Mel Gibson To Produce Story Of Jewish...

Mel Gibson To Produce Story Of Jewish Hero Judah Macabee

There are 10 comments on the Celebrity Dirty Laundry story from Sep 8, 2011, titled Mel Gibson To Produce Story Of Jewish Hero Judah Macabee. In it, Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports that:

Good for Mel Gibson - he is back to work and collaborating with Warner Bros and legendary screenwriter Joe Eszterhas to put together what promises to be an inspiring and powerful film.

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#1 Sep 9, 2011




Where can I buy the ticket?

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#2 Sep 9, 2011
Mel Gibson talk about this movie at the opening premiere of the Passion of Christ.
Mel was asked in an interview after the movie, what was the next project he was planning. He said he wanted to make a movie about what happened with the Macabees and why the Jews celebrate Hanukah.

The Passion was a brilliant film, and I’m sure this film will be fantastic as well.
It is very interesting to see Warner Bros suking it to get this movie with Mel Gibson..

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#4 Sep 9, 2011
When emanuel, Mel Gibson agent since 35 years, died last july, it was reported by media as being Mel Gibson’s agent droping him.-.
Was that a far out joke about drop-dead? or are media owned by soemone who hate Mel Gibson so much that they will twist anything aroudn to make him look bad??

About next being Mel making a movie about gays, scuse me but Mel Gibson had signed for a gay movie in 2006 already that he was shooting n 2007, but who was droped cause of delay.
The movie was called “Sam and George” where Mel Gibson played a man whos best friend is gay.
- Shooted in feb august 2007.

in 2007 Mel Gibson was shotign 4 diferent movies one of them directe by Richard Donner, but they were all delayed in porduction and droped.

I dont get media talking of Mel resurecting his career since he has many movie contracts and movies ot be released like where i spend my sommer vacation, made in 2010 (the beaver was shooted in 2009)he was offered contract the short time he spend in Cannes, and if it wasnt for his custody case he could have shoot a spion movie in september 2010.

Right now he is making a movie he scripted and is preparing for this epic one.

- What i admire is that it was Mel Gibsons idea to make sequels of holocauste, and his idea too to make that movie about the Maccabee, and in both cases he was impeded by jews.

So who is antisemite here?
Obvioulsy the big jew bosses in hollywood and not Mel Gibson.

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#5 Sep 9, 2011
The best part was to call the passion of the christ for antisemitic, when the movie is about a jew and jews, and those who asked for Jesus to be killed were jews, but those who killed Jesus were romains, and more centraly romains who tortured him to death! and where his friends are jews who helped him, one who betrialed him but 11 who supported him, and all the poulation trying to help him bare his cross were jews too.

- I think the hollywood jew mafia is a bit too race focused and should get a reality check.

- Most critics of the movie aknowledged that they had never watched the movie.

- 99% people do not know that the alone problem with that movie was the part where the grand sanhedrain said (in ancient hebraic in the movie)“and his blood will be on our hand and on the head of ourt descendance” thats all.

That part had been removed from the new testament in 1968, by order of the vatican, as it had been used by the catholic church through the middelage as reason to prosecute the jews, and was the main reason for jewish prosecution all over the middle age.

The Vatican did that to white wash their dirty vatican hands from their disgusting cooperation with the nazi during the war with the thousands of jewish children and adults being killed because of that.

So the vatican went up on their arse when they heard of Mel Gibson's christ movie knowing he was anti vatican 2, and pro original vatican..

Subsequantly that passage of the movie was not translated, had no subtitle in the movie that was shown so that only high erudited specialists in ancient hebrew could understand what was said.

This way the alone passage of the movie that could be aledged as antisemitic, was inexisting in the movie that was aired on movie theaters.

[b]That passage lasted 6 seconds of an over 2 hours movie..
and nobody could understand what the guy was saying.[/b]

But how can this be view as antisemitic?
Its not the words who are so its what it was used to who was antisemitic.
Its not Mel Gibson who is antisemite to give a full rendition of historical events, but the people who used it to hunt jews and use it as an excuse to do so.

To use it agaisnt Mel Gibson was absurd so instead to say clearly that it was this who was the matter in the entire movie, they made general phrase that the whole movie was antisemite and all the sheeps followed it without even knowing what was antisemite in that movie and most of them not having even seen it!!

I will recomand you to watch this:

&fe ature=player_embedded

from Jackie Mason.

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#6 Sep 9, 2011
Between 1939 and 1941 thousands of jews left Germany to israel, and from other european countries, on german's wish as they didnt knew what to do with the jews and wanted them out.
So they exported them to Israel.

They were transported there free wilingly, but later on they used a contract bewteen the leader of the 3rd reich, and the leader of the zionistic movement in israel.

