it up and fixed his shoe
that should hold you she said smiling.

A little later after she had put the gun back another valley impersonator asked her if she would fix his belt
Sure she said as she went to her bus again and removed the glue gun
I commented but hes not with your group

we are here for everyone she said smiling
I learned from Uncle willie years ago
to help everyone back in the day when I began singing with his group. gee gee and I learned alot from our uncle.

Again in a matter of minutes The impersonators belt was like new
handing it back to him she commented
now do me a favor.
Sure Janis he said , anything
Sing Stick like glue for me
They both laughed

Later she showed me a sewing machine,
I even carry safty pins, needles, thread,
extra guitar strings, picks and an umbrella in case it rains.Sher commented

I enjoyed all the tribute artists including
Chad Roy,- awesome act
Renee Davis- delightful-
Joe- I love your stage preformance
Horhey -wear your blue suades next time
Danny lee -son you do well with or without a belt on
and last but not least Asa Landry of The dixie darlings and tribute to legends show

Jennifer Of Victoria


#13 Aug 25, 2009
Hi you all
This is my first year and we had a blast.
the food was good.
The vendors were helpful
I had to bee careful at The snow cone booth.

The music was fabulous, terrific!
I am a long time fan of Renee Davis, Living in the area, He sang one of my favorite Elvis Songs.

With the dixie darlings, that legendary group,
who travels all over the world.
Was a young Elvis, Wearing a white suite aprox 8 years old Cesar, Of brownsville, He made his debut and I didnt read alot about Cesar,
Listen America! This is tommorrows Elvis Impersonators!
I had to give him Credit it takes alot of nerve to get on that stage and I say to Cesar
keep the dream man!
Unrehearsed, he Bravely went up there at age 8?* and sang to a large crowd dressed in a wig
and white costum and This Little boy has won my heart.
Renee better look out man, Cesar going to steal the show one day.
The show was better this year.
I liked the variety of having impersonators such as johnny Gonzalez, ambigulating Freddie Fender and Dixie Nelson in the style of janis joplin
Man dixie you were brave too the only female singer out thier in a world of Elvis guys.
Man The darlings won my heart.
Thanks Dix for including that little boy Cesar
he was cute, and as always was a great show man
I hope you all are going to be included in january at the big event.
You all got great raves this year for the variety show at little graceland.
Even the announcer was entertaining
Did you all get to meet the Gladys Presley impersonator Gee Gee? She was working sound and lights on stage a dead ringer for Gladys.
I had a great time and plan to take me another two week vacation in January.
Thanks to Cesar,Chad, George, Joe,Renee, Asa,
Danny Lee & Dixie and her group, The announcers,
and great Job! Marie and Simeon Vega!
Simeon Vega We Love You guy!
And all that you did to make this years show at your museum entertaining!
Sonia Mercedes Tx

United States

#14 Aug 26, 2009
I did type my comment but never show up on this site. Followed direction don't understand why its not show.
Sonia Mercedes Tx

United States

#15 Aug 26, 2009
I find this very odd that I have written two comments messages, sent them both to this site and neither show up.... what's going on ????? what kind of site is this..........


#16 Nov 6, 2009
Is asa landry and dixie going to be at the rodeo grounds and sing this year?


#17 Nov 6, 2009
Ann Rene promoter

Mcallen, TX

#18 Jan 24, 2010
Just to let everyone know that this was the very best Elvis festival Jan 9-10 of 2010.
They had the very best Elvis impersonators providing performances the line up was Rene,Joe,Ralph,Levi,Buzzy,Bill and Danny. But was sorry that Chad wasn't there this year.
This year they had two stages going. Several impersonator were doing different shows, Rene did Elvis and 50's and Bill did Elvis and Conway Twitty. They had a young performer Natalie Montez doing Pasty Cline and a Neil Diamond and a Sony and Cheri all I can say, this was a great line of performers.
Looking forward to seeing them all next Jan. Also they had tv crew there and Rene, Buzzy and Joe performed for them at Simon Vega's house. They had several bus loads of customers viewing the Elvis collection, so Rene,Joe and Buzzy were greeting them. Plus Simon had a very good singer there singing to entertain them beside the impersontors there. All in all we had the best time and everyone seemed to enjoy themsleves. Hope to see the same impersonators there next Jan.


#19 Jan 25, 2010
I was at this event the entire time and I did not see bus loads of people anywhere.
It was bitterly cold in Los fresnos Tx in january 2010
It was the same boring line up with the same boring show, same old songs, nothing new exciting or different.
Who do you think your kidding??
August was a much better show, as there were a variety and a different group
Boring Boring boring
Were tired of the same old line up
Renee davis every year,
Buzzy doent look like Elvis, he must be almost seventy Promoter? give us a break!


#20 Jan 25, 2010
Iv come across this websight and I think its a shame that people are exploiting my dear friend Elvis Presley name like this
Elvis Presley met alot of soldiers in the army
The other soldiers & friends are not out here trying to make a profit from Elvis friendship.
I plan to contact Graceland and let them know what you all are doing in Los fresnos
to honor our king and than to exploit such a valuable freindship by making money off of his a rodeo areno
and not giving one dime to the Presley estate.
Taking up donations for a museum and keeping all the profits for yourselves. and your town.
Making money at an arena for your city cauncil
and calling your museum Little Graceland after Graceland
You might learn something from Tupelo if you talked with them about the same.

Im sure the Presley lawyers will have a feild day with this.
I hope that your impersonators of Elvis are endorced and have paid for thier license likeness of his image by Graceland Memphis ,Tn.
It is illegal to make money off Elvis image and use Elvis name in your venue period.without permission period.

Roberto Right on,
It was much to cold for this
and I do not mean cold as cold winter.
This just is not right.
Sincerly Willie


#21 Jan 25, 2010
In my opinion its just a big scheme
to profit off Elvis and Big Graceland.
in my opinion
Renee is much too old to be trying to sway his hips to Elvis.
He really does a terrible impersonation of The king.
Renee's wife should be told about the girlfriend.
The girlfriend downs every body else who sings the king shes in the audiance putting everyone down, except Renee Davis.
Renee only sings to her and forgets the paying fans who came to this event.
I saw noone hardly there this year.
The weather was cold
Renee disapointed me and I hope Elvis didnt treat his fans the way Renee did this year.
I paid to come to this event and never even got a rose or a hug a scarf.
All I got was to hear Thank you very much.


#22 Jan 25, 2010
What did the Elvis impersonator say to his girlfriend after sex?

Answer: Thank you Thank you very much

Mcallen, TX

#23 Jan 25, 2010
Hey, Dixie if you read this, just wanted to let you know that we missed Asa and The Dixie Darling this past festival, I thought you were coming hope to see you at the summer festival. Love your Joplin impersonating and Asa impersonating of Elvis songs. They did have a little fellow who sang Elvis song, reminderd me of Asa and the little child singing together this past summer. Hey how is your old friend doing? Did you tie the knot with Asa? or are you waiting to do that this summer at Simon's like you planned to do. Take Care best wishes to you and the group. See you.

Weslaco, TX

#24 Jan 26, 2010
The above four responses are from the same jealous Impersonator at wasn't asked to perform at the
Festival. What a shame that he has to threaten and put down the event and the performers.

Ann Rene Promoter

Mcallen, TX

#25 Jan 26, 2010
I must agree with that person from Mercedes, something is very wrong with this boggus blog site.
My letter did not make onto this site and it wasn't abusive either it was a reply to a very mean and thoughless person what is happening here, someone censoring replies?

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