On or about 6pm on the evening of August 20, my family experienced a blatant episode of reverse discrimination at the refreshment stand in the lobby of the AMC Northlake Theater, Northlake Mall, Charlotte NC. This evening turned out to be a rather costly and highly disappointing moovie experience and highly recommend others to pay close attention when visiting there.
We observed several black females and two children ahead of us checking out with completely different price structures. The young black man behind the counter sold a pretzel and an icee for $.50 while I purchased 2 hot dogs on brick-hard buns, 2 large sodas and 1 small box of nacho's for $24.95.
My son witnessed this preferential price discrepancy and asked for the manager who was also black and made it clear we were out of our element.
I do not go out to the movies often but this was a special event for my grandchildren and proved to be a terribly disappointing waste of money.
Something needs to be addressed here.
It's clear that blacks get preferential treatment, and lower prices on refreshments in a black managed theater.