The leader of the nazi requiered informations about jews activities in Europe, in exchange of sending more jews from europe to Israel.

oh and oyu know why? because there was much more arabs in jerusalem than of jews, and his organisation needed desperatly to have more and more jews coming to israel so that they could be the majority and defeat and chass the arabs away..
He was needing jews not to save their life but to use them in the war he was planing against the palestinians.
It was the lone way he could be in power, s leader of the ziionistic movement coming president of israel.

That leader of the zionisitc movement, gave the list of names and adress of jewish resistance in PARIS, who were planing to kill Hitler, with the date of the attentat and the place, to the leader of the gestapo and of the Nazi!!.

They were all imediatly arrested and later on deported to auzschwitz.

At that time auschwitz didnt existed yet.

If those courageous men and women had not been betrailed by that zionist, hitler could have been eliminated, they might have killed hitler who didnt expected that attentat, and the WW2 will have never been and the concentration camps wil have never existed.

When you look at history remeber the details..
one supreme idiot is enpough to make it all worng, and a few heores can prevent horror form hapening and stop it, but another supreme egoisitc idiot can make it all go wrong and kill heroes..

Thats what you have here, that zionist boss is as much guilty of the concentraiton camps and WW2 as hitler was.
He freaking gave the names of those trying to kill hitler!

Thats the kind of infos who was buried for very long and who is now surfacing since a couple of years.
The leader of the israelian zionistic movement had friendly letters exchanges and phone calls with the leader of the nazi!!

I am sure that the recording of those conversations and letters will be much more scandalous and deeply shocking than the Mel Gibson’s tapes.

Mel Gibson never killed nor attempted to kill amnyone, and Mel Gibson never did anything that endangered someone but himslef, in his life, and he never betrailed anyone.

I hope that this will put some perspective on some of you and make you wiser and less moronic minded.

Thank you


Bath, UK

#7 Oct 6, 2011
You make interesting points. However,
Israel was not created until after WW2.
what the heck

Woodbridge, VA

#8 Oct 6, 2011
what the heck

Woodbridge, VA

#9 Oct 6, 2011
The land is often referred to as the Promised Land because of G-d's repeated promise (Gen. 12:7, 13:15, 15:18, 17:8) to give the land to the descendants of Abraham.

It was created by God long before WW2.

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#10 Oct 8, 2011
Emw wrote:
You make interesting points. However,
Israel was not created until after WW2.


it was engenced by the english, in case you didnt even knew that,
and it is VERY well known that the wars between the palestinian population there, the original population and the jews begin during the time hitler was in power, as the secodn world war started from 1940 to 1945, whilke thoiusands of jewews were shiped form germany to israel, and later on from other euiropean countries, and the continous invasions kept on after 1945 and increased to a top in 1986 to 1994.

i do not make a point, i citre FACTS.

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#11 Oct 8, 2011
what the heck wrote:
The land is often referred to as the Promised Land because of G-d's repeated promise (Gen. 12:7, 13:15, 15:18, 17:8) to give the land to the descendants of Abraham.
It was created by God long before WW2.


Anyway, people commenting here make me roll eyes.
Israel as a country of jews was internatinaly aknowledgesd in the 50'es and the 60'es.. but the land was part of history, under the name of Israel, since for ever.

its choking how little people know about subject that they often defend and talk about, like WW2 and israel..

they cant cpe withthe fact that hitler treid ot get rid of the jews , first, by sening them all ot israel.
and that sionist chief, cooperated 100% with hiotler and gave long list of people trying to pujt down or killl hitler, to the nazi bosses, and even jews trying ot kill hitler so that they were arested and killed before they could do so..
no surpise then for why historian are carefull with informning th epublic that hitler was jew, by his mother and grandmother, and gay..
they wrote the books with al historical details and sourcves and all facts, but no media has ever made a documentary or a movie or a program about it cause they are too scared ofthe reaction..
that info willbe very explosive. why+ because pepple are brainwashed in black and white thinking and coud never cope with that info.
if hitler is jew then.. and gay.. wow
not good for the jews nor the gays, after using 65 years at hatign on hitler.. thats kind of a tricky issue.
Well hitler was jew and gay and its proven, thus he really tried from the night of the long knives, to burried his past as carefuly as possible to aovid being unveiled. he kiled all witnesses of his gay youth..who lasted vdery long btw, andall proves that he was jew.
But a letter for a high rankled nazi, who was charged of the cleaninsg of hitler's recotds and past, left behind him proves that hitler was gay and jew. he probably did that as life insurance, as he had seen how hitler had eliminated anyone who had knowledge of it..
but maybe too, because he disagree with it and tha tit revolted him that hitler eliminated all jews and was jeew himself and had send all gays in KZ camps, while he was gay himself..

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